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Wanxiang blockchain international week documentary 2016: sewing the horizon of heaven and earth

Time : 10/07/2022 Author : 52jqo8 Click : + -
        In 2016, Wanxiang blockchain laboratory further enriched the content of activities and expanded the influence of the summit on the basis of the "blockchain new economy" series of global summits. The 2016 Shanghai blockchain international week, composed of the second Ethereum developer conference, demoday and the second blockchain global summit, attracted nearly 100 speakers at home and abroad, and more than a thousand guests witnessed this event, pushing the development level and international status of China's blockchain industry to a new height. Demoday is an open ecological platform built for excellent start-up projects during the 2016 Shanghai blockchain international week. With the theme of subversion, breakthrough and future, it shows the global blockchain industry new talents with innovative significance and breakthrough spirit to help them grow rapidly.
        Uport, qtum, imtoken, vechain, cosmos and other popular projects today have all been glowing with dreams on the stage of demoday. The second blockchain global summit, with the theme of "blockchain new economy · horizon", brought together many industry celebrities and technical experts, such as vitalikbuterin, founder of Ethereum, jedmccaleeb, founder of ripple, marleygray, director of Microsoft financial services technology strategy, brianbehrendorf, executive director of hyperledger, Niu KuiGuang, partner of IDG, aiming at the then hot public chain technology, as well as its security, performance The key points and pain points of industry development such as ease of use put forward unique analysis and opinions, and more guests prospectively put forward new technical views such as cross chain and side chain, which played a pioneering role in the development of next-generation blockchain technology.
        The horizon is not only a distant target, but also a miracle that stitches the world together. The second blockchain global summit not only promoted the exchange of industrial technology and applications at home and abroad, but also shortened the distance between blockchain and traditional industries, laying a solid foundation for the implementation and application of blockchain. At the second blockchain global summit, Dr. Xiao Feng, chairman and general manager of Wanxiang blockchain, announced that Wanxiang Group would jointly invest 200billion yuan to build an innovative energy gathering City driven by blockchain technology and supported by cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, which could realize the life and employment of 90000 people. Since then, Wanxiang blockchain has started the advanced layout of building a digital city and intelligent transportation based on a trusted digital base.
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