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Zhangyu starts the whole process of digital transformation with Tencent blockchain Technology

Time : 10/01/2022 Author : x3z0de Click : + -
        On July 30, "the launching ceremony of Changyu &tencent blockchain cooperation project" was held in Yantai. With the cooperation with Tencent, Changyu has started the whole process of digital transformation. Based on Tencent cloud platform and Tencent leading blockchain technology, Changyu and Tencent will jointly build a high-end wine blockchain traceability platform. At the initial stage, based on the original one item one code anti-counterfeiting system, the seven major winery products in Changyu were mainly used. At the same time, the "Changyu quality life +" membership applet was opened, and the tamper proof attribute of blockchain was used to realize the chain traceability of the whole process information of 4million bottles of winery wine every year, helping Changyu Wine realize the upgrading of brand safety management system.
        The traditional "one thing, one code" binds the production code with the two-dimensional code, and realizes the rapid entry of product life cycle information by scanning the code. "One bottle, one certificate" binds the production code of each bottle of wine with the two-dimensional code and blockchain code on the basis of "one thing, one code". Through the multi-party consensus and tamper proof characteristics of the blockchain, the original "one thing, one code" traceability information is authoritative endorsed, Enhance the credibility of the whole traceability ecosystem. Sun Jian, general manager of Yantai Changyu Grape Wine Co., Ltd., said, "the biggest difference between adding and not adding wine blockchain technology is that consumers' trust has been greatly enhanced. Before, Changyu products also had other anti-counterfeiting technologies, but these systems are based on the enterprise itself, and consumers do not have to believe you.
        However, blockchain technology can be trusted by consumers, because consumers are also participants. ". According to the cooperation plan of both parties, the information on the wine blockchain includes the planting link, that is, the production area from which the bottle of wine comes, the soil, climate, soil, rainfall and other planting links of the production area. These information should be on the chain. The second information is the brewing process, which equipment and main process are used in the whole brewing process, and even which winemaker and oak barrel are used. These information will be available in the brewing process. The third is the circulation link, which is delivered from Changyu to dealers and then to distributors. Some are directly delivered to consumers or stores. The information of each link should be on the chain and the products should be traced throughout the process.
        This is the first time blockchain technology has been applied in China's wine industry. Ma Bin, vice president of Tencent, said that Tencent's security leadership team and Changyu team have jointly created the first domestic high-end wine blockchain traceability system. This innovative practice not only opens up a two-way mechanism for Changyu Wine between consumer "authenticity" and enterprise "anti-counterfeiting", but also is of great significance for building a domestic wine traceability ecosystem and promoting the development of high-end wine traceability industry standards, hoping to become a benchmark of the industry. Zhou Hongjiang, chairman of Changyu company, said that Zhangyu attaches great importance to food safety and chose to cooperate with Tencent, which is to see Tencent's strong strength in the field of information security; In the future, the cooperation between the two sides on the blockchain will also extend from the initial seven major winery products of Changyu in China to the 14 major winery products of Changyu in the world, and then to the products of all brands of Changyu in the world.
        Changyu originated in 1892, and now this 128 year old wine company has also initially achieved a comprehensive digital transformation through this cooperation. In fact, the cooperation between Changyu and Tencent blockchain is their third largest cooperation project. The cooperation between the two sides is based on the transformation of Changyu from a traditional enterprise to a digital enterprise. Sun Jian said frankly, "originally, we also had the idea of digital transformation, but the action was not fast enough. If we deployed digital transformation one or two years in advance, we might not respond to this during the epidemic. The epidemic suddenly eliminated the social scene of wine consumption, which is a painful lesson for enterprises, so we started to comprehensively start the transformation this year and carried out a package of digital reform transformation with Tencent.
        ”。 In addition to the cooperation in the application of blockchain technology, Changyu also worked with Tencent to promote the digital transformation: including the joint development of "Changyu quality life +" membership applet, which plans to achieve the goal of operating 10million member users in three years, and cultivate millions of Chinese wine spokesmen; Develop the "official flagship store of Changyu Wine" smart retail mall, and promote dealers to realize the transformation of business model under the new situation. At present, 1137 key dealers have settled in, striving to exceed 10000 by the end of the year; Develop Changyu "enterprise wechat" platform to improve the internal management efficiency of the enterprise and the communication efficiency with dealers. At the same time, it also improves the ability to accurately reach the target consumers &hellip& hellip;。
        According to Sun Jian, general manager of Changyu Co., Ltd., Changyu has basically completed the digital transformation from planting, brewing, sales to management. This cooperation is based on Tencent blockchain technology to realize the traceability of the whole process information of Changyu Wine. It is planned to link the management information in the planting stage and the key data in the process and production process in the brewing stage, so that consumers can fully understand the growth process and brewing process of grapes, Improve the recognition of product quality. "In the future, this blockchain technology can not only be applied by Changyu, but also plans to be opened to some external institutions and enterprises, and strive to become the most authoritative blockchain platform in the world's wine industry. This is our goal.
        ”。 On July 29, Ling Wen, vice governor of Shandong Province, specially held the "Changyu Tencent blockchain Technology Application Symposium". At the meeting, Ling Wen said that the blockchain application can not only effectively cut off the cancer of "opportunism" in the market economy, but also help Changyu transform to digital and even industrial Internet, occupying the commanding height of the global wine industry blockchain. Ling Wen pointed out that industrial Internet is the main development direction in the future. Changyu should continue to consolidate the digital foundation of enterprises, grasp the development opportunities of industrial Internet, and create an open platform for the global wine industry, so that relevant enterprises and institutions at home and abroad can share data and achievements, and make Changyu a benchmark for high-end wine in the world.
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