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Let social networking always be the most valuable application in the blockchain world

Time : 02/12/2021 Author : u1f8b9 Click : + -
        1. Symmetric secret key and other encryption segments solve the bottleneck of information security: Shanda public chain provides a feasible solution to the problem of information security with its symmetric secret key and other encryption segments. First of all, decentralized social networks return the right of information storage and content operation to users, and solve the problems of information leakage and legal trafficking from the root. Secondly, encryption technology ensures the safe transmission of information, effectively solves the bottleneck of information security, and protects users' privacy. 2. Decentralized platform operation ensures the free rights and interests of users and content quality. The competition point of social platforms always revolves around users and content, while the traditional centralized social platforms gradually show some problems, such as the inability to fake news, commercial advertisements reduce the quality of content, users cannot receive the original content they want to see, and can only accept the distribution of the platform.
        Shanda public chain has seen a new solution in the social field. The decentralized platform operation enables users to master the right to review and distribute content, and brings the value orientation back to the content itself, rather than making profits, ensuring the free rights and interests of users and the quality of content. 3. The voting mechanism provides incentives for high-quality content. The centralized social platform cannot guarantee the due benefits of content exporters. The complex and opaque profit process also causes revenue problems for content exporters. The voting mechanism in Shanda public chain social networking enables users who provide high-quality content to get rich returns. The review of content is handed over to users, which avoids the possibility of doing evil to the greatest extent. 4. Information security. Shanda public chain uses blockchain technology to store user information in encrypted form on network nodes, and protects user privacy through encrypted segments such as symmetric secret keys. Destruction of information after receiving has become the main mechanism of instant messaging platforms.
        At the same time, it also brings the problem that information cannot be checked and supervised. 5. Shanda public chain breaks regional boundaries. Traditional instant messaging software cannot provide quality cross regional and transnational communication services because of servers and other reasons. The instant messaging software built by STD breaks regional boundaries through point-to-point real-time interconnection. As long as the platform accumulates enough users, it can form a better global Internet. Because most instant messaging platforms provide trading services, it also brings the problem of cross-border transactions avoiding supervision. 6. The blockchain wallet of Shanda public chain provides a trading environment. The blockchain wallet provides a way to store and trade cryptocurrencies. The ecological construction of the platform itself also provides an application environment for the digital wallet, providing users with services such as trading and red packet distribution, which to a certain extent meets the needs of users.
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