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Three public blockchains in China,What does blockchain public chain mean? What are the three public chains?

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        Blockchain public chain is also called blockchain common chain. The meaning of public chain is that anyone can read the data information in the system at any time. The public chain is usually completely decentralized. This advantage makes it impossible for anyone and institutions to manipulate or modify the data information on the chain. We are now entering a new era of public chain. The new era of public chain is actually the new era when our blockchain applications begin to land. At this stage, blockchain enterprises are struggling to apply their technologies to a large number of scenarios. If someone asks what the originator of the blockchain public chain is, bitcoin must be worthy of its name, so do you know what the three blockchain public chains mean? Today, let's let the editor of Feixun enterprise service explain it in detail.
        Now speaking of the three public chains, they generally refer to BTC, Eth and ADA. These three heavyweight products represent the three stages of blockchain 1.0, blockchain 2.0 and blockchain 3.0, which are the products of different periods. Since its birth in 2009, bitcoin, as the latest and most fashionable digital currency and global payment network, has been popular all over the world. It can be said that BTC is the most successful and the most mature application of blockchain. Now speaking of BTC, its reputation is much louder than blockchain. Many people know what blockchain is after they know BTC.
        Generally speaking, Ethereum is an open source platform, digital currency and blockchain platform, which provides a platform for developers to build and publish applications on the blockchain. On Ethereum, we can program, disperse, guarantee, and trade everything we do, financial exchanges, crowdfunding, voting domain names, companies can manage contracts and most agreements, intellectual property rights, as well as hardware integrated smart assets. The convenience of Toby has also set off a global frenzy once it came out. ADA, developed on the basis of Ethereum and bitcoin, appears as an enterprise blockchain operating system, which is more easy to use and powerful than the first two. Ida coin ADA is the first blockchain project developed based on scientific principles. It is also the only project designed and developed by top scholars and a large number of top engineer teams in the global industry.
        Its technology must be safe, flexible and scalable, so that it can be used by millions of consumers, which is crucial. Therefore, some top experts and engineers from the blockchain field invested a lot of energy and effort into this project and made wise design decisions. The scientific rigor applied to mission critical systems such as aerospace and banking has been brought into the field of cryptocurrency, and this technology has a very high degree of implementation. The developers of the program in the public chain have no authority to intervene with consumers, so the public chain can protect the interests of consumers using the program. In addition, the relatively highly decentralized distributed architecture data storage is also one of the biggest advantages of the public chain. The trading data information is open and transparent, and the data information cannot be modified, so that the public chain can effectively protect the data security of consumers.
        An information product has an inherent need for interconnection, because the purpose of people producing and using them is to better collect and exchange information. With the expansion of the network, consumers can get a lot of value from it, and their needs can be more satisfied. The co ownership chain is open, so it has the opportunity to be applied by many external consumers and form a certain degree of network effect. Except for financial applications, any application scenario with high requirements for trust, security and durability, such as asset registration, voting, management, Internet of things and other 3.0 new era applications, will be interfered by the public chain on a large scale. In short, the underlying public chain is the public infrastructure of the blockchain world, and specific solutions are used to expand the performance of the underlying public chain and provide services and support for business applications.
        Only after the public chain at the bottom of the blockchain can be solid, stable and efficient, can the commercial application of blockchain be truly developed and implemented. Therefore, the importance and necessity of public chain in the whole blockchain field is self-evident, and its development space and demand are very large. However, it still needs some time and patience for us to correctly distinguish its advantages and disadvantages, and to explore the application field of blockchain in a down-to-earth manner. The development of blockchain public chain cannot be separated from the painstaking efforts of developers and the common support of everyone. Only when we all participate, this technology can really develop rapidly and serve us.
        To sum up, the detailed answer of Feixun enterprise service Xiaobian to the question of what the three public chains of blockchain mean and what the three public chains are. Some places are not detailed enough. Please forgive me. I hope this article can help investors who are interested in public chains. In fact, the real purpose of blockchain public chain is to create a safer and more convenient way of online trading, so that all people in the world can participate in the dividends brought by the development of blockchain industry. Public chain can help some enterprises improve production efficiency and provide convenience and security for companies to pay, Only when this function of blockchain public chain is really brought into play in multiple scenarios can blockchain technology enter a new mileage of universal benefit and public sharing.
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