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Huawei cloud "chain" connects the universe

Time : 11/01/2022 Author : 2ns6al Click : + -
        Compared with real gold and silver in the real world, digital assets seem to be "visible" but "invisible". Even so, digital assets are still "hot" at a rocket speed!. In recent years, with the rapid application and development of big data, blockchain and other technologies, data, as one of the key elements of the digital economy, has been widely recognized by the whole society, and the value of digital assets has been further highlighted. Discussions on digital assets such as virtual land, digital collections and game props have become more heated, and related transactions have become increasingly active. Especially with the rise of the meta universe, digital assets based on blockchain are considered to be an important engine driving the development of the meta universe.
        We can see that domestic and foreign leading enterprises in finance, technology and other fields have increased their investment in blockchain technology and applications, and China has become the country with the largest number of blockchain patent applications. From the national to the local level, ecological alliances, associations and organizations related to blockchain continue to emerge, accelerating the research and development of software and hardware technologies of autonomous and controllable blockchain, and opening up more application scenarios of blockchain. The reportsanddata report shows that by 2028, the global blockchain technology market is expected to reach $172.9 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 66%. As we all know, the right of digital assets must be confirmed. If the right is not confirmed, the value of digital assets cannot be formed.
        Blockchain is an important technical means to realize the right confirmation of digital assets. Its biggest innovation is to completely digitize the asset representation from contracts, tickets to securities into smart contracts or tokens. In this sense, blockchain technology undoubtedly redefines digital assets. Huawei cloud blockchain architect said that from blockchain to digital asset chain, there have been three important development stages: the first stage is dominated by public chain, such as bitcoin, which provides real and safe digital currency trading function; In the second stage, the alliance chain is mainly used, that is, with the help of smart contracts, the trusted transmission of value can be realized in multiple application scenarios such as government affairs, finance, manufacturing, medical treatment, etc; In the third stage, as the infrastructure of digital economy, blockchain and emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence cross evolve to reconstruct the development ecology of digital economy and promote the deep integration of value Internet and real economy.
        With the landing of emerging applications such as Web3.0 and metauniverse, blockchain, as the main supporting technology, will have more places to play. At present, digital assets are gradually becoming the focus of discussion in the field of digital economy and the world of digital finance. The evolution of blockchain technology also provides huge development opportunities for digital assets. The 14th five year plan for digital economy development issued by the State Council clearly states that data elements are the core engine for the deepening development of the digital economy. It is necessary to speed up the market-oriented circulation of data elements and encourage enterprises, research institutions and other entities to explore relevant applications based on digital technologies such as blockchain. In many fields, such as art, collection, games, asset pass, etc., technologies such as blockchain are needed to realize the right confirmation, trusted preservation and secure transaction of digital assets.
        Blockchain technology is sought after by the industry because it is inherently decentralized, privacy protection and data encryption, consensus mechanism, smart contracts and other functions and advantages. There are various technologies and means to realize the right confirmation and protection of digital assets. Performance, privacy and security, ease of use, and ecological connectivity are a threshold. The digitalassetchain (DAC) of Huawei cloud adopts non-homogeneous token, which has the characteristics of unique and indivisible token. It provides customers with exclusive digital content chain and shared digital content chain, and naturally builds an open digital asset chain. While opening up the ecology of different digital asset chains, it creates a platform for digital content Digital asset management and trading markets provide reliable support.
        Generally speaking, digital asset chain can help enterprises and institutions to realize trusted data sharing and exchange, and share the latest data and unify data in real time through distributed ledgers; Improve business efficiency through data probes and smart contract supervision directories and data; Taking advantage of the tamper proof characteristics of blockchain data and combined with smart contracts, we can restrict the behavior of all parties and improve the control power. Some customers have commented that Huawei cloud digital asset chain can be called the God of digital asset property protection, and this "God" is God's breakthrough and innovation in its technology: the trusted rafttee consensus can support high-throughput transactions and changes in complexity and security, and provide high performance; Its hierarchical network management can support the super large-scale node network; The smart contract security detection function realizes the combination of static analysis and formal verification, and constructs a highly trusted smart contract; Support cross chain interoperability of assets between homogeneous or heterogeneous digital asset chains; It supports adding watermarks to digital assets to facilitate users to verify "genuine" assets; Integrate Huawei + National Copyright Protection Center DCI rights confirmation and certificate storage services.
        It is precisely because of its deep technical accumulation, especially the support of the cloud native base, the rapid deployment, decentralized smart contracts and distributed capabilities through containers that Huawei cloud digital asset chain can be more transparent, credible and neutral, and effectively support the whole process of the creation, issuance and circulation of high concurrency digital assets. To sum up, Huawei cloud digital asset chain takes Huawei cloud blockchain as the core support, digital copyright service DCI and digital payment as the base, and digital asset chain (DAC) continues to enable digital marketing, simplify copyright protection, build game economy, and promote digital collections. From the perspective of specific application scenarios, in the field of digital collections, Huawei cloud digital asset chain has helped more than 20 companies build exclusive digital collection platforms and released 300000 + digital collections in total.
        Based on Huawei cloud blockchain service BCS and Huawei cloud digital asset chain DAC, Fangwei technology's digital collection solution provides users with a compliant, secure and industry appropriate digital collection platform, which can not only carry tens of thousands of users online shopping at the same time, but also avoid malicious scripts and plug-in shopping through multiple policy filtering, and realize data anti crawling, activity anti brushing, anti DDoS, HTTP protection, anti DNS hijacking Weak network acceleration and other protection to ensure safety. Nowadays, Fangwei digital collection platform can meet the digital needs of various industries in different scenes, including cultural tourism, ticketing vouchers, works of art, cultural relics, sports, retail, cultural creativity, music, games, etc.
        For another example, in the public welfare scenario, Huawei cloud and douyu jointly created the "digital finless porpoise" public welfare project. Based on the Huawei cloud digital asset chain service, "digital finless porpoise" can be generated at a high speed, quickly linked, deposited and transferred, and has the attribute of digital assets, which can better help the Yangtze River ecological protection action. In the "14th five year plan for digital economy development" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") issued by the State Council, blockchain technology, as one of the important underlying support technologies, has been included in the seven key digital economy industries by the plan, and it is emphasized that it will play an important role in promoting digital industrialization, improving the digital economy governance system, and strengthening the digital economy security system.
        If the digital economy wants to run smoothly, it cannot be separated from the comprehensive application of basic elements such as digital assets, digital products and digital currency. Accordingly, blockchain finance, Web3.0, digital assets and platform supervision have also become hot topics. Dealing with the issues related to power confirmation, authorization and security is a necessary prerequisite to promote the development of digital economy. In the daily live broadcast of Huawei cloud techwave digital asset chain on July 28, many celebrities from the industry carried out a comprehensive and in-depth discussion around the theme of "building a safe and reliable digital asset platform to enable the trusted circulation of digital assets".
        Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of the China Institute of electronic technology standardization under the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that in the large ecological scenario of meta universe interconnection, there will inevitably be a large number of digital assets, whether game props or virtual images, are digital assets. Then, in the environment of large-scale cooperation in the meta universe, how to ensure data privacy, how to ensure data sharing between different meta universes, and how to provide support for digital assets? Only blockchain. Blockchain can provide a wide range of support for metauniverse at the organizational level, identity level, asset level and data level. Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the core technologies in the meta universe. Hao Han, CTO of Annie shares and President of Qianhai intelligent Copyright Research Institute, said that in the metauniverse, blockchain can realize the right confirmation, including the right confirmation of content, personal identity and assets, which is the place where blockchain is most used in the existing metauniverse.
        For example, in the scene of metauniverse, many creative processes are completed online. The time and infrastructure of creation are based on digitization. Identity can be associated with the works created based on time, that is, right confirmation. In the future, when we really enter the system of meta universe, blockchain will become the infrastructure of the whole digital economy, and the function of blockchain will also be brought into full play. Blockchain technology should be relied on not only in the field of right confirmation, circulation, capitalization, and even the judicial and social governance of meta universe. It can be predicted that in the future, blockchain technology will work together with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of things to help build a meta universe ecosystem.
        Li Ming said that the arrival of the meta universe era is bound to change our way of work and life, thus giving birth to a new economic paradigm and even overturning the existing industrial pattern. It is undeniable that the meta universe is the future trend. However, we should also clearly realize that the meta universe is only a very important process, or one of the steps of migration, in the process of human migration to the digital world. Hao Han said that blockchain is the technical foundation of metauniverse. It will help connect small, independent and scattered metauniverse ecosystems, support multiple access methods, accommodate a variety of technical systems, and build a rich metauniverse ecosystem.
        Huawei experts shared the technical capabilities, application solutions and industry practices of the digital asset chain innovated based on Huawei cloud blockchain engine, and elaborated on the application development of blockchain for digital assets, enabling the construction of new digital economic value. In the future meta universe world, its morality, values and world outlook are completely different from those now. It needs to be prudent, realistic, down-to-earth, and pay attention to the realization of Engineering in combination with the actual situation, so that the meta universe can come naturally. There are thousands of roads to the meta universe, which is the shortcut? Huawei cloud has proved with its profound technology accumulation and rich industry practice that its innovative digital asset chain can better protect the ownership, preservation and transaction of enterprise digital assets, and the "chain" connects the universe.
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