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The domestic public chain technology has achieved a major breakthrough, and the blockchain has been launched on a large scale

Time : 01/09/2021 Author : c0ovun Click : + -
        After nearly two years of development, the topnetwork main network has achieved a major technological breakthrough, becoming the world's first full state fragment public chain, and will be officially released at the "second world blockchain conference" in Wuzhen on November 8. At that time, the founding team of topnetwork will share the innovation and breakthrough of top main network technology with hundreds of peers on site. A dozen industry tycoons and heavyweight investors will conduct in-depth discussions on the topics of "blockchain +" landing, blockchain investment outlets and opportunities for domestic public chains. Top chain has extremely high TPS (transaction throughput) and security. Top chain transaction confirmation speed is fast, zero transaction costs, especially suitable for communication, games, social networking, big data, artificial intelligence, IOT and other massive high-frequency businesses on the chain.
        The top team explored the design, algorithm and code of the top chain from scratch, which made the top chain very different from the existing public chain in the industry in terms of architecture and technology. First of all, top supports network sharding, computing sharding and state sharding at the same time, and has a real fullyhorizontalscaleout. The design of 2-layer sharding, 2-layer lattice and 3-layer network of top chain provides another unique idea for the development of public chain. Traditional P2P networks serve a single network (such as bitcoin and etherum), but full dynamic two-layer fragmentation requires multiple P2P networks at multiple levels, and the nodes of each P2P network are dynamically changing, and the routing and relationships between P2P networks are also dynamically changing, so the traditional gossip algorithm can't work at all.
        Therefore, top designs and implements a unique "multi-layer P2P network, dynamic inter network routing and multi-layer gossip algorithm", which makes top chain unique among many public chains. At the same time, top chain has also successfully widened the boundary restrictions of the "Impossible Triangle" theory widely spread in the blockchain industry. The so-called "Impossible Triangle" of blockchain means that between security, scalability and decentralization, only two of them can be realized at the same time. Although the "Impossible Triangle" of blockchain is theoretically insurmountable, But the premise of this theory is "in the same system or at the same level". Top chain introduces a unique validateandaudit mechanism , 3-layer network and consensus, and layer-0& Layer-1& Layer-2 and other composition system solutions not only realize the performance expansion brought by fragmentation, but also solve the challenge of reducing security protection measures caused by fragmentation; It not only uses POS to strengthen the security of the public chain, but also realizes a permissionless public chain open to the general public.
        Therefore, although the restriction of "Impossible Triangle" of blockchain is not broken at each layer, the combination of these layers makes the whole chain solve the challenge of "Impossible Triangle" in engineering. After the launch of the top main network, the previously developed applications such as dingtone, coverme and proxy will be gradually migrated to the top main network as planned. Therefore, the top chain will become the first domestic public chain to realize the implementation of "blockchain +". Dingtone, coverme and proxy currently have more than 80 million users worldwide. Once migrated to the top main network, it will bring huge real business volume and a large number of users to the top main network, greatly enriching and improving the ecosystem of the top main network.
        Because of the unique architecture and technical advantages of the top main network and the great potential to realize the implementation of "blockchain +", the project received a steady stream of investment soon after its launch. Even in the long bear market in the second half of 2018, topnetwork still obtained millions of dollars of private placement round financing in November, and maintained the rhythm of one new investor a week. Up to now, topnetwork has received investments from Danhua capital, distributed capital, neoglobalcapital, noumenon global capital, dreamer fund, Daosheng capital and other institutions. At present, the node recruitment plan of topnetwork has been launched all over the world. After the main network is launched, the first legal currency breakeven stacking plan will be officially launched to allow more nodes to join the top main network to ensure the absolute security of the top main network.
        With the gradual migration of applications such as dingtone, coverme and proxy in the later stage, top chain will usher in a blockchain ecosystem that lives for ten million days, which will change the current embarrassing situation of difficult blockchain applications and few users. The launch of the top main network comes at a time when national policies focus on encouraging the innovation and development of blockchain technology and exploring the wide application of blockchain technology in various fields. As a domestic public chain that has been developed for nearly two years, topnetwork's independent innovation and application implementation fully comply with the direction encouraged by national policies. In the future, topnetwork will further explore the application of top chain in more fields, and truly realize the large-scale implementation of "blockchain +".
        Therefore, the launch of top main network is not the end point for the development of top, but a new starting point.
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