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Who is the leader of differentiated blockchain concept stocks on Tuesday? Shareholders: Longtou should have these three characteristics

Time : 11/10/2021 Author : i59yl7 Click : + -
        On Monday, the blockchain sector was indeed not popular and received a full house of praise. Under the leadership of blockchain concept stocks, A-share has experienced a long-awaited rise in the daily limit. The number of limit holders in the two markets has reached a staggering 152 (excluding new shares), of which more than 100 are bound by blockchain!. It is reported that business was particularly good in two places yesterday. One is the bar. The reason is that investors have an old tradition of "winning the game and working in the sea when losing". Yesterday, too many investors won money, so the bar was overcrowded; The other is the pork stall in the vegetable market. The reason is that many investors have not bought pork for a long time because they have been locked up in full warehouses before, and their faces are as green as their accounts.
        Yesterday, the rare account turned green to red. Finally, I can patronize the pork stall generously. However, the grand scene of "swans and ducks flying together under the shadow of dog shit" like yesterday is only temporary after all, and it can't be maintained for a lifetime. Therefore, the differentiation journey of blockchain will begin today. It will soon be known who is the real dragon and who is the slug. After differentiation, the real dragon will continue to soar for nine days, and the insect will return to its original form. Therefore, investors who bought pork generously yesterday still have to eat slowly. It's best to be able to cut the pork into ten or eight pieces, freeze it into ice pimples and chew it slowly. Otherwise, if the blockchain concept stocks in your hand are really just "concepts" and only pseudo blockchain stocks, there is a risk of being pushed back to the floor for friction.
        At that time, I won't have to experience the life of "I don't know the smell of meat in March" again. In the era of A-share makers earlier, the hype of concept stocks does not have to pay attention to real materials. On the contrary, the more obscure the subject matter, the more popular the stock is. Looking at flowers in the fog and looking at the moon in the water, looking at beautiful women from behind often has more imagination space. As for whether that beautiful woman really wins the country and the city, it is not so important. However, the environment of a shares has changed greatly. Not only is the IQ of shareholders getting higher and higher, and it is not easy to fool, but they are also keeping a close eye on it. If listed companies dare to casually rub hot spots, they will send letters to inquire at any time, which will make you speechless (I heard that many stocks with the concept of blockchain were inquired last night, do you have tickets that show the original shape of monsters in your hands?).
        Although many people always talk about Maotai, it proves that a large circulation market will also make money. However, in the field of theme hype, it is really not suitable for the circulation plate to be too large. I've never heard of the theme of "speculation", but never of "investment". The reason is that the theme of speculation stresses a "short and fast". This kind of characteristic has doomed that only small and medium-sized stocks can be qualified as the leader of concept stocks. The best thing is that the circulating market value is not more than 5billion. Even for the "selfie" Chinese military stocks, the circulating market value should not exceed 10billion as far as possible. According to the statistics of interested people, there were 50 blockchain stocks on the strong top board yesterday.
        Starting today, this number will continue to decrease, and will eventually be reduced to less than 10. The last real dragon head will also be produced inside. At present, the netizens in Bali have had a heated discussion, including Zhejiang University Wangxin, Xinhu Zhongbao, Hang Seng electronics, Donggang shares, Annie shares, easy to see shares, Sifang Jingchuang, etc. (the individual shares involved in the article are only for technical exchanges, not investment suggestions). Who do you think is the most promising to become the leader of blockchain?.
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