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Close up blockchain helps fund supervision

Time : 20/01/2022 Author : lp0xm2 Click : + -
        2018 renewal, 2019 renewal, 2020 renewal &hellip& hellip; Not long ago, a transaction information on the "three capital" regulatory blockchain attracted the attention of the cadres of the party and government conduct supervision office of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The account shows that the five collective lands in Zhanshang village of Huangqiao Street will be renewed without leasing information. "There may be something fishy. Carry out traceability immediately." The supervision committee of Xiangcheng District Commission for discipline inspection found that when these five lands were first rented out in 2018, they were not publicly rented on the trading platform as required, but were directly falsely reported as "renewal" in the system. Before the "three capital" regulatory blockchain was launched, the business audit did not find it for three consecutive years.
        The reporter learned that Xiangcheng District has collective assets of more than 8.5 billion yuan, and the average village income of the whole district is more than 10million yuan. It is difficult to supervise the "three capital" of rural collective. With the help of blockchain technology, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision made use of distributed ledgers to carry out orderly "bookkeeping" by stamping time stamps, and unified the scattered working data on the chain for certificate storage, forming 4.48 million pieces of certificate storage information. At the same time, the smart contract technology is used to set up more than 40 integrity risk point early warning and alarm items. Once the filled data is false or tampered with, the system will alarm after cross verification. "In the ‘ three capital ’ inspection, it was found that some villages deleted the problematic asset rental records from the system and modified the paper account in order to cope with the inspection. Previously, the business system was also relatively decentralized and independent, and the traditional supervision method was weak.
        ”Zhangminglin, member of the Standing Committee of Xiangcheng District Party committee, Secretary of the district Discipline Inspection Commission and director of the Supervision Commission, said, "this situation is very difficult to happen under the supervision of blockchain.". "‘ three capital ’ regulatory blockchain realizes the supervision of the whole life cycle of each collective asset resource. Asset resources form a chain from leasing and signing to renewal or re leasing and collecting rent. Moreover, the block identity information and operation records of operators will be solidified on the chain, which is difficult to tamper with and very intuitive." Introduction to the staff of Xiangcheng District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision. Zhu Xuehua, director of Xiangcheng District Bureau of agriculture and rural affairs, said that the "three capital" regulatory blockchain has achieved the comprehensive application and analysis of key data and key information, forcing the grass-roots level to pay more attention to standardized management, so that the original behavior of using business system vulnerabilities to infringe on collective interests has no hiding place.
        With the hard evidence on the chain, the person responsible for illegal leasing of 5 lands was quickly and accurately determined and prosecuted. In addition, the "three capital" regulatory blockchain is jointly built and shared by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, the district agricultural and rural Bureau, the town (street) financial resources bureau, the town (street) "three capital" centralized operation and management departments, and the village (community). The "three capital" management of each township can be seen throughout the region, breaking the data barrier and achieving full regulatory coverage.
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