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What is mining machine digging for money

Time : 14/01/2022 Author : 1048sk Click : + -
        Mining machine coin digging refers to the process of producing virtual currency through a large number of precise calculations by computers. In the world of bitcoin, the total production per day is about 1800. Mining can be abstractly understood as the 2000p computing power competing for the production right of 1800 bitcoins every day. Mining comes from the existing concepts in our real economic life, such as gold mining and silver mining. Because minerals are valuable, people are driven to pay labor to dig. In 2009, Nakamoto invented bitcoin, set it to only 21million, and incorporated it into the bitcoin network. This is the so-called "mining", because miners recognize the value of bitcoin, so someone will buy it in the bitcoin market.
        Therefore, it makes sense to mine bitcoin. It is a process of confirming transactions in a certain period and generating a new block on the blockchain. In short, blockchain is an open and transparent account. All miners are accounts. Every transaction will add a bill to the account book, and mining is a kind of "bookkeeping". If you are a miner, or a cashier, you can get a fil pass here. First of all, you should grab the account book, and then record the account book on the account book. Then, after finishing the account, another accountant will check you until 51% or more people confirm that your account is correct, and your bill will be added to the account book.
        Only the last bill (that is, the excavated fil currency) will belong to you. Every time I determine a blockchain, the Internet will reward me. This is an important part of early mining profits, which can be imagined as the reward of filecoin's new project. Just like the "didi express" at the beginning, there were not many passengers, so Didi's main income came from the company's subsidies. The income of blockchain is the subsidy of IPFs to miners. According to the distribution rules of Juan elite team filecoin, a total of 2 billion fil coins were invested, of which 70% or 1.4 billion fil coins were used as rewards, which is 1.4 billion fil coins generated by the decentralized system.
        It has to be said that the elite team of IPFs is indeed a very capable team. After watching so many new projects, VKS only took out 30% of the tokens, which is simply immoral. In particular, it should be noted that according to the latest rules, the reward of blockchain is directly proportional to the reasonable reserves mined, and there is a threshold. It is very difficult for small miners to obtain rewards, but mining software has great advantages. The most important job of mining machine is to store data and information, and the profit of data storage is to judge the storage capacity of mining machine. The more data stored in the hard disk of mining machine, the higher the profit. Storage mining enters filecoin's sales market based on displaying their storage space and responding to Pug's request.
        After entering the sales market of filecoin, we must use the mortgage currency proportional to the storage space to mortgage, and then mining and storage. When buying and selling, they will convert it into "time confirmation" according to Pug's request, and then submit it to ipfs/filecoininternet to confirm that their data is saved for a specific time. If the verification fails or is lost, they will be punished, because when mining ore, they will not be rewarded by fil, but will be confiscated. As providers of ipfs/filecoin Internet text search services, search mining shows the data required by customers' requests in the filecoin sales market, and they can immediately make profits from customers or search sales.
        Search is a kind of behavior in the sales market. The system software does not give a reasonable standard of profit distribution, but decides according to the demand and the price of miners. This is a kind of transaction, similar to the transaction of stock or data currency exchange. Search doesn't need too much calculation. For example, if you open a mine at home, you have a great chance to find the possibility of making money, so you don't need to use GPU to make money as recently. GPU's powerful computing power can help speed up the verification of time. Therefore, it is true that early rewards are difficult to get, but it will not affect making money and making money. The difference between searching for ore and storing ore is that it does not require mortgage, submission of data, submission of storage information, or presentation of identification.
        In addition, it can also be used to search and mine ipfs/filecoin networks. In general, in the early stage of filecoin's main launch, blockchain rewards will become the main source of revenue for mining machines, and will also become the most concerned thing for early miners. However, with the continuous development of the network and more and more data storage, the storage profit and search profit will be more and more. In the next few years, it will become the main profit source of mining equipment.
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