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Createsea will be launched soon, opening a new chapter of creative value communication

Time : 15/05/2022 Author : u5a2sc Click : + -
        Createsea integrates Web3.0 technology system to pay tribute to all great creators. Throughout the ages, creators have used their works to rekindle people's love for life, arouse people's ideological liberation, and affect religions and ethics in different regions. They have left precious spiritual wealth for human society. Kechuang createsea confirms the rights of creators' works in the form of blockchain and circulates them throughout the network. With the self-developed "baas+nft+ cross chain" as the underlying technology and the mission of "spreading creative value and building a trust ecosystem", it provides a platform for each creator to spread value.
        The createsea platform, together with famous art creators at home and abroad, will be open to all users. Users can freely purchase and cast digital works to maximize the value of digital creation. There are many frontline IPS in createsea United Nations, such as devil cat, handless girl luccy, digital virtual human heikiki (ranked in no order), etc. these works represent contemporary people's understanding and pursuit of life, trend, art, metauniverse, digital human, etc., and spread the value contained therein to all users with the help of createsea platform. The creator team of createsea includes Yuhai, a well-known Chinese IP trend artist, Mr. Wang Jianxing, a top encryption artist, the trend social brand @ub street, Mr. Li Hongye, a Chinese film director and digital pop artist, and poly Dao, a Web3 Art Laboratory (in no particular order). In the future, more excellent creators will continue to join the creative platform, and createsea will continue to be optimized and upgraded, Bring good digital experience to creators and users, and strive to improve the efficiency of communication and value creation.
        Kechuang createsea team has rich theoretical research and practical experience in the field of Web3 and blockchain. In terms of theoretical research, Kechuang createsea platform has long been committed to the research of blockchain technology, application, industry, policy and other fields, integrating the new technology planning textbook "Introduction to blockchain" of Peking University, and has carried out blockchain courses and jointly built blockchain majors for many colleges and higher vocational colleges, which has received good response; In terms of practical experience, Kechuang team has rich practical experience in global projects, provides solutions, technical design and operation services for 500 + projects, has accumulated rich experience in operation, technology and top-level design, and has carried out in-depth cooperation with many local government units, enterprises, overseas institutions and nodes to help creators create original high-quality works and matrix promotion.
        Kechuang createsea platform aims to link digital art, music, video, creation, cultural protection, etc. into digital collections for sale. Through the four core values of "copyright confirmation protection, IP content value realization, activation of creative ecology, and enabling enterprise private domain operation", it helps high-quality IP glow digital rebirth, and helps creators spread and create value. Kechuang platform is looking forward to your joining! Return to Sohu to see more.
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