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a new force suddenly rises! The digital currency sector strengthened. Please close the 16 concept stocks with high performance!

Time : 01/04/2022 Author : hvc3u6 Click : + -
        According to statistical data, at present, there are 68 concept stocks involved in the layout of digital currency in the A-share market. The disclosure of the performance of the third quarterly report has come to an end, sorting out the concept stocks of digital currency with high performance in the A-share market!. There were 12 digital currency concept stocks with a performance increase of more than 100% in the third quarter. National technology ranked first, with a net profit increase of 1512.94% in the third quarter, followed by Nantian information and Cuiwei shares, with a net profit increase of 1260.07% and 743.59% in the third quarter, respectively. Other digital currency concept stocks with an increase of more than 100% in the third quarter include Zhengyuan wisdom, China Media Holdings, flix, Hailian Jinhui, Jinguan shares, etc.
        The company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the design of super large-scale information security chips and communication chips as well as the research, development and sales of overall solutions. The company's main products include security chips and communication chips, among which security chips include secure storage chips, trusted computing chips and mobile payment chips. The company has a layout of RCC (domain limited communication) products, which has a high gross profit margin. In October, 19, the company said on the interactive platform that RCC technology can support the application of digital currency in a specific environment. The company is a well-known digital integrated solution and service provider in the financial industry in China. Focus on software development and services, intelligent channel solutions, and integrated solutions.
        The company plans to make forward-looking considerations in the research and development of traditional systems, and do a good job in the research and technical reserves in the field of digital currency. At the same time, it will continue to pay attention to the industry development opportunities brought by this application. The company's annual report shows that Haike RONGTONG, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has actively participated in the signing of cooperation agreements with the operating banks designated by the digital currency Research Institute of the central bank to carry out system docking and promote the construction of the digital RMB acceptance system. In March, the company cooperated with the people's Bank of China on digital currency research to promote the construction of China's digital RMB ecosystem by carrying out the innovative application of digital RMB in the company's payment scenarios for all core businesses across the country, and jointly promote the innovative application of digital RMB in smart payment scenarios such as campus and enterprise and public institution parks.
        The Hangzhou blockchain Industrial Park jointly built by the holding subsidiary Hangzhou Daily newspaper group and the Management Committee of Xiaoshan Qianjiang century city was officially opened, and dfcinstitute established the first ITU digital currency (China) laboratory in cooperation with Stanford University. The company is an enterprise that provides users with the overall solution of intelligent conference system and related services. Its main business is the overall solution of intelligent conference system, e-government information management system, it product sales, big data analysis, etc. In September, 19, the company said on the interactive platform that it has technical reserves in blockchain, is being applied in related product research and development, and the technology can be used in digital currency.
        The company has a third-party payment license, which can give full play to the advantages of industry experience and existing payment product technology, rich customer resources and diversified transaction scenarios, and actively layout and participate in the application of digital currency in the payment field. At present, the company's digital currency business is steadily advancing, and has completed the research on key topics of digital goods. In September, 19, it plans to reach strategic cooperation and invest with mobile mutual in blockchain and other fields; Both sides explore the global market of blockchain, digital currency, big data and AI in the orderly charging network of new energy and the ubiquitous Internet of things. The main business of the company is the design and sales of integrated circuit chips, the development, production and sales of piezoelectric quartz crystal components, and the production and sales of LED sapphire substrate materials.
        In November, 19, the interactive platform replied that the company has accumulated years of experience in cryptographic algorithms, security chips and trusted computing, and has relevant technical reserves of digital currency chips. As the largest supplier of cryptographic products in China and the largest information security manufacturer in the user market of specific sensitive industries, blockchain technology is in the reserve stage. The company also said that it will strengthen the forward-looking research on digital currency and blockchain in the future. The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of information security products, and its product line covers data security, network security, application security, security platform and other categories. Its Kodak Zhonglian has conducted preliminary technical research and exploration in the field of blockchain and digital currency by building a fast chain planet media platform, and the early version of fast chain planet provides a display of the trading market of digital currency.
        The company has carried out research and development of digital currency application products, and is actively promoting market cooperation. Fengfu payment, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is committed to providing technical support for the popularization of digital currency payment scenarios. China's leading financial information service provider, with CMM3 level qualification and the first level qualification for system integration issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China; It is mainly engaged in financial information services and mobile internet marketing. Financial information services are to provide solutions, it operation and maintenance services and system integration services to financial enterprise customers mainly including banks, insurance and securities. The company has clearly expressed that it has accumulated digital currency technology. The company is mainly engaged in bank card value-added marketing business, digital commodity marketing business, airline consumption digital business, insurance brokerage business, financial science and technology innovation service business, etc.
        The company has always focused on the efficiency improvement and compliance application of digital currency in financial account management, accounting, clearing and risk supervision in financial institutions. The company's main business is intelligent operating system products and technology providers. The company's main products are divided into four business models: software development, technical services, software licensing and commodity sales. The company previously disclosed that based on its technical reserves in operating system security enhancement and hardware security, it has carried out blockchain related businesses such as digital wallet and hardware level data authentication. Different people have different opinions, and wise people have different opinions. Some of the above opinions are sorted out and summarized according to public data, and are only used for sharing and exchange learning, not as a basis for trading;.
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