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Blockchain is alert to "Ponzi scheme"

Time : 15/03/2022 Author : u9badk Click : + -
        On the evening of January 4, the price of bitcoin plummeted to $28273.28, down more than $5000 from the peak of the same day, leading to a collective explosion of positions among highly leveraged long bitcoin investors. According to bitcoin home data, as of the 24 hours of the sharp fall in the price of bitcoin, a total of 107800 people broke their positions, with a cumulative amount of more than 9.8 billion yuan. The stories of sudden wealth in the currency circle are all untrue, and few people can really make money. Most people who can speculate in the secondary market are aiming at high volatility and can double overnight &mdash& mdash; 2, 3, 4 or even 10, 100 times, what they want is this feeling of sudden wealth, but the final result is all losses. Leaving this circle, only by holding bitcoin steadfastly and not touching leverage, can they really live in this circle.
        "We have been around since 2013. There are too many people playing leverage. Some people once had book assets of tens of millions of billions, which disappeared when they played. Industry analysts also told China Newsweek that with the continuous record high price of bitcoin, more and more people believe that when bitcoin will grow madly and make money, the risk will be greater. At this time, bitcoin is more like hype, which is similar to the truth of drum beating and flower spreading. Please refer to Everyone knows the rules of the game, but no one wants to be the last person to beat the drum and pass the flower, a loser or a liquidator. "When everyone makes a choice, he should start from his own strength and ability, rather than chasing up and down, to win short-term high returns.
        ”。 In addition, behind the rise in the price of bitcoin, there is not only the risk of a large number of contract speculators bursting their positions, but also the risk of disguised money laundering, anti financing and other illegal acts due to the sharp increase in the size of the currency market. According to the statistical report on the market of the contract emperor, the total net position of the contract market in the last 30 minutes was $11.22 million, including $4.12 million for BTC and $4.03 million for eth. On January 7, some indicators showed that bitcoin was overbought. Peterbrandt, a senior encryption trader, said on twitter that bitcoin was redefining the concept of overbought. He also explained that overbought is a typical phenomenon in all historical bull markets, and bitcoin is in the middle of the third parabolic rise.
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