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The "dynamic chain" project of Wenchu was awarded the 2021 best case award of zerosense blockchain!

Time : 08/05/2022 Author : lbzm4e Click : + -
        On December 28, the 2021 blockchain list selection of zero sense blockchain with the theme of "industrial blockchain at the right time" was officially concluded, and the list selection results were officially announced. This list was launched by four authoritative industry blockchain media, including zerosense blockchain joint chain economy, Daling think tank, gyroscope finance and LinkedIn. In the past two months, hundreds of enterprises and institutions have participated in the selection. Finally, based on the real data, combined with the four evaluation index systems (technical strength, application ability, industry contribution, brand influence), and the in-depth research and analysis of hundreds of blockchain companies, as well as the opinions of dozens of well-known experts in the industry, the list results were released.
        Among them, the "dynamic chain" government enterprise project independently developed by the Wenchu blockchain was selected into the blockchain list of zerosense blockchain in 2021, and was rated as the best case award in 2021. The blockchain + Solution of the dynamic link project makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional original technical solutions, such as the risk of data storage and non traceability, and uses the characteristics of blockchain trustworthiness and efficiency to open up all subsystems and solve a series of information islands. This award gives great encouragement and impetus to the research and development team of Wenchu blockchain technology. In the future, Wenchu will continue to vigorously promote the application of blockchain technology in the field of government services, and is committed to providing good basic support for government and enterprise users through the advantages of blockchain technology.
        Guangdong Wenchu blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wenchu blockchain") is a blockchain infrastructure service provider integrating blockchain technology research and development, government enterprise solutions, professional training and certification, and industrial investment. Wen Chu will adhere to the enterprise values of "pragmatism and sincerity, open innovation, long-term and win-win" and the enterprise mission of "making blockchain simpler", and commit to the technological breakthrough and industrial application of blockchain.
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