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Industrial blockchain application accelerates the development of digital economy

Time : 16/07/2021 Author : qngd7b Click : + -
        From the perspective of economics, digital economy is the recognition of human beings through big data (digital knowledge and information) &mdash& mdash; Select &mdash& mdash; Filtering &mdash& mdash; Storage &mdash& mdash; Use, guide and realize the rapid optimal allocation and regeneration of resources, and realize the economic form of high-quality economic development. In short, it refers to the economic form that directly or indirectly uses data to guide resources to play a role and promote the development of productivity, which can be called digital economy. In the "14th five year plan", it is not only mentioned to vigorously develop the digital economy, but also mentioned to "cultivate and expand emerging digital industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, network security".
        As blockchain is included in the five-year plan for the first time, the industry has said that the era of digital economy will usher in a broader period of development opportunities. The birth of blockchain provides a new social trust mechanism and lays a new foundation for the development of digital economy. Blockchain technology has contributed to the rapid development of digitalization. In essence, blockchain is a combination of technologies such as cloud computing, distributed database storage and asymmetric encryption. With these technologies, blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, data tamperability and traceability, which can solve the problems of trust and data sharing in business cooperation. Du Jun, the co-founder of Huo coin, believes that as a key industry in the era of digital economy, blockchain's distributed ledger technology has four major advantages in theory:.
        First, efficiency. By sharing account books, blockchain can complete the settlement of cross-bank and cross-border transactions in public account books at one time, which greatly shortens the transaction links, simplifies the transaction process, and reduces transaction friction;. Third, openness and globalization. Everyone can freely join the blockchain and get all information. The whole system is highly transparent, and only the private information of each party is encrypted;. With the standardization and institutionalization of the industry, blockchain is gradually moving from virtual to real, accelerating the integration with the real industry. At present, blockchain has been widely used in finance, government affairs, justice, medical treatment, industry, people's livelihood and other industries. For example, "blockchain + finance" has covered sub sectors such as deposit certificates, bills, supply chain finance, and financial service platforms.
        Therefore, the application of industrial blockchain will accelerate the development of digital economy and make the development of digital economy broader. In addition, it is undeniable that at present, digital technology such as blockchain has become a necessary option for various industries to realize digital upgrading, helping the continuous expansion of the scale of the digital economy. While promoting the high-quality development of digital economy, enterprises face both development opportunities and more challenges.
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