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Liudu chain is suspected to be a Ponzi scheme, and the blockchain has lost its connection and stolen its name. The blockchain has obtained an early warning of issuing money and financing

Time : 22/12/2021 Author : ctw86u Click : + -
        According to the incomplete statistics of rights protection groups, investors in the six degree chain entered the company as early as early January. At the latest, before the Spring Festival, more than 200 people invested in the six degree chain, with a total amount of about 6.5 million yuan. Since September, a number of investors have disclosed to LinkedIn app that SDC could not withdraw cash, and the person in charge lost contact. According to the survey of the chain app, the project is suspected to be a Ponzi scheme that has nothing to do with blockchain. It was revealed that SDC was launched at the beginning of 2018. The project belongs to Zhongguang Liudu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and the chairman is Wang Dong. In its introduction document, the project claims that blockchain technology is used for store investment, and investors will get their token "six degrees yunbei (SDC)" which can be withdrawn or exchanged for other goods at any time, including smart devices, tea, "hydrogen rich water", renting houses, watching movies and other services.
        Liudu chain also announced that the group's subsidiaries not only include Liudu chain projects, but also cover many fields such as "finance, e-commerce, great health, Internet of things, blockchain, new retail, sharing economy". In the promotional materials and promotion, Liudu chain promised that its token would "rise by 3% every day", "invest 60000-100000 yuan, withdraw cash every day, return the capital within one month, and earn more than 20%, and said it would be listed on the virtual currency exchange. Wang Dong himself also said in the video sent to investors that he would guarantee to return the capital within three months. Mr. Chen, the investor, told LinkedIn app that he "felt that the platform would return to its original cost very quickly" after opening the minimum amount of stores in early January, so he added 10000 yuan of investment.
        However, in March this year, when he was trying to withdraw the cash function, the platform suddenly couldn't withdraw the cash: "always on the grounds that the system was upgraded and unable to withdraw the cash during the Chinese New Year. The system suddenly opened the withdrawal channel on March 10, but it was finally rejected in a unified manner and failed to withdraw the cash.". According to LinkedIn, the token "Liudu yunbei" released by SDC has never been traded on any exchange. It stopped withdrawing cash from the app on March 10, 2018 and emptied the balance of all users on March 29. Public information shows that Wang Dong, the person in charge of Liudu chain, started his business as early as 2002, but his early projects basically ended unharmed.
        Around 2016, Wang Dong seized the east wind of entrepreneurship, and successively established renrenxiu, an e-commerce platform that provides H5 and small program production tools, and a popular e-commerce platform. In the field of blockchain, Wang Dong took a stake in bitcom in 2015 and served as a supervisor. If you are new to bitcom, the shark coin project promoted by bitcom is much more famous. Shark coin is the most well-known among the early counterfeit coins in China. Shark coin is prominently listed in the "list of financial fraud" released by the anti telecommunication fraud center of Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department in March 2017. In the process of shark coin from obscurity to sudden popularity, there is also a famous public case: in September 2015, an investor was detained by jucoin after "shark coin soared", on the grounds that he received a complaint from bitconnect, which developed and promoted shark coin applications, saying that the investor was suspected of fraud.
        To this end, jucoin and bitconnect had a quite "wonderful" argument. The investor also claimed to have received threats from Wang Dong, whose pseudonym was "Wuliang". In the news, the most eye-catching is the shark coin, which "soars 500 times a year". Interestingly, Wang Dong claimed to be the founder of jucoin. At the same time, he served as a supervisor in bitcom, which is also the application developer and promoter of shark coin. Shark coin, jucoin, bitcom, and a quarrel directed and performed by Wang Dong made shark coin a hot spot in the immature Shanzhai coin investment at that time. Unfortunately, shark coin was included in the "list of financial fraud" before it survived the blockchain and currency circle explosion, and its price has also fallen from 3 yuan in 2015 to less than 0.003 yuan now.
        Subsequently, the team changed its name to shark letter in 2017, but it was still unable to reply, and its official website was also closed. Bitconnect is also gradually silent after shark coin. Wang Dong reappeared in the coin circle in December 2016. His Beijing cornerstone Zhaoye Holdings Co., Ltd. sponsored the Establishment Ceremony of the blockchain Professional Committee under the China Communications Industry Association, a non-profit social group, and was elected as the executive vice chairman of the committee a month later. In January, 2018, Wang Dong, who has been the deputy director of the blockchain Special Committee for one year, registered two enterprises, Zhongguang Liudu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Zhonglian cornerstone cinema Co., Ltd., within three days.
        A few days later, the two companies appeared in the publicity of the six degree chain as the main members of the six degree chain. It is worth noting that although Liudu chain claims to use blockchain technology, the project has not released any white papers, and tokens have not been traded on any exchanges. Investors believe that Liudu chain has nothing to do with blockchain, but only hype in the name of blockchain. From shark coin to six degrees yunbei, Wang Dong is well versed in the secret of "hype". Investors believe that six degrees chain is another "recipe for making money" for Wang Dong after shark coin. According to the incomplete statistics of rights protection groups, investors in the six degree chain entered the company as early as early January. At the latest, before the Spring Festival, more than 200 people invested in the six degree chain, with a total amount of about 6.5 million.
        (this article exclusively launches the chain to get the app).
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