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Blockchain stock leader concept,Restorer Alliance: multiple blockchain concept stocks dive to eat a large wireless board

Time : 10/01/2022 Author : 98i4us Click : + -
        Today, the index rose and fell, with the Shanghai index rising 0.58% and the gem index rising 0.77%. The northbound capital continued to flow in substantially, and the overall atmosphere was acceptable. Theme concept stocks were active, domestic innovative drugs for Alzheimer's disease were approved, and pharmaceutical stocks strengthened; Apple released airpodspro wireless headphones, and relevant sectors continued to strengthen again, with ramblers hitting 5 boards in 7 days; The continuous appreciation of RMB and the collective strengthening of the concept of airport shipping; The blockchain concept strengthened in the morning and plunged in the afternoon, making it easy to turn off the lights and eat noodles such as shares. 3. Uncover the daily limit board: today, 33 stocks such as rambler and Jingxin pharmaceutical rose the daily limit. Among them, the pharmaceutical and consumer electronics sectors are quite popular. Now please see the reasons for the daily limit.
        Uncover the secret of trading limit: yesterday, the State Drug Administration approved the listing of mannate sodium capsule (gv-971), an original new drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, filling the blank of no new drug in the field of AD treatment in the past 17 years. Affected by this news, Alzheimer's disease concept stocks rose sharply today, and Lanfeng biochemical and Jingxin pharmaceutical rose by the opening limit, driving the pharmaceutical sector to rise strongly. Analysis and comments: Everbright Securities said that innovation and upgrading is the first driving force for the performance of pharmaceutical stocks. It can be clearly seen in the third quarter report of 2019 that the policies that have encouraged innovation for many years have been reflected in the company's performance. The performance of innovative drugs and innovative equipment enterprises with outstanding product power has continuously exceeded expectations. It is suggested to focus on the high boom segment industry: cro sector: under the demand of innovation and transformation, the pharmaceutical outsourcing segment industry has benefited significantly; Medical service: it is suggested to pay attention to high-quality medical service enterprises with good business model; Varieties with strong consumption attributes: it is suggested to pay attention to stocks with strong consumption attributes and high barriers to competition.
        Driving reason: market analysts pointed out that the shipment of TWS headphones has doubled in the past two years, and the market scale is expected to be 45billion yuan in 2020. Combined with the stimulation of double 11 discount promotion factors, the recent shipment of TWS headphones has continuously exceeded market expectations, helping the sector to strengthen. Analysis and comments: according to the research of Zhongtai securities, TWS headphones entered the first year of explosion in 2019. With the promotion of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the support of chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm for more stable solutions, the cancellation of the 3.5mm interface for flagship machines, and the return of terminal prices to a reasonable range, the wireless headset market has shown blowout growth. According to Qualcomm's survey report, consumers consider clear sound quality, brand trust and functional specifications in commodity selection. We are optimistic about sound quality brands, mobile phone manufacturers and low-end low-cost white brands in turn.
        6. List of shares lifted: in terms of shares lifted, the proportion of 6 shares lifted in the next five trading days exceeds 5%. Haitian Seiko lifted the ban by 75.87%, with a lifting amount of 2.871 billion. On the whole, the growth rate of A-share revenue decreased, but the decline narrowed, and the margin of profit growth stabilized. We expect the overall bottom of profits to be achieved in the first quarter of 2020. Since October 2019, pork prices have risen more than expected, leading to a sharp rise in CPI. The structural rise caused by supply contraction will continue until the Spring Festival. Correspondingly, it can be found that industrial added value and PMI data continue to shrink, and output activities are still in the process of decline.
        However, the margin of manufacturing has improved, and new economic industries such as electronics and computers have taken the lead in hitting the bottom and rebounding. Investment strategy: investors are advised to continue to hold blue chip leading enterprises with undervalued and abundant cash flow, and industries such as home appliances, construction, securities companies are recommended; From the perspective of layout next year, we suggest investors to lay out two main lines represented by technology and consumption. Recently, game related bad news (institutional position reduction at the end of the year, expensive valuation of some sub industries) and trend related bad news (inflation) have come out, but why has the market been unable to adjust. The main reason is that there is no real trend short in the market, and most cautious investors are waiting for the market to move to a lower position before adding positions.
        Although there is a lack of undervalued sectors with improved fundamentals on the right, there is no lack of sectors with cheap valuations and fundamentals on the left. Even if you are cautious, you can also deal with it by adjusting positions rather than reducing positions, and the resulting adjustment is relatively limited. We have always believed that the market shock is digesting technical problems rather than the deterioration of core contradictions, so the time will not be very long. It is possible to end the shock and turn to the rise in November. Industry configuration suggestions: the style of the fourth quarter may gradually turn to the main board, focusing on optional consumption, finance and even cycles that are more relevant to the economy. In the environment of the bottom of corporate profit growth, the clear expectation of the bottom of the economy in the first quarter of next year, and the determination of the trend and rhythm of foreign capital inflow, in November, we still continue the allocation idea that has been recommended since the end of September: take finance and consumption as the bottom position, focus on adding low valuation varieties that benefit from economic stabilization.
        At the industry level, continue to recommend banks with revaluation potential, home appliance leaders benefiting from the rebound in residential delivery, and automobile and parts and infrastructure leaders with valuations at the bottom of history.
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