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Read planckx, 20 upgraded Web3 game asset trading platform

Time : 03/11/2021 Author : xlnu8a Click : + -
        How to make it easier for players to appreciate the charm of the Web3 game world? Planckx, a game asset trading platform, is trying to make its vision of creating a Web3 game portal a reality and provide its users with a new chain game experience. 2022 has entered the third quarter. According to planckx's official plan on the roadmap at the beginning of the year, planckx has released an upgraded version of its web-based official website 2.0 this month to further build a one-stop Web3.0 blockchain game asset trading platform. Planckx is an aggregation platform applicable to all p2e and gamefi, providing gamers with one-stop blockchain game search, query and asset trading solutions.
        Planckx allows players to easily complete one-stop shopping from browsing to trading. Planckx not only provides players with game information and data Kanban, but also has one click access to the on-site trading interface of game props NFT. It allows players to experience one-stop game asset trading more easily and safely while playing games. In the new version, players can even open their own independent trading stores on the platform to sell their NFT and rare game props. This step makes the virtual reality in the film gradually come true. In the world of Web3, game assets will be completely private, and players can trade at will. The name of planckx comes from the cosmic radiation detector launched at the kuru Space Center in French Guiana on May 14, 2009. X represents the infinite possibility of exploration.
        They call their users explorers, and the founding team is committed to building a decentralized game asset trading platform centered on players and communities. They hope that users can use the planckx platform to explore the infinite possibilities of the game field in the Web3 world. Since its establishment in 2021, planckx has 40000 active users in the official community. At present, its platform trading market has more than 1W NFTs and more than 50 official partners of chain games. At present, planckx has reached cooperation with more than 50 game projects in the world, including immortal Xia game eternalworld, Japanese future mechaverse, RPG action game sacredrealm, and the props trading of the game is also carried out in the platform at the same time.
        Players can complete the pre-sale of game props and NFT transactions through the planckx platform, and can quickly locate the type through the column screening of the game interface, search for their favorite games and NFT with the hottest transactions, and also analyze the transactions according to the transaction data of NFT to optimize the transaction cost of NFT. With more and more projects built on layer2, planckx has also been trying to integrate different defi protocols through cross chain bridge solutions to achieve seamless cross chain operation of game assets, so that players can view all game assets and conduct cross chain asset transactions on the platform. Planckx platform currently supports the trading of game NFT and game assets on eth, BSC and polygon. In the future, it will gradually improve more popular public chains and enrich the blockchain ecosystem of the platform.
        Dao organization is the spiritual support of Web3, and planckx also attaches great importance to the establishment of its own game community. In planckx's discord community, AMA online conferences for new online chain games will be held frequently to convey the latest chain game trends to users, so as to facilitate community members to further understand the chain game assets. According to the official news, after the new round of UI display update, building the normalization of game asset trading and enriching the game volume will be a further action of planckx. As the market warms up, the institutional investment in Web3 chain games is even more popular. Let's look forward to the new experience planckx can bring to users! Return to Sohu to see more.
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