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What is bat fighting for in the blockchain boom?

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        On January 3, 2009, Nakamoto "dug out" the first bitcoin block in front of the computer and got the world's first 50 bitcoins. These bitcoins, which were not valuable at that time, are the footnotes of today's hot blockchain technology. The rise of blockchain is 6 years late for bitcoin. In 2015, blockchain began to be widely discussed. The previous batch of Internet companies that gained or lost in the Internet wave placed high hopes on it as another wave of new technology after the Internet. Jiangguofei, vice president of ant financial, joked, "now when friends get together and don't talk about blockchain, they seem to have no sense of technology.". In just three years, blockchain has emerged in many fields and its advantages have emerged.
        Old Internet companies, bat is no exception, have their own efforts to explore the feasible direction of blockchain in the future. Alibaba ranked first in the total number of blockchain technology patents in the world in 2017; Baidu, which announced allin AI, also recently released a blockchain white paper; At the 2018 trusted blockchain summit hosted by the China Academy of information and communications, Tencent blockchain ranked first among the products evaluated by the trusted blockchain standard. In 2015, bitcoin and blockchain have been lurking in the Chinese market for some time. At the beginning of that year, the price of bitcoin fell below $200. The first bear market came, and some investors left in a hurry.
        But for bat, that year was the first "bull market". In the subsequent review, the three companies set the starting time for exploring blockchain in 2015. Ant Financial of Alibaba Department began to set up a blockchain interest group, Tencent began to set up a blockchain team, and Baidu began to set up a team and explore its application in the financial field. In June, baidu invested in a blockchain technology company &mdash& mdash; Circle。 Today, circle is already a blockchain star company, known as the "American version of Alipay", which uses blockchain to operate its application based peer-to-peer payment network; In July, ant financial announced the application of blockchain technology to Alipay love donation platform, the first blockchain application &mdash& mdash; The "hearing impaired children regain Xinsheng" charity fund tracking project was launched. At the yunqi conference that year, the email deposit certificate product "legal chain" based on Alibaba cloud platform was launched; Subsequently, Alibaba extended the blockchain technology to the application of mutual insurance.
        Tencent's first blockchain exploration bullet was shot at banks. From May to June, Tencent established a blockchain cooperation alliance with a number of banks and enterprises for Weizhong bank, and released the alliance cloud service baas. Bat stood at the starting line of almost the same time when it extended its tentacles to explore blockchain. In the last Internet game, baidu occupied the search engine, Alibaba relied on e-commerce and Tencent to go deep into social networking and games, and bat played their respective roles. Over the past two years, they have not drawn a very obvious distance in the blockchain field. This new technology exploration seems to have just begun, but the market is gradually crazy. The concept of blockchain has even become the "chicken blood" in the stock market. As long as it is related to blockchain, enterprises seem to be able to obtain a phenomenon that the red line of stock prices has continued to this day. Under the dual stimulation of technology and speculation, old Internet companies and traditional enterprises are eyeing this big cake.
        More craziness comes from speculation, which is the untouchable part of bat. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and Robin Lee have drawn a clear line with digital currency and ICO on many occasions. In the past two years, blockchain has quietly "invaded", "from finance, public welfare, rental housing, medical treatment, to electronic contracts; from business services to government governance. More and more fields show the shadow of blockchain, which has no industry boundaries. Like mobile payment, it has become a part of ordinary people's daily life." Jiangguofei felt this change. Ant financial's attempt on blockchain made him realize that the commercial era of blockchain is accelerating, and more and more valuable blockchain applications will continue to emerge.
        This is where bat competes in the blockchain field &mdash& mdash; The implementation of blockchain application scenarios is also a difficulty that all companies involved in blockchain need to overcome. Like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, bat also focuses on the construction of blockchain underlying platforms in addition to developing blockchain applications. Baidu Du Xiaoman, Tencent blockchain Ping and Alibaba ant blockchain have successively released the baas (blockchainasaservice) platform system to reduce the use threshold of enterprises through "blockchain as a service". According to Baidu blockchain white paper, due to the high technical threshold and network complexity of blockchain technology itself, building your own blockchain network and applications often requires huge time and research and development costs, and baas just solves these pain points.
        As advanced Internet players, they certainly understand that the platform can create greater influence. Looking at the landing scenario of blockchain technology, the early outbreak has been achieved in the b-end fields such as payment, traceability, security, publishing, and certificate storage. It will also be the general direction of application landing for a long time in the future. Therefore, some Internet companies, including Zhong'an insurance, and 58 group, are also focusing on building their own baas platform. Some insiders believe that the baas model has greatly reduced the cost of development, testing, operation and maintenance. Enterprises also have referential application implementation experience, which can achieve the popularization of blockchain faster.
        Because the users of baas are blockchain developers and enterprises with blockchain business landing needs, to a large extent, baas is regarded as a tob business, but Chen Hao, CTO of Yuanjie, believes that under baas, the business model of blockchain is more like the B2B2C model. He explained that baas provided the specific form of 2B, while 2C was provided by the blockchain itself, because the public chain itself gathered a large number of users. According to public information, the tbaas released by Tencent focuses on recording, mutual assistance guarantee, digital assets, anti-counterfeiting and traceability. Baidu's baas platform "Du Xiaoman financial blockchain open platform" focuses more on information sharing, asset creditor's rights, and logistics traceability. At the same time, baidu also launched the public chain, saying that users can deploy Ethereum network, contracts, and DAPP with one click.
        At the 2018 yunqi conference, Alibaba also announced the launch of the blockchain partnership program. At present, more than 20 enterprises have cooperated with ant financial baas platform. Some insiders believe that only an open blockchain ecosystem can promote the prosperity of applications in the whole industry. Bat who stands firm in baas will take the lead. In a recent interview, Li Lin said that in the blockchain field, Alibaba and Baidu are not big companies, and neither staff nor investment is as good as Huo coin. Different industries use blockchain in different ways. It is impossible to solve all problems through a technical platform. There are no general products. There are basic technical service products in the blockchain industry, but it can not meet all needs. The blockchain industry needs deep cultivation and deep operation.
        Bat has a consensus that compared with the ultimate value of blockchain, now is only the early stage of blockchain development. Bitcoin created the blockchain 1.0 era, with a large number of digital currencies emerging and scams reborn. Ethereum brought smart contracts, DAPP came out, and cryptocat was all the rage, opening the era of blockchain 2.0. The types and playing methods of DAPP based on blockchain are gradually diversified. As the first application of blockchain, bitcoin is still a closed area. Ma Yun said in a recent speech that he paid special attention to bitcoin and blockchain technology, as well as their potential to build a cashless society. However, Ma Yun stressed that he did not regard encryption or bitcoin as a currency and a means of value storage.
        As a consensus currency based on blockchain technology, he has not reached a conclusion on whether bitcoin can bring enough value to society. For a long time, where blockchain went has been unknown in China. Until December 27, 2016, blockchain technology was included in the State Council's notice on printing and distributing the "13th five year plan" for national informatization, which made bat and other technology giants finally try it with confidence. DAPP has also been launched in a large number since then. From the current situation, Alibaba's landing path is still blockchain + life scenarios, such as cross-border payment, tmall online shopping traceability, medical pilot based on "medical consortium + blockchain", blockchain electronic invoice, etc; Caiyige, general manager of Tencent blockchain business, said early that Tencent blockchain will focus on the direction of supply chain finance in 2018. Of course, it will also try its best games, as well as public services, charity and the Internet of things; According to Baidu blockchain white paper, Baidu's future direction is to focus on five industries: content copyright, information traceability, culture and entertainment, information security, and digital advertising.
        However, it is foreseeable that bat is trying to reduce the trust cost of blockchain and solve existing problems by using the decentralized and tamper proof characteristics of blockchain. At the 2018 blockchain conference, Jiang Guofei even predicted that the blockchain market will be broader than AI in the future. In the interview, he explained that this is because the essence of blockchain is collaboration and the change of production relations. The change of production relations is common in all industries. In various scenarios, multi-party collaboration will be involved, and blockchain technology may be applied. Therefore, blockchain is a more extensive infrastructure, which may have a broader influence than the application of AI on a certain data point.
        In addition to their own attempts at landing applications, investment is also a major direction for Internet companies. According to the data company CrunchBase, blockchain startups raised more than $1.3 billion from venture capital companies in the first half of 2018. The amount raised in 2017 was about $950million. With favorable capital and favorable policies, bat is very popular in other fields of blockchain except digital currency. In fact, blockchain has already sneaked into our daily life scenes: online shopping traceability, issuing blockchain invoices, picture copyright, house leasing, etc. This year's April Fool's day, Alibaba even released a "blockchain eggs" &mdash& mdash; The world's first blockchain paint "block7" that can intelligently divide the subject of accident responsibility and deposit certificates.
        There is no doubt that the governments of all countries have generally taken a severe attitude towards the issuance of virtual currencies, but they are very recognition of the development of blockchain technology. Some investors believe that when the market is depressed due to the currency price, and countless companies try to use the blockchain concept to revitalize the stock price, or the fraud of undesirable elements is prevalent, the entry of regular forces such as bat is bound to reassure the market. The report "2017 global blockchain enterprise patent ranking list" released by IPR industry media iprdaily and incopat Innovation Index Research Center shows that China's growth rate of blockchain patents exceeds that of the United States and leads the world. Among the top 100, China accounted for 49%, followed by the United States, accounting for 33%.
        Although Baidu did not rank among the top 100 patents in the world, Alibaba ranked first with a total of 49, and Tencent ranked 23. Bat's technical strength is still not to be underestimated. Bat has been competing for more than ten years in various new technologies such as PC Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, and has supported the great wall of China's Internet in the competition. In the new field of blockchain, bat is still strong, but it seems to take a long time to distinguish who wins and who loses.
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