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Guangdong launched the housing provident fund information sharing platform, and strengthened protection with blockchain

Time : 14/12/2021 Author : nrt3u9 Click : + -
        Recently, Nandu reporter Mo Zhihua and correspondent Yue Jianxuan learned from the Guangdong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development that since March 1, 2021, Guangdong has fully enabled the personal authorization function of the provincial housing provident fund information sharing platform to further strengthen the protection of personal information. Employees need to conduct personal authorization through the wechat applet of "Guangdong provident fund" when handling the provincial non local business involving the personal information of the sharing platform (non local transfer and continuation, non local loan deposit certificate, non local provident fund loan information, non local loan receipt). After authorization, the housing provident fund management center can query the personal information of the authorizer related to the business through the sharing platform.
        The full use of the personal authorization function of Guangdong housing provident fund information sharing platform is conducive to further standardizing the interconnection of information resources of the housing provident fund industry in the province. It is understood that the personal authorization function of this online application is based on face recognition and blockchain technology. It uploads the authorization logo and authentication information to the blockchain platform for permanent and tamper proof retention. Through systematic and procedural methods, it builds a safe, reliable and traceable information query authorization system, controls the whole process of authorization, and ensures the compliance of query operations and the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of authorization information, The potential risks of data abuse and information disclosure caused by unauthorized queries in the past have been resolved, and the hidden dangers of illegal queries have been effectively prevented and controlled.
        According to preliminary statistics, the informant of the personal authorization function authorized, including 1954 authorizations of the non local accumulation fund deposit certificate (including the non local loan receipt), 2912 authorizations of the non local accumulation fund transfer and connection information inquiry, and 714 authorizations of the non local accumulation fund loan information inquiry. The establishment of personal authorization mechanism ensures that each personal information query is legal and compliant, and effectively protects the security of shared information and the rights and interests of information subjects. The user selects and checks the "authorized information user" and "authorized business" information, confirms that they are correct, and clicks "next" to enter the agreement signing page. Enter the agreement signing page, view the user authorization agreement, and click "agree (face verification)" after confirming that the authorization agreement information is correct; If you do not agree with the authorization, click "disagree".
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