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Blockchain applications have been accelerated, and companies in the whole industry chain of confidential software and hardware have taken the lead,Ranking of blockchain application companies

Time : 10/07/2021 Author : y4j8u9 Click : + -
        [Securities Network] in the past, data sharing between government departments sometimes had to wait for a month. Not long ago, Beijing's first online data sharing process was launched, using blockchain to efficiently and collaboratively connect the responsibilities, directories and data of 53 departments in the city, creating a "directory blockchain" system, and the data barriers of 53 departments can be broken down in 10 minutes. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, point-to-point transmission, transparency, traceability, non tampering, and ensuring data security. It is a natural umbrella for information and data security management. The accelerated implementation of blockchain applications will promote the better development of the information security industry, and industry listed companies such as Qiming Xingchen (002439) and Hengjiu Technology (002808) will benefit.
        In the era of big data, data security and privacy leakage are everywhere. Although facing many challenges, we cannot give up eating because of choking. At this stage, the Internet industry and digital economy have become important driving forces for China to achieve high-quality development, enhance economic strength and international competitiveness. With the improvement of information security legislation and the strengthening of information security awareness, the demand for information security products has gradually increased, laying a market foundation for the sustainable development of China's information security industry. The demand for network information security has increased steadily, the domestic market space is considerable, and the accelerated implementation of blockchain applications will provide multiple protection for information security. Relevant listed companies will receive the catalysis of new technologies to better promote the development of original technologies and businesses. On the whole, they will benefit from the rapid development of blockchain technology.
        For example, Qiming Xingchen (002439) has been deeply involved in the industry for many years. On the one hand, it has maintained leading advantages in many network security segments. On the other hand, it has also actively cultivated businesses such as security operations and cloud security, with sufficient long-term growth momentum and outstanding industry leading advantages. According to the "2018-2019 annual report on China's Network Information Security Market Research" released by CCID CCID consultants, the scale of China's network information security market reached 49.52 billion yuan in 2018, and Qiming Xingchen group ranked first with a market share of 5.1%, and ranked top in many market segments. Hengjiu Technology (002808), a leading listed company in the domestic laser photoconductive drum industry, has also recently opened its layout in the field of information security, intending to take a share.
        According to a series of announcements of Evergrande technology, the company has signed the equity acquisition agreement with Lin Zhangwei, the actual controller of Fujian MinBao Information Technology Co., Ltd. ("the target company", "minbao shares") on November 1, 2019, and completed the share transfer registration on November 4, owning 71.26% of the equity of the target company. The announcement shows that the target company is a software development and system integration company in the field of information security, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of information security and confidentiality technologies and products. It has a number of qualifications and certificates related to information security and confidentiality business, such as classified information system integration class B, information security service qualification (information system security integration class III), weapons and equipment quality system certification, including banks, governments, tobacco, electric power The army and many other fields provide systematic and integrated information security solutions.
        As important information output equipment of computer system, printers and copiers play an increasingly important role in scientific research, education, life and even in various fields and industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. It is understood that, as a leading enterprise in the domestic laser photoconductive drum industry, Evergrande technology has strong R & D strength. Whether it is the research and development of new products or the weak link limiting efficiency in the production line, it can quickly carry out targeted transformation of relevant equipment. Evergrande technology said that after the completion of this transaction, the company will rely on the technical achievements of minbao in the field of information security and system integration over the years and strong software development capabilities to further strengthen the confidentiality and security of the company's products, improve product quality and extend the field of product use.
        Like Qiming Xingchen, most listed companies in the field of information security mainly carry out software protection, while like Evergrande technology, through the acquisition of minbao shares, it will achieve dual protection of software and hardware in the field of information security. Analysts believe that the acquisition of minbao shares makes Evergrande technology have the advantages of confidentiality technology in both software and hardware. With the catalyst of accelerating the application of blockchain technology, Evergrande technology is expected to quickly enter the field of blockchain technology with the help of confidentiality technology reserves, realize the layout of confidential products in many fields, and form the advantages of industrial chain. In the past two years, after experiencing the foam and trough, the blockchain industry has started a new round of waves. If capital drive is the key factor for the development of blockchain in the first half, then technical force is the core competitiveness of blockchain in the second half.
        CITIC Securities predicts that after a hard time, policy attention will reshape the blockchain Market Ecosystem and bring a new round of development opportunities. In the future, enterprises with advantages in qualification, technology and product innovation will usher in a broader market with the encouragement of policies.
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