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NFT, the manufacturer responded to the statement of "my world prohibition, NFT, digital currency and blockchain technology"

Time : 07/07/2022 Author : jga0e9 Click : + -
        Not long ago, mojang studio issued a public statement that "my world" does not support the use of NFT digital currency and blockchain technology in the game. In response to this statement, nftworlds, a company that provides NFT trading services in my world, responded on social media. "Nftworlds" called the recent dispute about NFT "the war between web2 and Web3", and said that "this practice is an infringement of the real creative spirit that my world originally intended to achieve", and even claimed that "it will build a new game and platform based on the framework of my world".
        Nftworlds is a company whose main business is to convert the world and skin in my world into NFT for sales. Its related business has been banned after mojang studio issued an official statement on July 20, and the value of their NFT tokens plummeted to about one thirtieth of the original on the day of the official statement. Return to Sohu to see more.
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