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Lu Yifan: one account chain is committed to building a blockchain ecological network

Time : 01/09/2021 Author : 2hd9k3 Click : + -
        Recently, Ping An's one account financial released a white paper on blockchain. From building IFAB trade financing network, helping the Hong Kong Monetary Authority launch the international trade financing platform (etradeconnect), to becoming the underlying technology provider of the Tianjin Port blockchain verification pilot project, one account chain has attracted much attention. Lu Yifan, general manager of the blockchain R & D Department of oneconnect financial, said in an exclusive interview with reporters, "blockchain allows users to control their account books anywhere through their keys, and oneconnect allows users to control all their data at any time and anywhere through their keys.". One account chain fimax is a blockchain product of financial one account connect, a financial technology company under Ping An Group, which is an independent innovation, has a number of intellectual property rights, and has superior performance. It provides standardized and fast accessible blockchain application building services for various institutions and enterprises.
        So far, it has been implemented in the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area, supply chain finance, cross-border trade and other projects. Lu Yifan said that one account chain has effectively solved the contradiction between data privacy, data ownership and data sharing through its independently developed cryptography technology. It can still prove the correctness of a certain conclusion without providing any useful information to the verifier, and even give a qualitative and quantitative comprehensive judgment conclusion. The encryption technology of one account chain can meet the requirements of privacy protection in any business scenario, and dispel the concerns of enterprises when using blockchain technology, which is of great significance to the large-scale application of blockchain.
        Lu Yifan led the team to innovate and develop the 3D zero knowledge proof technology, which can be verified across multiple encrypted ledgers. Under the full ciphertext state of all ledgers, it supports the ciphertext operation and relationship verification of encrypted data under the condition of zero knowledge, including the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of encrypted data, as well as the verification of the size relationship between encrypted data. This is like that on the basis of the real plaintext data relationship structure, one account chain has created a high-dimensional "encrypted data network". Every node in reality is connected to this high-energy network, but it cannot obtain any useful information from it, and this high-dimensional encrypted data network can understand all the logical relationships of the real node data.
        This is like the "magic mirror", which won't tell you how to evaluate your appearance. At that time, it can directly give the ultimate answer to "beauty and ugliness". "Theoretically, this system meets all kinds of financial application scenarios, and there will be more room for imagination in the future," Lu Yifan said. At present, the blockchain of oneconnect financial mainly provides services for cross verification after encrypted data links, which greatly improves the authenticity of the same business flow between multiple entities and improves the risk control level of business acceptance institutions. Next, we will provide more complex feedback results, which is what we are doing. Lu Yifan introduced that the authorized encryption technology of one account chain can realize the authorization sharing of encrypted information on the chain, and the authorization accuracy reaches the field level.
        For example, the data owner can encrypt the "identity", "account number" and "balance" together into a ciphertext uplink. If other business parties apply to view the "balance", the data owner can grant the viewing permission of the "balance" field to the other party within a limited time. The other party can only view the "balance" information, and other fields still have no right to view. The technology of one account chain can realize the accurate sharing of data without disclosing other information, meet specific business needs, and truly achieve that the data owner has full ownership and control of its own data through the key. At the same time, all encryption algorithms of the one account chain adopt the state secret standard. Even the subversive 3D zero knowledge algorithm technology also adopts the state secret SM9 bilinear pairing identification encryption algorithm as the underlying implementation tool.
        Many industry insiders believe that the immaturity of "cross chain" technology and the inconsistency of blockchain related standards are one of the main reasons why blockchain technology cannot be commercialized on a large scale. However, there is no "leapfrog" technology between Apple IOS and Google Android operating system. User selection and product optimization will evolve together, thus creating a complete ecosystem. One account chain is committed to building a blockchain ecological network like Apple App store. The product form is becoming more and more specific, and the user interface is becoming more and more friendly. Maybe blockchain technology is no longer weak, and there is no need to keep warm together. Has one account chain opened the curtain for blockchain to compete for traffic entry?.
        Lu Yifan said that the blockchain platform built by Ping An financial one connect has provided services to more than 200 banks, 200000 enterprises and 500 governments and other commercial institutions at home and abroad, and has more than 44000 blockchain nodes (only independent systems that fully control their own data can be called nodes). In order to meet the needs of light-weight, efficient and flexible business technology construction, oneconnect financial has built an open bnaas ecological network system. Unlike the traditional baas platform, which generates chains and nodes by an account system, bnaas emphasizes the networking of multi account systems and introduces the concept of bnaasmarketplace. Users can not only independently create and publish new blockchain networks, but also join existing commercial blockchain networks through marketplace.
        At the same time, bnaas supports users to quickly create blockchain networks or nodes based on the local IT environment. "Different from a business needs to send a chain, it is more like an application store. All parties can join this ecological network, and the technical support we provide can help customers generate real value." Lu Yifan said that bnaas ecosystem is an interconnected network at the bottom, which will gradually attract more networks and participants to join. The addition of multiple data will provide more comprehensive and more dimensional cross verification for businesses on the chain, The value of each application on the chain will be improved, and a blockchain ecosystem with self strengthening, self-improvement, interest growth and no data privacy problems can be formed.
        It is reported that up to now, oneconnect has successfully implemented blockchain technology in 14 business scenarios, including trade financing, asset securitization, supply chain finance and reinsurance. (reporter guoxinghua).
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