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All media: how to choose the right platform for blockchain media publicity?

Time : 24/08/2021 Author : bhuv7o Click : + -
        In the field of computer applications, blockchain technology is developing very rapidly, and in terms of policy, blockchain is also highly valued, so the current entrepreneurial boom about blockchain technology is constantly emerging. But for most projects, they need to focus on their own technology, and for the media, traffic is king. So how to choose the right platform for blockchain media publicity?. First of all, the media of media promotion is mainly divided into several parts, including blockchain media, traditional media, overseas media and blockchain we media. Among them, the media publishing method based on blockchain is the mainstream of many platforms.
        As we all know, the innovation of blockchain technology is actually to make the path of media communication more efficient. In the past, traditional media publishing can only be completed through an intermediate platform, but blockchain media publicity is directly transmitted through point-to-point, so the efficiency of media publicity is very high, and the security and stability are unmatched by traditional media. In terms of price, the first-line media platforms for blockchain media promotion are basically more than 7000 yuan, and the published press releases are also official channels, so you can see them on the home page, but this kind of cost performance is usually not very high. If we are looking for a platform with high cost performance, we can consider blockchain media promotion of hundreds of brands, where the price is about 100 to 200 per family, We can use a budget of 7000 to find 30 or 40 media platforms to publish, which is not only very effective, but also does not cost a lot of money. This is also the common choice of many customers at present.
        In addition, there are many we media platforms worth considering, such as official account, Weibo, Zhihu, Tencent, today's headlines, Jianshu, Netease, etc., which are all good platforms. But for new friends, at the beginning, you can moderately try each platform, and when you finally see the effect, you can increase your investment, which is also a better way of trial and error, After all, each blockchain promotion platform has its own characteristics. Today, there are more than 100 blockchain promotion platforms. Because of its wide coverage and the ability to forward and spread in a short time, the entire blockchain media platform is also expanding. Second tier blockchain media platforms are also good choices, such as chain travel finance, yuanuniverse finance, Jinshi finance, and so on.
        In terms of quotation, the future finance is generally 500, Babbitt is 5000, Mars finance is 5000, and Broll is 3000. Different prices correspond to different effects, so we can make judgments based on our actual budget. There are many platforms for blockchain media publicity, but in general, baijiahao is a platform worthy of our trust. There are not many other platforms above, so we can try multi line development at the beginning, and then find the most effective platform with the highest cost performance. This is also a way to make our budget * * efficient, and it is also the current mainstream way for many customers.
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