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        2020 is the fourth year of Chongqing whole house custom home exhibition. From 2017, the first Chongqing International Architectural Decoration Expo was held in Chongqing International Expo Center, 2018, 2019 and 2020 have been successfully held for four consecutive years, with a cumulative exhibition area of 250000 square meters. It has become a leading architectural decoration Expo in Chongqing. After three years of precipitation, the Guangxi Construction Expo has achieved certain market results and has become one of the key projects in the Guangxi exhibition industry. Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group is committed to building the 4th Guangxi Construction Expo into a 365 antenna on-line never ending Guangxi's premier Construction Expo for the ASEAN market.
        The global medical and health industry is constantly integrating new generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, wearable devices, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, 5g, etc. across borders, which can realize the digitization, standardization and intellectualization of health and medical services, improve the quality, efficiency and benefits of medical treatment, reasonably optimize the allocation of health and medical resources, and enhance people's sense of access. It can not only make people get convenient, fast and accessible medical services and medical consulting services, but also reduce the aggregation of patients in the hospital and reduce the risk of cross infection. What basic abilities do software test engineers need? I believe that many novices who have just started learning software testing are confused and eager to understand these problems.
        To this end, xinyingda Xiaobian simply summarized some points that software testing engineers need to have, hoping to help those who just learn software testing!. According to media reports, wanjia'an, a leading enterprise of the Shenzhen Internet of things, announced on June 2 that it had completed a financing of 337.6 million yuan. The financing was led by Qianhai master fund, and its Qianhai equity investment fund, smart Internet Telecom ark (Shenzhen) venture capital fund, Zhongyuan Qianhai equity investment fund and other joint ventures. The five types of sensors commonly used in the industrial field are summarized. In modern industrial production, especially in the automatic production process, sensors are almost essential. Specifically, industrial producers need to use various sensors to monitor and control various parameters in the production process, so that the equipment is in a normal state, and if there is a fault, it can also be found in time.
        Recently, the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of 44 excellent cases of mobile animal networking applications. The case mainly faces three directions: first, industrial digital applications in the fields of industrial manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, smart agriculture, smart medicine and so on; Second, it focuses on the intelligent application of governance in the fields of intelligent measurement, fire smoke detection, shared bicycles, environmental protection monitoring, etc; Third, smart life applications in consumer electronics, smart home, wearable devices and other fields. The Internet of things is evolving towards super automation in combination with artificial intelligence (AI). The rsl10 intelligent camera platform of Anson semiconductor embodies this concept and provides vision based AI for edges to realize automatic object recognition and scene change.
        Rsl10 intelligent camera platform is designed to support battery powered intelligent imaging applications. It is portable, ultra-low power consumption, can capture images when related events trigger, and provides edge to cloud connection for intelligent image monitoring solutions. It is suitable for asset management, intelligent building, industrial automation, intelligent agriculture and other fields. Hardware (English name hardware) is the abbreviation of computer hardware (Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong terms, Taiwan as hardware), which refers to the general name of various physical devices composed of electronic, mechanical and photoelectric components in the computer system. These physical devices form an organic whole according to the requirements of the system structure, which provides the material basis for the operation of computer software.
        Huawei's Internet of things operating system, harmonyos, is here. Hongmeng OS is a new generation of intelligent terminal operating system, which provides a unified system platform for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of different IOT devices (including mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs, driverless, Internet of vehicles, smart wear, touch screen display, etc.), and a unified system language, which brings a simple, smooth, continuous, safe and reliable full scene interactive experience. Long time no see, em-t52. With the development of science and technology, Yidao information classic reinforced handheld terminal em-t52 has long been in history, but some people never forget it. It's about the reason. We searched and corrected it repeatedly, and finally came to the standard answer, that is, its appearance, maybe ordinary, but so different, maybe stable, but so rigid.
        People have been speculating about Google's new operating system for many years, and recently it was reported that Google's new Internet of things Fuchsia operating system began to be launched on nesthub. Speech recognition, text recognition, video recognition &hellip& hellip; In the era of digital economy, artificial intelligence technology has come close to you and me. It is regarded as a new engine of economic growth, a new position for international competition and an effective tool to promote the construction of a smart society. Accelerating the industrial integration of "artificial intelligence +" and enabling more industrial applications have become the common expectation of all sectors of society. A new generation of artificial intelligence is booming all over the world, injecting new momentum into economic and social development, and is profoundly changing people's production and lifestyle.
        As a brand activity of cross-border integration in the field of national intelligent communication, this forum is committed to building an international exchange platform, further condensing consensus and jointly promoting the high-quality development of the global intelligent communication industry. ". Temperature sensor refers to a sensor that can sense temperature and convert it into usable output signals. Temperature sensor is the core part of temperature measuring instrument, which has a wide variety. According to the measurement method, it can be divided into contact type and non-contact type. According to the characteristics of sensor materials and electronic components, it can be divided into thermal resistance and thermocouple. The 12th Guangzhou International Exhibition of natural agricultural products and organic food (iof2021) will be held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Canton Fair from September 10 to 12, 2021.
        It is estimated that the exhibition area will reach 50000 square meters, and nearly 1000 enterprises from 18 countries and regions will gather in Guangzhou together with 1300 natural and healthy organic brands, with 60000 professional buyers. In order to welcome the grand holding of the 2022 World Asian Games in Hangzhou and help the construction of Hangzhou's urban lighting project, the 7th China Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2021, jointly organized by Beijing Boyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and a number of authoritative authorities and business associations in the industry, Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Hangzhou lighting exhibition) will be held in Hangzhou Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 11 to 13, 2021, Hangzhou lighting exhibition will become the largest, influential and authoritative lighting industry brand exhibition in the Asia Pacific region. This conference will be held in Hangzhou International Expo Center every year.
        As covering the lighting industry. The 9th Shenzhen International Internet of things exhibition 2021 will be opened at Shenzhen Bao'an new hall (Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center) from November 3 to 5.
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