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Gansu Branch helped the people's Bank of China trade finance blockchain platform to successfully implement its first pilot business in Gansu

Time : 19/01/2022 Author : zknlh7 Click : + -
        Under the careful guidance of the digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China, Shenzhen Branch and Gansu Branch, China Merchants Bank Lanzhou Branch has successfully issued a trade finance blockchain platform based on the people's Bank of China trade finance blockchain platform (hereinafter referred to as the "central bank trade finance platform") to Lanzhou international port district. The central bank's trade finance platform is a financial technology infrastructure initiated, constructed and operated by the digital currency Institute of the people's Bank of China and the Shenzhen Central Branch of the people's Bank of China in 2018. Its goal is to create an open, credible, safe, standard, compliant, efficient, public welfare and shared trade financial asset registration, custody, trading and circulation platform based on blockchain technology, empower small and medium-sized enterprises, and solve the problem of financing difficulties and high financing costs of small and medium-sized enterprises, Improve financing efficiency, facilitate the authenticity of banks' audit business, enrich the regulatory means of regulatory authorities, build a cross sectoral trade finance ecosystem, and improve the level of trade finance integration.
        At present, the central bank's trade finance platform has realized many business application scenarios, such as "primary / multi-level accounts receivable financing", "tax filing form" and "international account supervision". In order to introduce the trade finance blockchain platform of the people's Bank of China into Gansu as soon as possible and serve the construction of the "the Belt and Road" in Gansu Province, in June this year, Gansu branch actively coordinated and actively contacted, and invited experts in charge of relevant businesses from the digital currency research Institute of the people's Bank of China, Shenzhen Branch and the head office of China Merchants Bank to Gansu to investigate and promote the application of the platform. After the investigation, taking into account various factors, Gansu Branch and the investigation team collectively decided to take China Merchants Bank Lanzhou branch and Lanzhou international port district as the industrial chain partners of Lanzhou international port district for business upgrading) as the first pilot bank and enterprise of the central bank's trade finance platform project in Gansu.
        After the pilot banks and enterprises were determined, all parties involved in the project acted quickly and worked together to promote the pilot project to complete all operations such as account opening, credit granting, signing, and data chain up in just half a month, realizing the landing and application of the first pilot business in Gansu. The successful implementation of this pilot business has provided new ideas and directions for the financial industry in Gansu Province to explore and innovate the economic development mode of financial services. Next, Gansu Branch will take this pilot business as an opportunity to promote domestic and foreign exchange financial institutions to improve foreign exchange financial services and provide better services for foreign-related economy.
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