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CCTV once again exposed "blockchain fraud": six domestic virtual currency trading platforms have been closed this year

Time : 30/12/2021 Author : yespj9 Click : + -
        It is reported that six newly discovered domestic virtual currency trading platforms have been closed since 2019. At present, relevant departments have processed 203 overseas virtual currency exchanges through technology in 7 batches, and closed nearly 10000 virtual currency accounts through two large non bank payment institutions. On the wechat platform, 300 small programs and official account involving publicity and marketing have been closed. Previously, CCTV1 "focus interview" broadcast a program on the theme of "blockchain" on November 18. The program pointed out that in the current blockchain boom, the most important thing to prevent and strengthen supervision is the so-called virtual digital currency, and we should speed up the promotion of relevant legislation.
        "For blockchain, what we can do is to vigorously promote the application and implementation of blockchain technology in trade finance, public services and other fields; what we can't do is to use the name of blockchain to make money and fraud. In this regard, the relevant departments should establish rules and strengthen supervision, and the general public should polish their eyes to prevent being cheated.".
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