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The world's first real blockchain mobile phone released brand Triangle Fire coin labs incubation

Time : 06/11/2021 Author : j3opn0 Click : + -
        When the boom of blockchain continues to ferment and major exchanges are constantly digging for high-quality projects, Huo coin labs held the "launching ceremony of Huo coin labs world good project incubation plan" in Beijing. At this launching ceremony, the triangle blockchain mobile phone, which was previously concerned by many insiders, was officially displayed as the first "Huo coin labs world good project incubation plan". Wholenetwork & Victor, the founder of triangle technology, also introduced triangle blockchain mobile phones at this event. This triangle blockchain mobile phone has many highlights, which solves the problems of difficult application downloading and unsafe transaction. The most important thing is that this mobile phone can motivate users' use behavior.
        For blockchain mobile phones released in the past, this mobile phone has a lower threshold and can more easily enjoy the dividends brought by blockchain, which adds a more favorable choice for ordinary users when choosing mobile phones. At this on-site meeting, Victor, the founder of triangle technology, shared his original intention of designing this product. It hopes to apply the thinking of blockchain to mobile phones, so that each mobile phone can become a node and contribute its own value, so as to realize the value network, that is, the whole network. This realizes that users are both contributors and beneficiaries. Compared with traditional mobile phones, this mobile phone will be more valuable.
        According to official news, triangle blockchain mobile phones have received the investment of Huo coin capital, and Huo coin labs will provide comprehensive resource support to the whole triangle team, whether it is financing, strategy, marketing or law. Relying on Huo coin group, Huo coin labs integrates Huo coin's global ecological resources and years of industry experience. It can be called a top incubator, integrating blockchain + industrial investment banking services. This time, as the first phase of the "fire coin labs world good project incubation plan", triangle blockchain mobile phones are bound to lead a new wave of trends, so that more people can see the landing of blockchain technology.
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