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Target audience of blockchain overseas promotion

Time : 09/07/2022 Author : tel51p Click : + -
        Only when enterprises take the initiative to "voice" can they expand the overseas market's understanding of blockchain, digital currency and exchange platforms. Through the collection of search engines, they can comprehensively display the development trends and plans of enterprises, so that users can have a more sense of trust when searching your enterprise. The manuscript written should conform to the reading habits of overseas audiences, that is, through the writing and reporting of authoritative media, the third-party endorsement should be carried out from the perspective of technology, project value, etc., so as to comprehensively create a brand and three-dimensional and deep image. Of course, we are not satisfied with the basic "first meeting". If we want to truly achieve media trust, we need more in-depth media communication; Through the last issue of the world's top media, it shows the strength and planning of the enterprise from multiple angles and levels, effectively enhances the credibility and influence of the brand, and realizes the depth of communication. In addition, blockchain & Overseas KOL recommendations in the field of science and technology, enhance the influence of the C-end market, select appropriate social media communication and overseas social media KOLs in different fields such as science and technology, finance and economics, blockchain industry, and enhance users, trust, stickiness of target audiences, and media endorsement from a third-party perspective.
        According to data, there were 4.48 billion active social media users in July 2021, accounting for 56.8% of the world population. Social media brings together most of the world's Internet users, and the target customer base of blockchain is also among them. Therefore, promotion on some world-famous social media platforms such as instagram, Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc., can reach the target audience of blockchain overseas promotion projects. Some blockchain overseas promotion projects will choose to invite KOLs on social media to explain and analyze their projects. Generally, such KOLs are opinion leaders in the fields of Internet, technology, games and blockchain.
        According to the data of the 2022 overseas KOL marketing benchmark report, more than 75% of brand marketers increased the overseas KOL promotion budget in 2022. This data confirms the effectiveness of overseas KOL promotion. Therefore, inviting overseas KOL to endorse the blockchain overseas promotion project can more effectively solve the trust problem of the target audience. Online marketing promotion is a combination of boxing. When your blockchain overseas promotion target audience comes into contact with some project information in social media channels, more than 60% of them will obtain more project related information through search engines.
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