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"National team alliance chain" is about to be put into commercial use: This article takes you to understand the past and present life of BSN

Time : 05/12/2021 Author : f56xkg Click : + -
        With the promotion and operation of blockchain service network (BSN), many urban nodes in the future, as well as the servers and participants in them, will enjoy more convenient and transparent public services. Although the behavior of issuing money at will is considered by the outside world to be the product of encircling money, in previous years, the believers of bitcoin and most of their followers later agreed that money is a highly liberalized product, and the uplink of data can make value flow between all parties beyond the limitations of region and space. But the disorder of the public chain is also easy to cause the whole network out of control. Why is the public "turning pale when talking about chain"? The main reason is that the public chain is easy to be used by criminals, and the regulator is limited by technology and the decentralized nature of the public chain, so it is unable to effectively monitor the public chain.
        According to the relevant documents released on January 3, the blockchain service network (BSN), led by the national information center and jointly initiated and established by China Mobile and China UnionPay, will be officially put into commercial operation in April this year. The goal of blockchain service network (BSN) is to establish an alliance chain for industry, enterprises and governments. Compared with public chains, it has greater advantages in tracking, traceability, cost saving and supervision. The internal test period of the network is from October 2019 to March 2020. The first batch is expected to be free for 400 entrepreneurs and 600 developers. Hangzhou is the first pilot city in China.
        This means that the blockchain service network (BSN) launched by the "national team" will be put into commercial operation only half a year after the test. During the internal test, relevant research and deployment work have been carried out. Blockchain service network (BSN) is designed to provide a public infrastructure network that can develop, deploy, operate, exchange and monitor alliance chain applications at low cost. On the blockchain service network (BSN), developers of blockchain applications do not need to purchase physical servers or cloud services to build their own blockchain operating environment, but use the unified public services provided by the service network and rent shared resources on demand, which greatly reduces the cost of developers and other participants.
        The blockchain service network (BSN) will be composed of public city nodes and consensus ranking cluster services all over the world. Application publishers can use unified identity certificates to publish, manage and join an unlimited number of blockchain applications, and there is no need to build an independent blockchain operating environment. According to the research, if we want to establish a traditional alliance chain LAN environment, according to the quotation of the current mainstream cloud service providers, the minimum cost per year is more than 100000 yuan, while through the blockchain service network (BSN), an application can be put into operation at a cost of only 2000-3000 yuan per year. This will encourage a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, even individuals including students, to innovate and start businesses through BSN, so as to promote the rapid development and popularization of blockchain technology.
        In addition, blockchain service network (BSN) has advanced openness. In the future, any enterprise or institution with cloud resources and data center resources can apply to establish city nodes and access the blockchain service network (BSN) for free. With the strong support of 31 provincial companies of China Mobile, the blockchain service network (BSN) has established 40 public city nodes in all provinces across the country. It is expected that when the service network is officially opened, the number of city nodes will reach about 200. At the same time, operators and cloud resource providers in Southeast Asia and Europe are also discussing and planning to deploy local blockchain service network (BSN) city nodes.
        For some alliance chain applications that are already running, there is no need to worry about merging into the blockchain service network (BSN) in the future. At present, the blockchain service network (BSN) has adapted to the well-known hyperledgerfabric, the underlying framework of the alliance chain, and plans to adapt to more frameworks, including fiscobcos, guomi fabric, CITA, Wutong chain and Baidu xuprechain, to provide developers with more choices. It can be expected that with the promotion and operation of the blockchain service network (BSN), many urban nodes in the future, as well as the service providers and participants in them, will enjoy more convenient and transparent public services. The reduction of business costs between different node entities will obviously bring tangible benefits to individuals, enterprises and the government.
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