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Chain Research Institute: summary of important information on digital economy, blockchain and supply chain finance on December 4

Time : 16/01/2022 Author : fzux8o Click : + -
        On December 4, China Securities Journal learned from Shenzhou information that the company was officially included in the "blockchain 50 index". Shenzhen Stock Exchange blockchain 50 index takes the companies whose business fields involve the upstream, middle and downstream of the blockchain industry in the listed companies of Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the sampling space. As a comprehensive service provider of the whole industry chain of financial technology, Shenzhou information has created a new ecosystem of industrial integration with big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain enabled industry digitalization, and has achieved substantial results in the application of blockchain technology and the promotion of standards. Shenzhou information blockchain experts believe that blockchain, as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology, will become an infrastructure in the financial field and usher in broad development prospects.
        In the second half of this year, the central bank issued the notice on promoting the standardized application of blockchain technology and the evaluation rules for the financial application of blockchain technology, which standardized the application of blockchain in the financial field in the form of documents for the first time. In this context, the industry also generally believes that "blockchain + finance" is expected to accelerate the value transition from basic research to achievement transformation. On December 2, 2020, the first Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay blockchain industry application seminar and the inaugural meeting of Guangdong Jinchuang blockchain Research Institute were held in Guangzhou, with the theme of "science and innovation enabling engine bay area". At the meeting, experts and scholars said that in the face of the new opportunities in the digital era, the whole industry should base itself on the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, strengthen the digital infrastructure, increase the innovative application of digital transformation, comprehensively improve the ability of the digital economy to empower the real economy, promote the integration of the new generation of information technology based on blockchain technology with all fields, and promote the deep integration of all businesses in the capital market.
        The regulations of Shanghai Municipality on promoting the construction of the international financial center was first issued in 2009. At present, experts and scholars are discussing the new needs and Countermeasures of the rule of law in the new construction process of the Shanghai international financial center, and putting forward revision suggestions to the regulations, in which digital currency has become the topic of concern in the revision of the regulations. LiJianWei, an expert from the Law Institute of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said that digital currency has economic, convenient and other efficiency values, and its security should be guaranteed. Digital currency must be legal tender and must be incorporated into legal norms as soon as possible. If the so-called digital currency is arbitrarily drafted, it will cause disorder in the monetary and financial fields, cause huge losses, and have a negative impact on social and economic development.
        Relevant competent departments should establish and improve the organizational structure and operating mechanism for the supervision and management of innovations related to digital currency, and pay attention to and properly deal with the comprehensive impact of the development of international digital currency on China. On the afternoon of December 3, Quzhou held the 2020 digital empowerment Innovation Conference and the expert report meeting of southeast Digital Economy Development Research Institute, which gathered expert wisdom, discussed cutting-edge technology, and empowered Quzhou's digital economy development. Industry digitalization is the first step of digital economy, digitizing industry and government affairs. However, what is lacking at present is data collaboration. Many government departments have made it systems, forming a large number of millions of levels of data islands. These data islands have not been opened up, but with the technology related to data assets, these data islands can be opened up and coordinated, the collaboration between departments, the collaboration between government departments, the collaboration between government departments, and the collaboration between government and enterprises, And the collaboration of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain will be the proposition of the next step of industrial digitalization, and what needs to be compensated is the overall digitalization of the industrial chain level.
        Recently, the "Shandong energy supply chain financial service platform" created by the e-commerce platform "Zongheng Tesco" under Shandong energy group went online and achieved the first financing business landing, providing convenient and low-cost financing services for the rapid resumption of work and production of small and micro enterprises in the industrial chain of Shandong energy group. Shandong energy supply chain financial service platform "makes full use of leading financial technology means such as Internet, digital signature, big data, AI identification, etc., realizes the online operation of Shandong energy group industrial financial ecosystem, and meets the financial service needs of core enterprises and industrial chain affiliated enterprises (including small and micro enterprises) in Shandong energy group industrial ecosystem under various scenarios such as the resumption of work and production after the epidemic, Under the condition of risk compliance, improve the efficiency of capital use and business growth, serve the development of main industries with higher quality, and build a closer financial ecosystem of industrial chain.
        Recently, Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch held a cooperation negotiation with Yuntianhua Co., Ltd. and signed an industrial digital supply chain financial strategic cooperation agreement at the same time. At the meeting, the two sides had good communication and exchange on building an open integrated digital platform integrating procurement, production and sales in the field of industrial digital supply chain finance, and reached a basic consensus on the cooperation promotion plan and time schedule. Finally, the two sides signed the "industrial digital supply chain financial strategic cooperation agreement", marking that the two sides will further concentrate on innovation and create a new pattern of financial and industrial cooperation.
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