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The era of blockchain has come. Will you come?

Time : 21/04/2022 Author : 5ohzme Click : + -
        As long as the manuscript is uploaded, the system will automatically generate a set of data, which is the only electronic ID card of the manuscript. It is also a certificate that is recognized by the court by using blockchain technology, and the author is no longer afraid of infringement disputes. According to Tencent, the Tencent cloud blockchain open platform has been applied in many scenarios in the past two years, including direct insurance claims, capital settlement, electronic bills, supply chain finance, smart health care and public charity. As of mid October, 33million block chain electronic invoices have been issued in Shenzhen, covering more than 100 industries, an increase of 23million compared with the same period last year. We often hear others talking about a high-end technology, but many people don't understand it.
        However, it is this incomprehensible technology that has quietly landed in the scenes of judicial deposit, government management, livelihood services, food traceability, supply chain management and so on. During the epidemic period, the global economy suffered a decline, but the blockchain industry stood out, rose against the current, flourished, showed its tenacious vitality, and became the "afterwave" of the times. What are you waiting for? It's too late to enter the arena without running! Look at the partners in the 17th blockchain investment training camp of cattle herding 2020. They closely follow the pace of the times, want to be a trendsetter in the blockchain era, and hope to seize the opportunity to realize their wealth dreams!. Without ambition, there is no stage, no territory, no territory, and no great cause.
        Haige, the founder and chairman of cattle herding, has great love and tries his best to bring the essence of Shanghai style tactics to everyone in every class. This time, Haige had an uncomfortable voice, but in order not to delay everyone's study, he endured the pain and insisted on finishing the course. The partners present were moved by Haige's professionalism and rewarded Haige's efforts with serious study. Shanghai style tactics are broad and profound. Haige summed up his 24-year practical experience in the stock market and currency market. Each tactics has its own merits. Short, medium and long-term tactics cooperate with the God of wealth to drive to the coin selection system, and you can select bull coins and rising coins with one click, so that you no longer need to stare at the market day and night, 365 days, where you go and earn!.
        CCTV2 financial channel once described blockchain in this way: blockchain is the second era of the Internet, and its value is ten times that of the Internet. "In the future, the arrival of the God of wealth will be a blockchain ecosystem integrating various resources. In the future, when you think of money speculation, you will think of the arrival of the God of wealth. If you want to make money by money speculation, you should go to the God of wealth to … … cattle herding wants to create a blockchain era that belongs to you, me and him. I hope you can participate together and contribute your part to this great era." In the course, Ziniu, the eldest disciple of Haige and CEO of herdsman, shared the wealth plan of herdsman partners.
        The transformation of society from the industrial era to the digital era is a historical trend, and the digital currency in this transformation must be a major trend in the future. "The era of blockchain has come. Do you want to seize this wealth opportunity, and do you want to change your life? Laniu is waving to you, and laniu will go all out to help you realize your wishes, as long as you are willing, as long as you dare to think, as long as you dare to take steps … & hellip;" Ye Zong, the general consultant of cattle business planning, brought you the sharing of big business opportunities in the blockchain industry. From educational coin selection platform, media consulting platform, live broadcast platform, Kanpan platform, to advertising platform, mall platform, management platform, cattle ecology is being built step by step.
        It is expected that in the future, cattle herding will ride the wind and waves in the vast ocean of blockchain, make great strides forward, and work together with partners and students to create 10 million traffic, 100 industry alliance, 100 billion market value and trillion ecology. If you are also optimistic about the blockchain industry, and if you also have a dream of wealth creation, you are welcome to learn about the cattle partnership plan. Cattle herding needs more like-minded partners to join in the rapid development, and they also understand the great blueprint of cattle herding and choose to herd cattle hand in hand. Congratulations to the new partner of cattle herding, who has embarked on the road to wealth since then. When the partners cheerfully shouted "hand in hand to herd cattle, wealth freedom! Hand in hand to herd cattle, wealth freedom!" At that time, the 17th blockchain investment practical training camp of 2020 cattle ranching came to an end.
        The temporary departure is for the next better reunion and for achieving a better self. Looking forward to the next sickle class, we meet again. As long as we keep learning and making progress in herding cattle, we believe that our reunion is the best and most precious time. Along the way, herding cattle has experienced trials and tribulations, but it has always adhered to its original intention, adhering to the concept of patriotism, conscience, gratitude, dedication, dedication and altruism, helping 100000 leeks become sickles, helping Qiancheng partners multiply their wealth, helping thousands of blockchain elites start businesses, helping 10000 enterprises with digital transformation, and striving to build the world's most valuable blockchain ecological platform! Let's work together to create new brilliance in the future!.
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