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Blockchain foam runs much faster than landing applications! Regulatory style will switch,Ranking of blockchain application companies

Time : 23/05/2022 Author : se64ih Click : + -
        Recently, Cathaya software password module, a blockchain product of oneconnect, passed the test of Shanghai Testing Center of the State Password Administration and issued a test report, becoming the first enterprise in the industry to implement cryptographic operations by applying the state secret algorithm standard on a wide range of blockchain platforms. Not long ago, the people's Bank of China disclosed that it operated a number of businesses such as multi-level financing of supply chain accounts receivable and cross-border financing on the trade finance blockchain platform, with a business volume of more than 90 billion yuan. However, the routines are similar. Speculators make money under the guise of blockchain technology. There is no technical threshold for their projects, and the founders and technicians must have foreigners.
        Of course, there must be a platform for money circle bosses. It's better to have more support from stars or government personnel. Up to now, more than 90% of the coin circles have speculative elements. From the perspective of the embedded value of the coin itself, there is no so-called bull market and bear market. The decline of the overall currency price is just a process that reflects the trend of the currency price towards the real value. In addition, according to statistics, among listed companies, more than 500 companies have announced that they have a direct or indirect relationship with blockchain, accounting for more than 1/6 of all listed companies, but less than 40 of them have disclosed specific blockchain business content and are true, accounting for 1/75 of all listed companies. From the blockchain patent applications of banks, from 2016 to December 2019, a total of 15 banks in China have applied for blockchain technology related patents, and the total number of patent applications has reached 433, a sharp increase of more than 38 times compared with 11 four years ago.
        This is mainly because blockchain applications cannot be implemented, and the reason is that there are not many feasible business models at present. In other words, there are no business models that must be solved by blockchain. Therefore, 2020 and 2021 are the key. The projects that have been implemented in these two years will see results, or a few alliance chains can operate well, or public chain applications may be implemented on a large scale. Many domestic banks also said that they would take 2020 as a new starting point, accelerate the pace of exploring new applications of blockchain, and use blockchain to help the process of digital transformation. As we all know, in October 2019, the 18th collective learning of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee stressed that blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough in core technology innovation, accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and upgrade blockchain technology to the national strategic level.
        Since then, the number of blockchain policy releases has continued to rise, supporting the development of blockchain technology, applications and other aspects. Recently, the meeting of the financial technology committee of the people's Bank of China stressed that in 2020, we should strengthen the supervision of financial technology and introduce a series of financial technology supervision rules such as personal financial information protection and blockchain. In 2019, China ranked first in the number of policies in the world with 264 blockchain policy information. Among them, most of them are support, with a total of 204 policy information related to blockchain support and 60 information related to blockchain supervision throughout the year. From a regional perspective, a total of 27 provinces and cities announced blockchain policy information in 2019.
        Among them, the central ministries and commissions released the most policy information, with 62, followed by Guangdong Province, with a total of 28; There are 19 in Shandong Province; There are 14 in Beijing and Fujian Province; There are 13 in Zhejiang Province and Yunnan Province. Among the top ten regions in terms of domestic policy information, only Beijing has more regulatory policies than supportive policies. The blockchain supervision in Beijing mainly aims at combating and supervising virtual currency crimes. For virtual currency and other blockchain concept scams, Beijing directly declared that it would "fight when it appeared". Other regions have also jointly carried out rectification actions.
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