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From the bottom of the coin circle, we media: soft text makes high coin prices, inducing investors to speculate underground

Time : 01/07/2022 Author : iy5dp7 Click : + -
        Whether admitted or not, blockchain technology, which is considered to cause great changes, is the only widely known application of bitcoin and a large number of other virtual currencies. Issuing currency ICO has become a means for some people to get rich overnight. In September last year, the regulators identified ICO as illegal financing. Tokens do not have the monetary attributes of legal repayment and mandatory, and do not have the legal status equivalent to currency. ICO is suspected of illegal sales of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities. And "all kinds of token issuance and financing activities should be stopped immediately.". Since the beginning of 2018, hundreds of blockchain we media have been born. Some we media attract underground ICO projects through traffic, connect the projects to the exchange, and the project party provides service fees and soft text fees; After issuing coins, we media will also hype the token price by publishing articles, evaluation and other means.
        Some even concocted news from the regulatory authorities in order to boost the "currency market". Under the ring, ICO is reborn by backdoor. Looking for Chinese makers (id:xjbmaker) found that more users participated in some investment groups organized by we media, and followed the group owners to participate in overseas ICOS. However, after the agent investment ended, the group owners evaporated and investors suffered heavy losses. "The original intention of some blockchain we media is to participate in the gambling of ICO," blockchain portal media entrepreneur Le Xing (pseudonym) told looking for Chinese makers (id:xjbmaker). After the domestic ICO was banned on September 4, 2017, domestic ICO projects and transactions went underground, and some blockchain we media became their traffic drivers and publicity tools.
        ICO issues coins, connects with exchanges and "leeks", and we media can "do it for you". Lok hang revealed that he has a friend who works as blockchain we media. A large part of his income comes from charging for soft text for blockchain and ICO projects. The annual packaging service fee ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. If you want to send soft messages on the head we media, the service fee can reach millions of yuan a year. Looking for a Chinese maker (id:xjbmaker) to get a marketing quotation form from our media "Dolphin blockchain", which shows that the price of a single headline published on its wechat official account is 6000 yuan, the price of a second headline is 4000 yuan, and the price of writing a manuscript plus a headline is 8000 yuan.
        Another official account of the blockchain we media "today's money knows" under 8868 finance and economics issued a document with a price of 20000 yuan for the first article and 6000 yuan for the second article. The average reading of the last 10 headline articles of "Dolphin blockchain" we media is 3000-4000; "Today's coin knows" is between 7000-9000. According to the price of 1-2 yuan per reading volume of non head media, this reading volume and its quotation are relatively in line with the industry level. It is not news that we pay for sending soft messages, but when the "product" promoted in soft messages is a digital currency that is expressly prohibited from trading in China, the legitimacy of this behavior is worth considering. Looking for Chinese makers (id:xjbmaker) contacted the staff of the two platforms respectively on the grounds that they were looking for a soft text publishing platform for blockchain projects.
        A staff member of "Dolphin blockchain" said that the draft standard on its platform was "don't have sensitive words, such as ICO". The other party said that if you want to express the same meaning of ICO, you can use the words "fundraising", "private placement" and so on. A staff member of "today's coin knows" said that its platform can publish promotional articles of digital currency projects, and can contain token promotion information, but it is also cautious about sensitive words such as ICO. In addition to publishing blockchain information and articles on the official account of "Dolphin blockchain", under the columns of "recommendation" and "blockbuster", although the articles pushed are called blockchain projects, and the words "ICO" do not appear, some articles introduce the currency issuance information of blockchain projects and how to buy in exchanges, and even publish information such as recommended currencies to induce readers to invest.
        The push articles of "today's coin knows" are full of promotion information of token projects, and even contain token reward information. According to its price list, the price of such a soft article is about 20000 yuan. We media even said that if the project has not found an exchange, they can help connect with the exchange. Among them, the staff of "Dolphin blockchain" said that it could connect with an exchange called lbank (chain bank), "we cooperate and have a good relationship". After the ICO of the project, we need to find token subscribers and do "market value management", that is, guide and manage the token price, in other words, "speculation". An unnamed insider said that after the project issues coins, it is necessary to find those potential buyers. The best way is to send soft messages on blockchain we media to turn readers into token buyers.
        If the project pays the service fee of we media with tokens, in fact, both sides have formed a community of interests. Xiao Lei, President of the 500 Gold Research Institute and digital currency analyst, has also mentioned this kind of "market value management" of we media before, which means that when the token price falls, the project party drives the market sentiment by releasing some bullish messages on we media, thereby driving the token price up. Specifically, this "market value management" is to stabilize the confidence of the holders and the market through "project evaluation" and other means; On the other hand, some "analysis logs" and other ways are used to induce propagation. The so-called project evaluation refers to the comprehensive business logic combing of digital currency projects by we media in the form of videos, exclusive interviews and so on. According to the understanding of looking for Chinese makers (id:xjbmaker), this kind of evaluation is generally separated from soft text fees, and the price of one evaluation is about 20000 yuan. The reporter simply searched on the wechat public platform and found that there are more than ten such evaluation (evaluation) platforms.
        "Today's coin knows" and "detective blockchain" belong to the blockchain we media of 8868 insight finance. The former focuses more on blockchain information, and the latter does blockchain evaluation. "To put it bluntly, it is to introduce how the project behind the coin operates. How powerful the team is, it makes the people who buy the coin confident, and most of the soft text only introduces the information of the coin." "Today's coin knows," the staff said. 8868 "unintentional log", another we media platform under Jianwen finance, is another operation method. "‘ today's coin knows ’ that it is an analyst and ‘ unintentional log ’ is a trader.
        ”The staff member said. According to insiders, this operation method is that we media first collect a certain amount of tokens in the name of service fees by participating in private placement of a currency or buying part of the currency, or holding activities. After holding positions, traders adjust positions from time to time, conduct technical analysis on the currency, write market analysis reports, and form an analysis log. Looking for Chinese makers, I saw on the "unintentional log" platform that their articles showed 7 kinds of tokens, of which only one is the so-called "main currency", and the other six are "fake currencies". According to the staff, most of the other currencies except the main currency are cooperative customers.
        The reporter saw on this platform that a large number of analysis articles are market analysis for some virtual currencies, including some "heavy positions * * currency", "* * will rise" and other induced currency speculation statements. Although he claimed to give a pertinent analysis as much as possible, when the reporter contacted the staff member on the grounds of launch to ask whether it was possible to release bullish information on tokens, the staff member said that his "analysis log" would conduct a demand-oriented analysis. "You can bring one buyer, and you can earn two. To put it bluntly, it is to induce investors to buy." "Try to meet your needs", and said "the effect is positive". But the charge for this service is not low.
        The number of fans of "unintentional log" is less than 20000, the reading of headlines is about 4000, the monthly charge for the analysis of the market of headlines currency is 50000 yuan (the token position of the platform is generally one month), and the information of headlines project pushes a single message of 20000 yuan. The user group of its platform is also mainly aimed at domestic currency circle and chain circle users. The staff member said that there are many platforms that participate in the market analysis of the currency circle in the way of log analysis, and then induce users in the circle to participate in buying currency. Looking for makers in China to search on wechat official account, we found that there are dozens of we media in the form of "* * blockchain log (Diary)". The reporter randomly opened articles on several platforms and also released various positions and currency speculation information.
        At the bottom of the above log articles, there are usually some free or paid circles. Only users who enter the circle can receive information. The group owner will actively recommend ICO projects in the circle, send proxy investment links, and investors interested in the project will actively contact the group owner. Looking for a Chinese maker (id:xjbmaker) found in a coin speculation circle that the group owners would release some coin speculation information from time to time, and even filled with tempting words such as "building a warehouse", "bottom reading", "getting on the bus" and so on. A deceived person told reporters that he had previously participated in the investment group organized by "Xiaoyu ramble blockchain official account". For more than half a year, members of the group exchanged their experience in currency speculation, followed the group owner to participate in overseas ICO, and there was no abnormality in proxy investment. This year, the group owner recommended an ICO project called "Lim".
        However, after the project agent investment ended, the group owner dissolved the wechat group and cancelled the wechat official account. The investor said, "the group owner has evaporated. We are still looking for him now, and some friends can only admit bad luck.". According to the "Laojin financial notes" of we media, investors in the agency investment of "Xiaoyu ramble blockchain official account" invested 17.7 Ethereum, which was converted into more than 100000 yuan in RMB. Although the LIM token was obtained, the token was not circulated on the exchange, and the official website could not be queried. The token was "worthless", causing heavy losses to investors. "Laojin financial notes" said that this proxy investment made investors lose a total of more than 10 million yuan.
        An insider told reporters, "there are a lot of tricks here. For example, some proxy investors will first invest money according to the regulations. If the token rises sharply at the opening, he is likely to swallow the profits himself, and then lie to other players that he did not issue money and refund the original price; if it falls, he will issue money to other players normally, and he can earn a commission without taking risks.". According to investors, in the face of huge profits, some small proxy investors will not issue money to investors for various reasons, swallow high profits by themselves, and finally withdraw money to dissolve the wechat proxy investment group. The reporter searched the currency speculation community and found that there were dozens of news about the escape of proxy investment. The cheated will publish the cheater's wechat, QQ number and wallet address in the community to remind other investors not to be cheated again.
        On the morning of March 9, at the press conference of the first session of the 13th National People's Congress, central bank governor zhouxiaochuan said that virtual asset trading in China is not in line with the direction that financial products and financial services should serve the real economy. This statement almost reaffirms the keynote for the virtual currency circle &mdash& mdash; Currency speculation transactions are not recognized. However, as early as around March 5, someone tampered with Zhou Xiaochuan's expression of "encouraging financial technology" at the 2017 two sessions as "highly encouraging digital currency". Looking for Chinese makers (id:xjbmaker), we found that many coin circles and chain circles such as "virtual currency business opportunities" and "coin friend circle V" published an article entitled "central bank governor zhouxiaochuan: highly encouraging the development of digital currency, blockchain and other technologies" during the "two sessions", which claimed that "the central bank highly encourages digital currency and blockchain.
        ”。 Looking for Chinese makers (id:xjbmaker) to browse the wechat official account of blockchain we media "coin circle V", we found that its account subject was "Xiamen weishijiao e-commerce Co., Ltd." the account introduction said, "we will release the latest information about digital currency and coin circle". The first news was released on July 23, 2017. Since then, most of the push has been related to digital currency. Even after "9· 4", the information of currency speculation and recommendation is still released to induce investors to invest; From time to time, false messages such as "bitcoin is about to become legal currency" are released. "Publishing such articles, on the one hand, is related to some blockchain we media and institutions in order to attract attention and traffic, on the other hand, it is also related to identification ability.
        ”Deng legeng, founder of a blockchain we media, said. This phenomenon has become an epitome of the lax audit and chaotic hype of the we media platform at the moment of the massive birth of blockchain we media. Unlike the vertical field we media brought up by the last round of artificial intelligence, blockchain has one of the largest applications &mdash& mdash; Digital currency, and "closer to money". In November 2017, the sharp rise in the price of bitcoin led to the rise in the prices of other digital currencies. "At that time, blockchain was close to money. This was an opportunity. It would be easy to succeed if we caught up with the tuyere project." Blockchain we media entrepreneur Xiaojun said. Being close to money has prompted blockchain we media to rush in.
        According to the third-party data platform Qingbo big data information, as of March 11 this year, the number of blockchain we media has reached 664. In February, a total of 4333 articles were published on 270 blockchain accounts, with a total reading of 8.5689 million. The originally small and obscure "blockchain" is generating a huge attention group. At the end of February, during the crazy birth of the we media community, Guo Dagang, Secretary General of the Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association, reminded the risk in his wechat official account in his personal name, saying that recently, a large number of charging circles providing functions such as agent investment, fund-raising, token exchange, money laundering, ico/ixo, etc. under the guise of "blockchain" and "digital currency" appeared in some wechat groups and OO groups, And a number of capital losses and personal information leaks have occurred.
        An anonymous blockchain we media said that the current blockchain we media industry has passed the period of media endorsing projects. "In the early days, there were few blockchain we media, and watching blockchain projects would rely on individual we media to form a kind of trust. But now there are many blockchain we media everywhere, and we media provide more information, and the endorsement function is greatly weakened.". Recently, the evaluation of blockchain we media released by the new list seems to explain this question. The evaluation results show that among the official account of blockchain we media, the new list index is only 812.2, and none of them has been shortlisted in China's top 500 wechat (threshold index 881.9), and blockchain we media has no big size.
        In addition, there is no policy to review and restrict the content of blockchain ICO projects pushed by we media. This is like an endless cycle. Even if there is a problem with the reported blockchain content, it will have a limited impact on the we media platform, so there is no need to conduct rigorous review of the published content. Thus, the underground ICO project will be grandly launched on the we media platform and return to the public's vision. The whole process is like backdoor rebirth. Although some blockchain we media are inextricably linked with ICO, this phenomenon is not the whole industry. As for how many we media are involved in the ICO ecosystem, the number is also unknown. This has caused the whole industry to be mixed.
        Even so, the traffic access advantage of blockchain we media has been favored by many investors. Recently, several blockchain we media have successively obtained financing. "Blockchain media is a direction that all investment institutions want to invest in, and layout the blockchain ecosystem." The marketing director of investment institutions that have invested in many blockchain media said. She does not deny the existence of a foam in this industry, but the traffic track of blockchain we media is still optimistic, "this industry needs some media, and they first control the traffic.". According to Wu Shichun, founder of Meihua Angel venture capital, the popularity of blockchain makes the market need educators and we media
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