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Daily market analysis of blockchain,Waves is also a stable currency. Why didn't they follow Luna's old path?

Time : 04/11/2021 Author : qfd2ml Click : + -
        It's not very easy to enter the currency circle in May. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates before Luna brought a big cake. It can be said that it's quite difficult. There is also the fact that the table will start to shrink tomorrow. The next article will talk about the impact of the table shrinking on the whole market. The following is about why waves also broke the anchor and fell badly a few days ago. Why did they not follow Luna's old path? Instead, after the market rebounded, waves simply went up along the market with violence. Waves took the lead in coming out of the downward trend, and the big opportunity was still in Shanzhai. But we should do a good job in risk control!. Waves is a layer1 public chain, which is mainly used for stable currency, savings, exchanges and foreign exchange.
        The vision of the project is to apply blockchain to financial and pan financial fields such as securities, crowdfunding, legal currency transfer, etc., so as to create a public financial chain. After the war between Russia and Ukraine pushed waves to its peak, waves has been in a slump, but waves' enterprise level service platform wavesenterprise has been cooperating with many Russian industrial asset companies for many years. Its business involves enterprise level and government level, ranging from the transfer of industrial assets to the record of office property. At present, only wavesenterprise, a blockchain platform, has the ability to undertake this kind of business, For a blockchain platform serving enterprise level, waves will not easily do things that panic enterprise and government customers.
        Waves conducted ICO in the form of receiving bitcoin donations in 2016, raising 30000 bitcoins (about US $16million), once becoming the third largest blockchain crowdfunding project after thedao and Ethereum at that time. When I saw the message of usdn undocking, I specifically studied the mechanism of waves and usdn. It is found that there are many official waves thieves. Unlike UST, which can exchange Luna directly, usdn has enough restrictions on waves on neutrino: 1) each address can only swap once within 24 hours. 2) Nsbt needs to be pledged to obtain swap quota.
        According to the official documents, only by pledging 1K nsbts can we obtain the swap limit of 3952 usdns. At present, there are about 17u nsbts. 3) The pledged nsbt cannot be released immediately. With time, it will take about 6 months to get back 50%. According to the above 1, 2, 3, if you want to move bricks, you must first buy nsbt pledge to get the swap quota once a day. The way to reuse nsbt with multiple addresses is also blocked, because it cannot be extracted immediately after the pledge is entered. In April, usdn broke off its anchor once, falling to 0.68 at the lowest. At that time, the restrictions were even greater. Nsbt with a pledge value of 35000u could only arbitrage 4.285u per day. Therefore, no one was willing to arbitrage, leading to the official emergency modification of the arbitrage limit, which was restored to normal.
        Waves economic model: usdn can change waves. If waves are not enough, you can raise money through nsbt additional issuance. Now there are 920million usdns on the market, while the market value of waves is only 790million, and the market value of nsbt is only 45million, so it is not enough. Normally, nsbt should be blasted first, and then waves and usdn should be blasted together. But it seems that it is difficult for everyone to withdraw money. Waves has its own exchanges, pledge pools and other places. On the contrary, it can't be mentioned at all. It's a little dark! But I also have such a guess, that is, in the current environment, waves cannot remain high for a long time, and usdn cannot maintain $1 for a long time.
        Waves either impulse the market or fail to rise at all; Usdn either breaks down for a long time or returns around $1 once in a while. Waves ecosystem is very large, but just like the positioning of waves public chain, it takes financial and pan financial applications as its main products. In terms of product composition, waves ecosystem starts from the defi application swap Fi to the game wavesducks are connected in series with a stable currency usdn. At the same time, they have their own gravity Oracle machine, which can realize the functions of stable currency exchange rate reading, cross chain data interaction, and offline data uplink. In terms of product interaction, waveexchanges and DFI applications are interrelated, and the ecological experience is relatively smooth.
        In terms of business choice, waves public chain serves public consumers, and waves enterprise serves enterprises and governments, providing a variety of demand scenarios for waves ecosystem, which is an advantage that other public chains do not have. So in general, there is a background, because the boss is smelly and hard, and he doesn't play cards according to the routine at all. We have the most professional currency circle community, which publishes market analysis and high-quality potential currency recommendations every day. We'll see you next time. If you like, you can like it and pay attention!!!.
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