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On the blockchain outlet, the landing chapter of Huo coin China in the first half of the year was presented brilliantly

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        The second half of 2020 has begun, and where will "blockchain +" go? As a "blockchain +" one-stop service platform, in the first half of 2020, huocoin China actively explored the path of blockchain enabling the real economy, and made a key layout of the typical scenes of "blockchain +" and achieved fruitful results; While constantly improving the ecological construction of blockchain, it has gradually created a new situation of innovative applications in the fields of "blockchain + government affairs" and "blockchain + education". In 2020, blockchain has stepped into a new era of development by stepping into the new infrastructure. Under the favorable policies of local governments, blockchain is actively empowering thousands of industries.
        Yuanyuming, CEO of Huo coin China, said, "the industrial blockchain has exploded. In the second half of 2020, the industry will undergo qualitative changes. Huo coin China will accelerate the pace of exploring and leading the innovative application of blockchain in more fields.". In April this year, Huo coin China, together with the smart city development research center of the National Information Center, released the Research Report "blockchain helps China's smart government development drive the fast track". In the specific exploration and application, Huo coin China actively cooperates with many local governments, including promoting the construction of Chongqing blockchain industrial ecosystem and building industrial innovation bases and demonstration projects; In order to encourage blockchain and other high-tech entrepreneurship projects and increase the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we jointly hold blockchain entrepreneurship competitions with the government.
        According to Yuan Yuming, Huo coin China has greatly promoted the construction of blockchain industrial ecology and provided an accelerator for the development of smart government by building industrial innovation bases and demonstration projects with many local governments. On July 2, the big data and blockchain industry competition of the 12th China Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship competition Nanshan District qualifier and innovation Nanshan 2020 "entrepreneurship star" competition was officially launched. The competition was jointly hosted by Shenzhen Science and technology innovation Commission and Shenzhen Nanshan District People's government. Invited by the competition organizing committee, Huo coin labs, as the executive party, undertook the big data and blockchain industry competition, and jointly created a "star of entrepreneurship" with Shenzhen Nanshan District.
        On June 18, Chongqing big data application development authority, Chongqing Yubei District People's government and Huo coin China signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The three parties will give full play to their respective advantages and resources, carry out in-depth and extensive cooperation in the blockchain business field, and jointly promote the construction of Chongqing blockchain industry ecosystem. On June 1, Huo coin China officially became the honorary chairman unit of Chengdu Tianfu New Area blockchain Industry Association. Huo coin China will work with the association to conduct in-depth exploration at the level of blockchain application, and promote the comprehensive development of blockchain application in Sichuan Province. In April, the blockchain technology jointly developed by Huo coin China, Bank of Hainan and Yeyun network was successfully applied to the "Yeyun blockchain points issuance supervision system" and was successfully selected into the world's top business case base "Yiwei business case base".
        This case has created a blockchain scenario cooperation mode guided by the government, financial supervision and enterprise research and development, and has become a typical landing application of huocoin China's blockchain technology in the fields of empowering Hainan and benefiting people's livelihood. Over the past few years, Huo coin China has accumulated valuable practical experience in the application of blockchain technology, and has complete technology development capabilities. It has carried out blockchain empowerment practice in many fields, such as real estate, retail, FMCG, e-commerce, Internet of things, tourism, intellectual property protection and so on. Yuan Yuming said that huocoin China actively participates in the construction of the blockchain industry ecosystem, and hopes to contribute its own strength by joining various authoritative organizations to promote the formulation of industry standards and norms, so as to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.
        After Huo coin China joined a series of authoritative organizations such as the Shanghai South ecological alliance and the blockchain service network BSN Development Alliance in 2019, in 2020, Huo coin China accelerated the pace of "blockchain +" exploration and continued to work with various authoritative organizations to deepen the typical landing scene of "blockchain +". On July 9, the official website of BSN, a blockchain service network independently innovated by China, officially displayed the application of "Huo coin China blockchain points platform", which became the designated application of BSN platform points. At present, the deployment and release of the "huocoin China blockchain points platform" on the BSN official website have been completed. On April 25, BSN was officially launched for commercial use in Beijing, marking an important step in the application of blockchain technology in China.
        As one of the four underlying framework service providers of BSN, huocoin China provides BSN with the underlying security technology services of the blockchain in the fabric state secret version. In April, the blockchain Technology Application Professional Committee of China Association of private technology industrialists was established, and Huo coin China was invited to serve as the vice chairman unit. Yu Jianing, President of Huo coin University, served as the vice president and President of the digital economy think tank. Fan Jin, head of Huo coin China Industrial empowerment center, served as the Deputy Secretary General of the blockchain Technology Application Professional Committee. On March 4, huocoin China and Beijing Jinshan cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: KC) completed the "cloud signing". The two sides will jointly explore in-depth cooperation in blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other fields to promote the upgrading and development of a new round of industrial pattern.
        Following the "Ai talent war", the "blockchain talent war" is in full swing. Recently, the Ministry of human resources and social security and other three departments jointly released nine new occupations, of which blockchain related occupy two seats, which also reflects this trend. Gartner, an international authoritative consulting organization, predicts that with the development of blockchain technology, the talent gap of blockchain in China will reach more than 750000 in the next five years, and the global gap will be as high as 5million. In this regard, Yuan Yuming bluntly said, "a major challenge for the development of the blockchain industry is the shortage of high-end composite blockchain talents. It is urgent to strengthen the cultivation of core talents in the blockchain industry and build a talent cultivation system for the blockchain industry.
        ”Given that Huo coin China has rich practical experience and successful cases in the industrial application of blockchain technology, Huo coin China promotes the scientific research and teaching of blockchain cutting-edge technology in Colleges and universities, and provides the industry with more practical and experienced composite talent resources. In May, Huo coin China and linkhome officially launched the "linkhome 2020 computing technology competition", which will become one of the cutting-edge technology competitions with the largest number of participants in China. Huo coin China, as the co organizer of the competition, helps cultivate outstanding talents and incubate high-quality projects in the blockchain industry. Up to now, the competition has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with more than 100 domestic first-class universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, Harvard University, Cambridge University, Waseda University, University of Toronto, Nanyang University of technology and so on.
        On April 10, Huo coin China and linkman international jointly announced to jointly promote the innovative application of blockchain in the human resources industry, "job authenticity", which will start from the back tone scenario, and record all valuable information in the workplace of "people" on the chain. While ensuring privacy and traceability, it will provide the industry with new value information standards, so as to create a whole process trust ecosystem in the human resources management industry. On April 2, in order to further promote the scientific research and teaching of blockchain cutting-edge technologies in Colleges and universities, huocoin China announced to jointly build a blockchain laboratory with the education branch of China Communications Industry Association, which is a leading domestic software and hardware integration laboratory integrating the whole process of blockchain solution design, technology selection, blockchain framework design, blockchain construction, deployment and so on.
        Fan Jin, head of Huo coin China Industrial empowerment center, said that this blockchain laboratory helps colleges and universities build a perfect blockchain curriculum system and provides a real practical environment for college teachers and students. From January 13 to 18, the "national blockchain technology and application teacher training" jointly initiated by the education branch of China Communications Industry Association and Huo coin China was held in Chongqing. This five-day training is specially for teachers majoring in computer and communication in Colleges and universities. It takes the forms of expert lecturer lectures, teacher discussion, experience application practice and proposal selection of blockchain technology application scenarios. The young teachers on site are from the front-line teaching and scientific research fields of 27 well-known colleges and universities, including Southwest University of political science and law, Chongqing Academy of Educational Sciences, Chongqing Vocational College of electronic engineering, etc.
        In the first half of 2020, blockchain showed immeasurable potential energy, and the second half is bound to be a magnificent start. The real economy is the main battlefield for the implementation of blockchain technology, and huocoin China has embarked on a unique blockchain enabled real economy road.
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