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Combination of financial services and blockchain: Wensi Haihui · finance solves cross-border financing problems,Complete set of blockchain system development

Time : 28/07/2022 Author : zs98fr Click : + -
        On the afternoon of October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held the 18th collective learning on the current situation and trends of blockchain technology development. At the meeting, it was clear that blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. Blockchain has again become a hot topic in all walks of life. As an emerging technology, the application of blockchain technology in the banking industry will be conducive to the handling of cross-border business across the country. This year, the national cross-border business blockchain platform pilot officially opened. According to the "bank direct connection specification for cross border financial blockchain service platform" issued by the State Administration of foreign exchange, the platform applies blockchain to record financing data, and takes advantage of the characteristics of blockchain distributed shared data, which are tamper proof and high confidentiality, so that banks can effectively identify false customs declarations when reviewing cross-border trade financing, and prevent bad enterprises from using customs declarations for repeated financing, It greatly helps banks avoid the high-risk risk of false financing in trade financing.
        Wensi Haihui Finance has a good ability to develop blockchain application technology, and can provide a full set of technical support from blockchain (node) system construction, blockchain application / contract development, operation and maintenance, consulting to business system upgrading. After in-depth study of the norms issued by the State Administration of foreign exchange, combined with the characteristics of cross-border business, wensihaihui Finance has created a set of cross-border financial blockchain application solutions with fast and efficient access. The scheme supports three access modes, which can be selected by banks according to their needs. On the one hand, it can reduce the learning cost of banks for blockchain technology, on the other hand, it can solve various problems in business applications in a one-stop manner, and has the ability of rapid delivery, rapid online and rapid application.
        Combining the advantages of blockchain, a set of consensus mechanism established through distributed ledger technology, smart contract and P2P network technology, wensihaihui The financial cross-border financial blockchain application solution has formed a technical binding force of recordability, traceability, confirmatory right, privacy protection, etc., and the blockchain connected by time-series transactions constitutes the carrier of transaction execution evidence, which can make up for the problems that information is easy to be tampered with, plagiarized, personal privacy is threatened and so on. Wensi Haihui Finance has many years of experience in the R & D and implementation of international settlement systems, a trade finance delivery team of more than 300 people and dozens of senior business and technical experts of more than 10 years, and has rich practical experience in the business field and the field of foreign control and submission.
        In the field of blockchain, he has made in-depth research on blockchain application technology systems such as fabric Finance has successfully developed a cross-border payment blockchain application platform and implemented blockchain financial asset management for a large joint-stock commercial bank, and provided a complete set of solutions from blockchain system deployment, access to business system application upgrading. The quality is reliable and the implementation speed is fast, which has been highly praised by customers. At present, the cross-border financial blockchain service platform mainly serves the export trade financing business scenarios, including export bill negotiation, export bill discount, international trade order financing, export document pledge loan, export commercial invoice financing, etc., and then expand the relevant functions of import trade financing according to the overall progress of safe.
        It can be predicted that blockchain will have a broader application space in cross-border finance, such as the sharing of the list of overseas bad importers and exporters, the sharing of data on foreign exchange evasion / fraud by domestic enterprises, and the sharing of high-risk cases, which will become a common risk prevention platform between regulators and banks. Future, Wensi Haihui Finance will bring more efficient and safe services to customers through continuous R & D and innovation, and truly realize a "customer-centric" full value chain service system.
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