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Weifang information disclosure column

Time : 07/05/2022 Author : fpej1o Click : + -
        Host: Good morning, audience friends. Welcome to pay attention to the Party style, government style and business style online. I'm Wu Hui. The unit that launched this year is the office of Weifang International Kite Association. We invited Zhang Jianwei, director of the office of the Kite Association, to be a guest program. Welcome director Zhang!. Director Zhang: Hello, host and audience friends. Welcome to this year's kite fair. You can consult me about the activities through the program. (1) In terms of innovation and improvement of "three modes". We have taken an active part in cultivating kite featured towns and promoting the construction of rural complexes with kite culture, and planned relevant exhibitions in combination with "one district and one center". (2) In terms of industrial transformation and upgrading.
        Kite industry is the characteristic industry of our city and the foundation of the world kite capital. Kite enterprises should be encouraged to adopt new materials and new technologies to produce products with high added value; Adopt a new model to operate kites, expand the market and create brands; Encourage innovation in design and process; Encourage the cultivation of a kite enterprise to go public; Support Fangzi Wangjia Zhuangzi Village and Hanting Yangjiabu village to create a kite culture featured town and build an international kite Industrial Park; Encourage and support kite enterprises to go out to explore the international market and publicize Chinese culture. (3) In terms of environmental protection. We guide the green development of the exhibition industry, support and encourage the holding of green exhibitions, and use kites to promote the idea that "green water and green mountains" are golden mountains and silver mountains.
        (4) In terms of double recruitment and double citation. On the one hand, we should do a good job in the kite fair platform, improve the connotation and level, and give full play to the role of kite matchmaking and economic and trade singing. On the other hand, we should actively use exhibition resources to carry out double recruitment and double introduction. (5) In terms of expanding opening up. Improve the internationalization level and international influence of the kite club, build a platform for foreign cooperation and exchange, and promote the construction of a new highland of opening up. We will improve the incentive policies to promote the development of the exhibition industry, encourage overseas exhibitions, and strive to hold as many international exhibitions as possible in our city. Set up Kite Association. (6) In terms of project construction. We should promote the integration of exhibition resources and improve the efficiency of exhibition from the perspective of expanding the kite industry, exhibition industry and enhancing the brand value of kite fair.
        Scientifically demonstrate the layout and construction of exhibition halls and create a famous exhibition city. Scientifically demonstrate the construction of the international wind union building and enhance the value of the world kite capital. Projects that promote planning and demonstration can enter the project library, and actively carry out investment attraction. (8) In terms of institutional innovation. As soon as possible, we will issue the regulations of Weifang on promoting the development of exhibition industry, study and issue the incentive policy of Weifang exhibition industry, and study and issue measures to encourage the kite industry to become bigger and stronger and make brands. Looking back on the implementation of the existing system, there are no measures that are not implemented, and those that need to be modified and improved should be modified and improved as soon as possible. Establish Exhibition Association. (9) In terms of environmental optimization. Highlight the implementation of "do it well at one time". For matters involving risk management, special personnel and special classes must be done well at one time, and enterprises cannot wait and run errands more; For the introduced systems and policies related to the superior, relevant enterprises should be organized to learn in time and strive for policy dividends.
        Carefully study the 45 policies that support the development of the real economy and the 35 policies that support the private economy in the province, and strive for the support and encouragement of the exhibition and kite industry in the policies formulated by the city. Formulate a comprehensive list of political and business relations, clarify the forbidden zone, the responsibility zone and the safety zone. We should support normal exchanges with relevant enterprises, and take seriously and respond seriously to the requirements of enterprises. We should not deal with things and lose our voice and credibility. (10) In terms of risk prevention and control. We should carry out risk prevention and control education activities in the exhibition industry and kite industry, and eliminate hidden dangers in time for financial risks, safe production and social stability. The 36th Weifang International Kite Flying Association is scheduled to open at Binhai International Kite Flying field on April 20.
        This plan is formulated in order to do a good job in the preparations for the kite festival and ensure the expected results. We should thoroughly implement the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, closely focus on the work deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for the "6.37.51", highlight the requirements of international, mass and market-oriented meetings, carry forward excellent traditional culture, strengthen innovation and breakthroughs, deepen international folk friendship, strive to promote "double recruitment and double introduction" and open development, and excavate and enhance the brand value of the world kite capital, We will enhance the comprehensive benefits of the "cultural platform and economic and trade performance" of the kite fair, strive to build the kite fair into a high-end platform for the city's foreign economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation and an international event with traditional cultural characteristics, promote the construction of a new pattern of the city's opening up, and constantly create new advantages in high-quality development.
        Main content: more than 100 media including voice of China, Xinhua news agency, people's daily, China news service, China Daily, Phoenix Satellite TV, Baidu, Tencent, Netease, etc. were invited to attend the press conference and to the kite show for publicity and reporting. Main contents: relevant departments and units at all levels make kites with regional or industrial characteristics, and organize flying teams to participate in the competition. The preparatory committee selected excellent teams to participate in the 10000 person kite flying performance and the 15th World Kite championship. During the kite festival, 20-30 kite flying teams will be organized every day to perform at the Fuyanshan international kite flying field. Main contents: holding the "80 benefits for Taiwan" explanation meeting and innovation and entrepreneurship docking meeting, innovative and creative agricultural experience, rural revitalization, experience exchange of college students and other activities.
        Main contents: relevant leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches, held the entrance ceremony of athletes and referees, held the launching ceremony of the image ambassador of the 36th Weifang International Kite Association, read out the proposal for kite sports, held song and dance performances with Chinese and foreign national characteristics and kite flying performances at home and abroad, and held the International Circus Carnival and extreme motorcycle performance outside the venue. Organizers: Weifang Kite Association office, municipal Binhai Development Zone Management Committee, China aircraft owners and Pilots Association (aopachina). Main content: organize 100 foreign students from colleges and universities in Weifang to participate in the kite fair, spread Weifang kite culture in their mother tongue, and expand the influence of the kite capital in the world.
        Main contents: organize primary and secondary schools in urban areas to hold kite binding and flying competitions, select excellent teams to participate in kite fairs, and promote kite culture into the campus. Main content: all counties, urban areas and municipal development zones hold rich and colorful cultural and economic activities in combination with resource characteristics, industrial characteristics and kite culture, and create a "one place, one brand" cultural and tourism project. Main content: Taking the inheritance and innovative development of kite traditional culture in the new era as the theme, well-known experts and scholars from across the country are invited to discuss and exchange about the historical origin of kite culture, international exchanges, industrial upgrading, inheritance and innovation, sports competitions, etc. Main content: promote kite culture to the whole society and expand the reputation of the world kite capital through parent-child hand-painted, kite DIY, kite Tiktok competition, kite flying experience and other activities.
        Main content: invite well-known kite artists at home and abroad to demonstrate kite binding skills on site, promote the improvement of kite making level, and consolidate the foundation of kite industry development. Main contents: organize mass cultural and sports performances and kite flying activities to enrich the "May Day" holiday leisure and entertainment activities of the general public; Weifang kite competition award ceremony was held. Main content: invite experts and scholars from the United States, Ukraine, Russia and domestic blockchain economy and smart city construction to discuss and negotiate, sign a memorandum of cooperation, and promote the establishment of Weifang Research Institute of big data in Ukraine. Main content: representatives of UNESCO headquarters and the China National Committee, as well as representatives of cities on all continents of the "Creative Cities Network" and domestic cities were invited to hold the "cultural creativity and urban development" Summit Forum, and the Weifang declaration, "the capital of handicrafts and folk art", was adopted.
        Main content: about 60 diplomatic envoys to China from key countries along the "the Belt and Road", economic mission organizations, presidents of chambers of Commerce and delegations from foreign sister cities were invited to attend the opening ceremony of the kite club and hold cultural, economic and trade exchange and cooperation docking activities. Activity content: carry out on-site exchanges around cross-strait leisure and sightseeing, creative and exquisite agriculture, deep processing of agricultural products, agricultural science and technology, agricultural talent training, etc. Exhibitions, on-site negotiations and purchases will be held around Taiwan's vegetables, melons and fruits, flowers, seeds, agricultural machinery, gardening facilities, agricultural technology, and deep processing of agricultural products. Main content: invite more than 10 academicians in the domestic advanced optoelectronic field to participate in, offer suggestions for the layout and development of the semiconductor industry in our city, and build a precise docking platform between enterprises and scientific research institutes.
        Main content: hold the first World Kite Capital · Launching ceremony of Weifang International Talent week; Around the development of semiconductor industry and the transformation of achievements, relevant academicians of the "two academies" were invited to make a thematic report; Invite high-level talents with the intention of innovation and entrepreneurship to hold the first World Kite Capital · Weifang International talent innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Main content: invite domestic and foreign project partners to sign contracts on mature key cooperation projects and negotiate on projects being connected, and strive to achieve a number of cooperation results. Main content: invite 300 domestic doctors from Weifang to return home to learn about the innovation and entrepreneurship environment, promote the scientific and technological achievements of doctors, and meet the technological needs of enterprises.
        Main contents: hold the excellent works exhibition of the national kite culture theme cultural and creative products competition, and the exhibition and sale of 246 varieties of works of 11 series of national and provincial arts and crafts masters; Industrial art design innovation thematic Summit Forum; Arts and crafts masters and intangible cultural heritage inheritors perform on-site skills. Organizers: China Building Energy Conservation Association, China Building Materials Industry Technical Information Institute, China passive integrated building materials industry alliance, China bulk cement promotion and Development Association passive assembly building professional committee, Weifang Fuhua International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. Main content: organize 100 assembly demonstration enterprises or bases nationwide, 200 well-known real estate developers and relevant professionals at home and abroad to participate.
        Invite well-known experts and scholars from the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia and China to hold relevant forums and special technology docking and exchange meetings. Organizers: Chinese painting society, Chinese oil painting society, Chinese arts and Crafts Society, Chinese meticulous painting society, China Artists Association, Chinese Painting Art Committee, Chinese Academy of art, Chinese Academy of painting, provincial Party Committee Publicity Department, Provincial Department of culture and tourism, Provincial Federation of literary and art circles, and municipal Party Committee Publicity Department. Main contents: holding the 9th Chinese painting Festival, the 4th China (Weifang) Folk Art Expo, and · International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, ceramic art masters boutique exhibition, Chinese oil painting landscape works exhibition, Shengshi Guoyun mahogany exhibition, Nepal Thangka art exhibition and other exhibitions, as well as the fourth Weifang citizens' Cultural Festival, cultural theme industry project negotiation meeting and other activities.
        Main content: select the image ambassador of the 36th Weifang International Kite fair, and hold a series of activities such as kite culture clothing display, "fashion and folk custom" parade. Urban cruise route) Kite Square — Victory Street — People's Square (morning of the 21st); (2) Kite Square — Siping Road — Dongfeng Street — Dongfang Road — People's Square (the afternoon of the 21st).: Further expand kite culture, carry out "kite + National Fitness" activities, and organize sports and dance teams from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and all over the country to participate.
        Well known photographers from 20 mainstream media took photos on the spot and spread them synchronously in their new media. Organize 80 photographers in the province to promote the wonderful moment shooting activities of the national Kite Festival. (1) temporary extra: the special line from the railway station to the Fangfei field is opened at the south end of Heping Road (No. 36 bus stop) and Xiangyang Road (No. 2 bus stop), 7 a.m-- Flying field. (2) drive from Weixian middle road -- Binhai blue imagination to the North -- Haijing road -- free range. (3) drive northward along Dajiu road from the West outer ring road of Weifang City -- Binhai blue imagination northward -- Haijing road -- flying field. Catering services: at that time, Binhai tourism group will provide catering services at the international flying range, including boxed meals, mineral water and other items for citizens to buy.
        4、 Article 36. The 36th Weifang International Kite Festival, specifically, is the strategic idea of building a cultural power, a sports power and a community with a shared future for mankind around the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and centering on the people; Around the strategic deployment of the provincial Party Committee for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and around the specific requirements of the municipal Party Committee for "double recruitment and double introduction" open development, organize and plan the kite meeting. Ensure that everyone has time to participate on the 1st; In terms of venue arrangement, it is held in Binhai International Kite Flying field, which can accommodate 100000 people and 10000 parking spaces, and a bus stop to Binhai is added. In terms of activity content, aviation carnival, circus carnival, performance of 20 national intangible cultural projects, extreme motorcycle stunt flight and other highly ornamental programs were held for three consecutive days.
        In terms of organizational form, all counties and cities in the city hold "one place, one brand" cultural activities according to their own resource characteristics. All departments and units directly under the city, relevant enterprises and financial institutions also actively make kites with characteristics and organize flying. In terms of ticket prices, the main venue of the opening ceremony ranges from 20 yuan to 300 yuan, and there is no charge for the free flight of the masses. The second feature is internationalization. This year, 70 countries participated in the kite games, which is the international cultural and sports activity with the largest number of participating countries next to the Olympic Games. At that time, the arena above the flying field will be a stage for the gathering of world cultures. There are foreign contestants in the activities of the opening ceremony, such as song and dance performances, circus performances, and car flying performances. Activities during the kite festival, such as the city of handicraft and folk art summit, the regional chain economy summit, the ultra-low energy consumption building summit, the Convention and Exhibition economic innovation and development conference, are all international conferences.
        Ambassador trials and the standard dance international open are all international events. The diplomatic envoys' trip to Weifang, overseas students' entry into the kite fair, the belt and road non heritage exhibition, and the Spring Festival of international folk art are all international activities. The brand Festival, built in 36 years, is already famous. Many enterprises actively participate in and support the kite festival in order to enhance brand value, show social value, and carry forward corporate culture. Local enterprises such as Weichai group, Binhai tourism group, Safire gold, Hengxin construction group, jingyangchun wine industry, Unicom, PICC Property Insurance Company, as well as Samsung Electronics, Alibaba and Tencent also took the initiative to cooperate. The 960m2 kite of the 70th anniversary produced the kite of Weichai, which won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award.
        Through the Kite Association, International Folk friendship is strengthened, and some foreign friends have been 36 in a row. Experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from the top 500 and domestic top 500 as well as relevant parties came to the kite fair to discuss and cooperate in many aspects, such as international talent week, Dr. Weifang's hometown trip, academician forum for optoelectronic technology development, open development forum for green agriculture, ultra-low energy consumption building development forum, and also held a signing ceremony for key projects to promote the implementation of the project. Through the kite fair, we will promote brand enterprises and improve brand awareness. This year, we will provide free booths for our time-honored famous and special products for promotion and exhibition. The fifth feature is branding. We will deeply explore and improve the brand value of the kite club and create Weifang kite super IP.
        This year, we made the mascot into a gift for the first time, and made a mascot image of more than 10 meters on site. Kite culture theme 7 was held. The 55th anniversary "China France friendship story meeting" showed the elegance of Weifang kites. Welcome to the 36th Weifang International Kite Festival, put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on our work, and work together to build Weifang International Kite Festival into a world-class Centennial Festival.
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