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"Blockchain 315 14th bullet" from the concept of fcoin sneak exchange to see the honest "pass economy"

Time : 20/06/2021 Author : 31qs9o Click : + -
        There is no shortage of concepts in the blockchain world, because the coin circle, chain circle and pass school, which are known as the three major schools of the domestic blockchain industry, are very obsessed with constantly creating concepts to facilitate the cutting of leeks. The barren leek land of blockchain gave "tongzhengpai" the idea of continuing to build concepts. This time, they want to be different from the coin circle and chain circle, and they have the idea of "pass economy", a concept that academics and professionals can't explain clearly so far. The "token economy" defined by Tongzheng school refers to an economic system that integrates digital legal currency, digital currency and token in a narrow sense. Digital legal currency is legal digital currency, digital currency is token in the community, and pass is encrypted digital currency.
        To put it bluntly, the honest "pass economy" is still "money". Since it is money, it cannot be separated from speculation and chain making. In order to make the so-called "pass economy" appear tall, they launched the seemingly enigmatic "pass economy system design" according to the convenient principle of cutting leeks. It also introduced the "design principles of the pass economic system" and how to avoid the pitfalls of the pass economic system design. The hooligans in the currency circle led by Zhang Jian, under the banner of practicing the "pass economy", set off a so-called "currency reform" revolution in the currency circle. Fcoin adopts the method of changing the concept secretly, and takes "trading is mining, and holding money is dividend" as the bait to attract everyone to enter the platform to participate in trading. The handling fee generated by the exchange is equivalent to mining. It is claimed that the handling fee generated on the same day will be 100% converted into ft return according to the FT market price the next day.
        Its real purpose is that all token releases and dividends are based on the transaction fees generated by users' real assets in the transaction process. As long as investors conduct transactions, they generate transaction fees, and then become token issuers. Fcoin's model is actually a naked "everyone issues money" capital disk game. Then, the "pass economy" was used by Zhang Jian, the founder of fcoin. The industry believes that fcoin's "trading is mining, holding money is dividends" is a disguised ICO, high price, and even peers believe that this model is a shield for Ponzi fraud, banker, pull the plate, play the gold plate, and disguised fraud. In view of fcoin's crazy mode of cutting leeks in the name of "pass economy", finacerun once made an in-depth report on the topic of "fcoin's dream of making wealth: If heaven wants it to die, it will make it crazy" and "fcoin (FT) evaluation report [fcoin (FT) evaluation report] second Lord Bao is locked up, and netizens call it air currency".
        Finacerun reporters found after consulting a large number of materials that token economy is a concept that appeared before the development of blockchain, but so far the society has not an accurate explanation and definition of this concept. Relevant data shows that as the theoretical basis of blockchain, token economy is an ecosystem constructed by token. The secret of blockchain economy lies in the use of tokens. Blockchain is the back-end technology of the new world, and tokens are the front-end economic form of the new world. First, the certificate of digital rights and interests, followed by encryption, that is, the authenticity, tamper resistance, privacy protection and other capabilities of the certificate are guaranteed by cryptography.
        Every pass is a right protected by cryptography. This kind of protection is stronger and more reliable than that provided by any law, authority and gun. The third pass can flow, that is to say, the pass must be able to flow in a network, so that it can be verified anytime and anywhere. A token is not a token, it is a token based on intrinsic and intrinsic value. All passes issued in the excellent blockchain system are based on and serve the real economy. However, because the word "token" is improperly translated into "token", many people translate tokeneconomy into "token economy".
        Precisely this mistranslation makes people take it for granted that the pass is a token, and the "pass economy" is naturally used by people with ulterior motives as an excuse for pyramid selling and cutting leeks. With the development of blockchain economy, experts and enterprises in the industry have begun to try to interpret the "pass economy", and their understanding of it is also different. However, all interpretations only remain at the conceptual level of unclear and unclear, and no one has put forward a scientific and reasonable interpretation of the pass economy. Yang Dong, a professor at the National People's Congress, believes that tokeneconomy is a new concept emerging with the development of blockchain and a major upgrade of market economy.
        Tokens issued by creating different applications through smart contracts are used to manage platforms, pay dividends to investors, encourage investors to participate in community construction, etc. to maintain that the entire application is a complete ecosystem, and its essence is a digital equity certificate. From Professor Yang Dong's explanation of token economy, fcoin's "trading is mining, and holding money is dividends" does set up a mechanism to pay dividends to investors while managing the platform, but from the actual operation of FT, this mechanism is to better cut leeks, not to pay dividends to investment. Yuan Dao, chairman of Zhongguancun blockchain industry alliance and founder of Tongzheng school, believes that Tongzheng economy is closely connected with the real economy by the ecosystem built by Tongzheng.
        Token is a kind of systematic rights and interests, which can "token" any valuable rights and interests. Equity, points, credit, reputation, and even assets in the physical world are the most important core driving force to promote the development of blockchain. In the pass economy, currency and certificate are separated. As the basic unit of measurement, basic digital currency provides a value anchor for upper tier applications, which should be stable rather than fried. According to the definition of "pass economy" by Yuan Dao, from the "pass economy system" designed by fcoin, we have not found the feature of separation of currency and certificate. At the same time, fcoin not only issued a large number of coins with the help of the mechanism, but also made crazy money by pulling, smashing and cutting leeks.
        Nowadays, in the block field, like Zhang Jian, there are many people who carry the concept of "pass economy" and cut leeks in disguise with the help of money speculation. Recently, tongzhengpai held the founding meeting of the so-called "tongzhengpai community". Through the founding meeting of blood for union, it held a two-day "blockchain" training, charging up to 20000 yuan. The lecturer was the last participant in the training, and the packaged attractive training was just a pyramid selling activity to attract people on site. The concept of "certificate economy", which was originally ambiguous, has been learned and used flexibly. Whether fcoin shouted the slogan of "currency reform", staged a continuous leek cutting "Carnival" under the pretext of "pass economy", or the so-called tycoons engaged in pyramid selling in the name of "pass economy", it shows that "pass economy" has become another hyped pseudo concept after "blockchain".
        The development of blockchain industry needs to solve the application landing rather than unrealistic theoretical concepts. The "pass economy" launched by tongzhengpai is similar to the 3o'clock community &mdash& mdash; Explain theism with theism. At 3o'clock, the community moved out philosophy, theology, physics and revolution in order to create concepts. Perhaps it's because the concept of self-knowledge can't stand scrutiny, and the self-supporting and honest leaders are only limited to empty talk and don't involve application. They have only one purpose, how to continue to earn money and cut leeks.
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