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Deeply cultivate the blockchain industry, and Huo coin China explores the road of blockchain science popularization

Time : 07/07/2022 Author : s34mcg Click : + -
        2019 is drawing to a close, and 2020 is on the way. Looking back on 2019, the blockchain industry has gone through a year of popularity and uproar, and the industry has ushered in major development opportunities. At the policy level, the country regards blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology, and attaches unprecedented importance to it. Local governments have issued a number of programmatic documents to support its innovation integration and cutting-edge layout; At the enterprise level, a number of blockchain leading enterprises such as huocoin China are actively exploring various application scenarios, and the radiation range of blockchain light is becoming larger and larger. Blockchain will be launched in the first year of its application. How to cultivate the mature industrial thinking of blockchain practitioners? How to make the public form an accurate understanding of blockchain? How to integrate blockchain into our life? In this young and complex industry, huocoin China, as an early explorer and pioneer, has launched a series of blockchain science popularization and education activities.
        "The integrated application of blockchain technology will play an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation, and talent team construction and universal education are the most important links." Yuanyuming, CEO of Huo coin China, said. He hopes to explore a unique way to popularize blockchain science, so as to help people in need from all walks of life, such as governments, research institutions, enterprises and institutions, establish a global knowledge model of blockchain, so as to promote the implementation of blockchain applications. When organizing blockchain learning, the central government emphasized that blockchain should play its role in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, improving collaboration efficiency, and building a trusted system. Since then, the development of blockchain has become a consensus.
        In response to the call to promote the development of blockchain technology and innovation, and to meet the learning needs of all walks of life eager to understand blockchain, huocoin China took the lead in the industry to launch a series of blockchain popularization and education activities, such as blockchain education project · famous teachers' lecture hall and hundreds of lectures throughout the country. As of December 14, blockchain education project · famous teachers' lecture hall has completed 100 rounds of lecture training, with an audience of more than 16000 people from Party and government organs, universities, central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, listed companies and large enterprises in many provinces and cities. Yuan Yuming told reporters that the design of blockchain education engineering is very scientific, covering four series: blockchain basic cognition, blockchain global industrial pattern, blockchain enabling real economy, blockchain supervision and risk prevention and control. At the same time, combined with classic industrial development and application practices, cases and data at home and abroad, it comprehensively interprets the current situation and trends of blockchain technology and industrial development.
        On December 17, huocoin China was invited to share the "innovation of blockchain technology and industrial development opportunities" at the "2019 (11th) excellent competitiveness financial summit". On December 13, huocoin China was invited to share blockchain applications in the global payment industry at the 2019 "influence · China" era summit. On December 10, Yu Jianing, President of Huo coin University, was invited to share the "transformation logic of smart commerce in the blockchain era" at the "2019 industrial Internet Innovation Conference (the third session)". On December 6, at the financial technology forum hosted by the financial technology museum and co organized by the Zhongguancun big data industry alliance, huocoin University was invited to share the "industrial blockchain enables the real economy".
        On December 3, Huo coin China was invited by the Party branch of the Research Office of the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee to share the current situation and prospects of blockchain technology and industrial innovation applications at the "Bowen lecture hall" event. On December 3, Huo coin China was invited to attend the "Symposium on blockchain technology and innovative application enterprises" in China (Tianjin) pilot free trade zone. Fan Jin, President Assistant of Huo coin China and special tutor of Tsinghua X-lab, shared the industrial application of blockchain. On November 30, Huo coin University was invited to share on how blockchain can realize technological application and industrial innovation and development at the 12th "China economic media summit".
        On November 28, Huo coin China went to the Party School of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shaanxi Province to give lectures on blockchain enabling government affairs, industry, public welfare and education. As an important representative of the new generation of information technology, blockchain technology will bring new business models and economic theories, and has great potential and broad space in driving the digital economy. However, blockchain is an extremely complex system, and the cognition of all sectors of society is still in its infancy. Yuan Yuming said that blockchain technology has promoted the information internet to enter the era of value Internet. At this stage, to speed up the implementation of blockchain applications, we can start from three directions: consolidating technology infrastructure, building industry ecosystem, and promoting industry education and training.
        As a leading enterprise in the blockchain industry, huocoin China actively promotes the construction of the industry ecosystem, such as participating in the formulation of global industry standards and improving China's voice and rule making power. We have also actively joined authoritative organizations in China to promote the establishment of blockchain technical standards and industry norms that can be applied on the ground. On December 6, the "BSN first developer competition" with the theme of "traditional information system chain reform scheme" was officially launched. The competition was hosted by the blockchain service network development alliance and the China mobile maker Marathon Organizing Committee, and co organized by China Mobile, China UnionPay, and huocoin China. Its core purpose is to popularize blockchain knowledge, provide development and exchange opportunities, and promote innovation and Entrepreneurship of developers And cultivate qualified developers for BSN.
        On the same day, at the "Hainan free trade port digital economy and blockchain International Cooperation Forum" hosted by the Department of industry and information technology of Hainan Province and hosted by Hainan Ecological Software Park and Huo coin China, the "blockchain academy" co sponsored by Zhu Jiaming, economist and director of the academic and Technical Committee of the digital assets research institute, and Li Lin, founder of Huo coin group, launched the unveiling ceremony. On December 4, Shanghai South ecological alliance was established, and more than a dozen enterprises such as Huo coin China and Hainan free trade zone (port) blockchain pilot zone became the first group of alliance members. On December 1, Huo coin China joined the first National Alliance chain and became the first group of member units. This is the blockchain service network (BSN) Development Alliance launched by the National Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay, etc.
        On December 7, the blockchain branch of the Chinese society of technology and economics was established at the "26th Annual Academic Conference of the Chinese society of technology and economics hosted by the Chinese society of technology and economics". Huo coin China was elected as the vice chairman unit of blockchain branch, and Yu Jianing was elected as the vice chairman. Blockchain has been widely concerned and discussed, which not only strengthens the cognition of all sectors of society, but also awakens the urgent need of the industry to use blockchain, and awakens the enthusiasm of technicians for blockchain learning, research and innovation. Blockchain is a young industry and an extremely complex system, while blockchain education is basically in a blank state, and talent training is still in its early stage. For this, huocoin China has also made an early layout. In addition to the "blockchain education project · famous teachers' lecture hall" activity, huocoin China also continues to make efforts in the construction of blockchain textbooks and talent team in higher education.
        Huo coin China United Machinery Industry Press launched a series of textbooks for general higher education, including introduction to blockchain, design and application of blockchain system, and analysis of new business model of blockchain. The textbook will summarize and integrate blockchain technology knowledge, which can effectively help readers understand and master blockchain technology in a panoramic way. At present, the quality of books on blockchain technology in the market is uneven. Blockchain technology involves many contents and has fast iteration speed. It is not easy to master it comprehensively. A large number of practitioners and outsiders hope to deepen their understanding of the industry by reading blockchain books. Yuan Yuming introduced that the blockchain technology popular science book "blockchain technology advanced guide" prepared by huocoin China will be published in late December.
        "The key to enabling the real economy with blockchain technology is the application." Yuan Yuming said that the integrated application of blockchain technology will play an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation, and we should promote the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy. The "100 cases of blockchain industrial applications" written by Huo coin China was first published in December. It is the first and most comprehensive case set of blockchain applications in the industry, which is very popular. At the same time, Huo coin China also produced the popular science long picture "teach you to understand blockchain in 5 minutes" in a lively form, so that the public can understand blockchain expertise in easy reading. Huo coin China also worked with Sina Technology to create the industry's first series of small animation "blockchain 100 questions" to explain blockchain, and logged into the Netease cloud class.
        The blockchain 100 questions series of animations systematically combed blockchain and transformed Abstract blockchain concepts into 100 sets of easy to understand 1-minute animations, which were well received. In terms of education and talent training, Huo coin China United with Huike group to jointly build "Huo coin blockchain Industrial College" and "Huo coin blockchain laboratory". "Huo coin blockchain Industry College" designs a blockchain professional curriculum system suitable for China's higher education standards in the fields of discipline construction, undergraduate and graduate talent training, and introduces and cultivates talents for local governments; "Huo coin blockchain laboratory" will build an integrated platform for industry, University, research and application, integrate academic and industrial resources, carry out frontier research in the blockchain field, project development, and cultivate innovative talents with actual needs and projects.
        A variety of channels and lively forms have enabled blockchain universal education to blossom, which has also been highly recognized by authoritative media. On December 3, the "Sina 2019 Education Festival" hosted by was held in Beijing. Yu Jianing was elected as the "2019 influential education figure", and Liu Tangjiang, executive vice president of the Chinese education society, personally presented the award. The first year of blockchain application is coming, and the popularity of blockchain knowledge and the demand for talents are growing rapidly. Yuan Yuming said that he hoped to help those in need to have an in-depth understanding of blockchain and contribute to promoting the implementation of blockchain applications through various forms, such as physical classroom teaching, professional education, training, reader, cloud classroom and so on.
        As a "blockchain + industry service one-stop platform", Huo coin China is committed to leading the industrial upgrading of the blockchain industry with the mission of "promoting blockchain technology to empower the real economy and promote the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry". It has enabled various industry fields with blockchain technology, and has embarked on a unique blockchain science popularization path relying on Huo coin Research Institute, Huo coin University, industry empowerment center, Huo coin labs, etc.
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