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A number of blockchain companies jointly denounced a certain we media for fabricating false information and claiming to delete the royalties

Time : 20/01/2022 Author : a2pljo Click : + -
        On March 3, the person in charge of the blockchain company's coin core technology market released a censure article &mdash& mdash; "Black PR, sorry! Your black coin core technology is not afraid of blackmail" has aroused widespread attention and strong repercussions in the circle. The article points out that a blockchain we media maliciously fabricated a large amount of untrue information about the founder of coin core technology jujianhua and its business coin core cloud exchange system. When the coin core team provided evidence with the other party for many times and hoped that the media would delete the manuscript, the other party actually proposed 2btc— 1BTC— The sky high price of 100000 yuan to delete the royalties made the currency core team very angry.
        Although the coin core in the text does not indicate the name of the we media, it can be found from the screenshot inserted in the text that the we media referred to is called "blockeye block". After many unsuccessful communications, the coin verification team analyzed the content described in the cover article, provided evidence one by one, and listed many untrue reports in a large space. At the same time, the coin and core team made a strong statement, decided not to compromise with this "black public relations" behavior, and called on the industry to "resist black public relations and refuse to pay protection fees". This call of coin core has been responded to and supported by many blockchain companies. Originally, it includes coin security, imtoken, kucoin, gate IO and other blockchain enterprises have had similar "communication" experiences with this we media, and have been jointly condemned by enterprises that publish a large amount of false information.
        Therefore, once the announcement article of coin core was issued, it won the support of many brands in the blockchain industry. On March 4, the activity of "resisting black public relations and refusing to pay protection fees" launched by coin core was supported by nearly 100 well-known brands in various fields of the blockchain industry, such as coin security, Hufu, etheric classic, contract emperor, planet daily, chain news, etc. This activity aims to resist the evil media that the underworld public relations forces in the industry, maliciously fabricate false information about enterprises and individuals, wantonly ask for sky high prices to delete manuscripts, and destroy the benign development environment of the industry in order to obtain huge benefits and fame. I hope that the industry will be clean and bright, and protect the healthy development of the industry. At the same time, the coin team said that for the media's unscrupulous behavior of spreading rumors and charging sky high deletion fees, the coin team will investigate its legal responsibility.
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