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The blockchain is warm at first, the currency circle is cold, and leeks are difficult to breathe

Time : 12/12/2021 Author : w8jnb9 Click : + -
        "When it is warm and cold, it is most difficult to rest." This word is suitable for this season. In the late winter and early spring, although it has warmed up, it is still the most difficult to fall asleep when the cool comes again. The spring cold strangled the flower shoots, so the spring flowers did not bloom. The coin circle used in these two days is also very appropriate. The recent market can be described as a cool song. It seems that the blockchain that was popular two days ago is fake. People's daily popularized blockchain knowledge with an optimistic attitude, making the majority of leeks think that spring has arrived. Although the market was not very good two days ago, market sentiment has begun to pick up. It's time to prepare for spring. Our peers in the service currency circle are cool again. Without warning, they were returned to the pre liberation overnight. I heard that many blockchain media were blocked before and after the liberation.
        Xiaobian also shivered with fear. Under the rhythm of this ice and fire day, leeks are more anxious. It may be that hundreds of times and thousands of times of last year, but now it's not suitable to fall like this. It is precisely because of last year's 100 times and 1000 times that the foam in the market is getting bigger and bigger, and the risk is also getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, Guo Jia feels that he can no longer let the coin circle play by himself. Countries around the world are now actively seeking regulation. The G20 summit in March will clearly discuss the issue of joint regulation. That is to say, Guo Jia is going to play with us. In fact, this is a good thing for leeks. After Guo Jia's intervention, the air currency, MLM currency, project can't land, or the currency with poor project is doomed to end.
        Only by standardizing the market can we make progress, but the road of supervision must not be smooth. It is not achieved overnight., The development of a good thing is bound to be full of setbacks. We need to face and think about which forces are involved and what kind of game will be played. Today, the Internet has experienced a decade of adjustment before it has today's pattern. And the coin circle is on this road. However, it is just at the beginning, and the real big opportunity is still in the future. It is only after the baptism of time that the market will mature. On this road, real good projects are slowly emerging.
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