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Digital asset blockchain: a new currency revolution and trend

Time : 20/04/2022 Author : 4f9j1v Click : + -
        As early as April this year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the opinions on building a more perfect system and mechanism for market-oriented allocation of factors, which for the first time listed data as the same production factors as land, labor, capital and technology. Data has also become a new fuel and new kinetic energy to drive the development of the digital economy. In recent years, transactions in the real economy have gradually become virtualized. Whether it is mobile e-wallets, or various payment systems and online card swiping, they are inadvertently changing our lives. Secondly, virtual currency in digital form is also invading the real economy step by step. People can start to spend real money without spending real money.
        These two new economic trends are also constantly impacting and integrating with each other. At the same time, the digital currency field of central banks is surging. According to the data released by the bank for International Settlements in January this year, 80% of the world's central banks are studying digital currency, and 10% of the central banks are about to issue their own central bank digital currency. China has made relatively early and rapid progress in the research and development and pilot of central bank digital currency. At present, the research and development of digital currency carried out by the central bank is called "dc/ep" in English, which contains two meanings: DC is digital currency and EP is electronic payment. This means that "dc/ep" can be either a digital currency based on blockchain or distributed accounting technology, or a technology evolved from the existing electronic payment.
        In general, under the global digital wave and the continuous development of financial technology innovation, the emergence of digital currency is the inevitability of technological development and the future trend. The great impact of blockchain technology on the research and development of digital currency is also of epoch-making significance for the good development of blockchain. Digital asset blockchain is a new revolution, and it will also form a global digital currency capital market. The root of all this is because it is a great era in which the progress of generative force and production relations is based on Algorithm and computing power. Despite the continuous voices around the blockchain and digital currency industry, the role of blockchain technology in promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of real industries has been explored and recognized by more and more enterprises, and has also been recognized by the country.
        Driven by market, policy and other factors, some enterprises actively layout blockchain business, and rely on their reserve advantages in capital and technology to carry out blockchain related businesses. The layout in the blockchain field can also better reflect the development of the industry. Quantum cloud technology (China) Co., Ltd. is a blockchain enterprise focusing on IPFs distributed storage. The company focuses on software technology development and blockchain research and application, providing professional leading software and hardware services, as well as all-round integrated application construction services. Company platform: IPFs interstellar space station is committed to providing IPFs application ecological platform services, adhering to the vision of building the first stop of IPFs Chinese ecological aggregation portal, and adhering to the values of openness, equality, integration and upgrading to provide services for users.
        The era of digital currency is a new outlet, and it is gradually entering our lives. At the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for each of us. What we need to do is to bravely embrace this new trend.
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