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VC, overview: the rise of blockchain games, Dao, management and asset tokenization

Time : 27/02/2022 Author : nxto5z Click : + -
        In recent weeks, as the macroeconomic headwind and the implosion of Terra ecosystem continue to reverberate, bitcoin (BTC) and the broader cryptocurrency market provide little comfort. However, if we ignore the current price trend, we will observe a growing industry, which also attracts a large amount of capital investment from major investors. The latest venture capital review highlights the continued growth of Web3 games, metauniverse applications, and even decentralized Finance (DFI) protocols. Ireverentlabs, a blockchain video game developer, raised $40million from andreessenhorowitz (a16z), a venture capital company, to further develop its immersive game mechafightplug.
        Ariannasimpson, general partner of Andreessen, described the "weird" premise of the game in a blog post: "robot roosters and hens compete fiercely in a lively fighting movement, some of which are comprehensive fighting, some are electronic pets, some are high-powered, and some are real-life fast fighting, with distorted humor from home men, Python theater and South Park.". Lighthouselabs, a coding training camp company, recently completed a seed round financing of $7million to further develop its so-called "open meta universe navigation engine".
        This round of financing involves some of the largest venture capital companies and investors in the blockchain, including accel, blocktower and animocabrands. Lighthouselabs is developing a platform that allows users to search for places, events, and experiences from the open metauniverse. Jonathanbrun, the co-founder and CEO of Lighthouse, said that accessing metauniverse will soon evolve from a game experience to a more network like experience. The defi liquidity agreement izumifinance has completed a financing of US $30million to expand its ecosystem and launch a new decentralized exchange on the BNB chain.
        About one-third of the funds are raised through debt vouchers on solvprotocol, a platform that can create new financial instruments in the form of NFT. Common is a community management plan for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), which has completed a financing of $20million to expand its platform and further decentralize its operations. Common enables users to create, manage and govern their own blockchain communities. The company claims to have 500 active communities, including encryption projects dydx, axieinfinity, Solana and polygon.
        The defi protocol centrifuge has cooperated with blocktower, a blockchain venture capital company, to accelerate the financialization of the real-world asset chain. To support this initiative, partners received $3million in Treasury token sales from traditional and crypto investors. Many people believe that combining real-world assets is an important step to further consolidate the role of DFI in mainstream finance. Centrifuge co-founder lucasvogelsang said that his company's cooperation with blocktower aims to "accelerate the adoption of DFI in institutional capital".
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