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Qubu, secret music, and chain Taobao have reaped hundreds of millions of yuan through blockchain gimmicks

Time : 05/08/2021 Author : 0iabh6 Click : + -
        In recent years, thanks to the continuous strengthening of anti pyramid schemes, pyramid schemes under the banner of "investment in shares" have become increasingly unpopular. As soon as you hear that you want to throw money in first, ask a few aunts dancing in the square at random, and you can get their decisive answer: "if you want to invest money, don't do it. Now there are many scams.". The improvement of players' awareness forced MLM gangs to give birth to an upgraded version of the capital disk &mdash& mdash; The same thing about 0 projects is that they all use high returns and high commissions to aim at human greed. Two years ago, qubu, the originator of 0-roll, started the era of "zero investment, zero threshold, and zero risk". As of today, dozens of 0-roll projects with the title of "blockchain +", such as playbar, secret music, and chain shopping, are very hot, and even have many repeat customers.
        "I know they are funds, but don't take the last stick." In and out of several 0 projects, Xiao Le, who thinks of himself as "leek root", said, "if you go in early, how many are losing money? Don't be greedy, just run early.". After two years, the 0-roll project not only didn't die, but even has a growing trend. MLM can easily attract millions or even tens of millions of people in just a few months. What are the tried and true routines behind their crazy money collection?. Master led him in, and his practice depended on himself. Fun step is a good example for 0 project. Even after 2 years, the core of the 0-roll project is the rest of fun step.
        Starting from the content close to people's lives, such as sports, short videos, games, e-commerce, etc., attract users with gimmicks such as no investment, picking up wool, and making tens of thousands of dollars a year by completing simple tasks. Then, the token incentive concept of "blockchain" is introduced. The project party mints coins out of thin air and creates the phenomenon of unilateral rise in token price in the internal market. Then, after the initial users taste the sweetness, they begin to advocate the development of offline users, multi-level rebate or call for capital investment, and use a small amount of money to pry millions as bait. Finally, the project party sold the tokens in hand through the process of raising the currency price, charged advertising fees, certification fees, handling fees, franchise fees, etc., and completed the harvest of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of yuan.
        On June 18, deepchain deep chain released the "millions of users online, hundreds of millions of yuan through the" blockchain ", and the bottom of the short video of secret music!" 5 days later, news came out that secret music, which claims to have 46million users, was interviewed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and its IOS port app has been removed from the shelves. Chain Taobao, launched 2 months earlier than Mele, focuses on the "blockchain + social e-commerce with shopping guides and rebates" model. It claims to rely on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao,, pinduoduo, etc., shopping is mining, saving money and making money. Compared with secret music, chain Amoy is more low-key. After searching "chain Amoy", only a few sporadic messages jump out.
        According to the data of the third-party platform, from November 2019 to now, the download volume of liantao Android has just exceeded 4.96 million. Whether it's Mele or liantao, a token created by the project party out of thin air will circulate on the platform. All the purpose of users is to obtain more tokens, because the more tokens, the more money they can get. The money on secret music is secret beans, and chain Taobao is CCQ. Like qubu, both platforms claim to use "blockchain + points" to empower the short video or e-commerce industry. Both secret beans and CCQ publicize a constant 210million deflation models that will not only never be issued, but will be destroyed. Both boast that they have a relationship with large platforms. Secret music claims to be in hand with Alibaba cloud, while chain Taobao cooperates with e-commerce giants such as Taobao,, pinduoduo, etc., and uses the endorsement of large platforms to reduce users' preparedness.
        In the initial stage, we used "0 threshold, 0 investment, 0 risk", and completed simple tasks every day, which could attract users by earning more than 10000 yuan a year. Look at the figure below. Are the scripts very similar? Play static mode alone, earn thousands a year, pull up 4-10 families, and earn more than 10000 a year. After downloading the app, you need real name certification to be eligible to join the 0 project, and the real name certification will charge a certification fee of 1.5 yuan. The certification fee was cancelled by secret music later, and chain Amoy is still charging. After completing the real name registration on the platform, users will receive the "inscription" or "task ticket" given by the platform, which can be understood as a money printer, with the purpose of producing tokens for money exchange.
        Secret music and chain Taobao set different levels for "inscriptions" and "task vouchers" respectively. The higher the level of the money printer, the more tokens are needed to buy, so a cycle is formed:. Although the initial tokens can be sold immediately, they can only be sold for more than a dozen to dozens of yuan. For the wool party that has been collecting money for a month, it will obviously be a little unwilling. Coupled with the brainwashing of the group for a month and the frequent exposure of profits, most users will choose to use the tokens they get to buy more advanced money printing machines. Under the temptation of doubling compound interest, There will be a phenomenon that "users are unwilling to sell money and continue to reinvest in exchange for high future returns". In order to find a better reason to pull the token, so that players can accept the token, the platform not only indicates that the token has a destruction mechanism, which becomes more and more scarce in the later stage, but also gives it many scenes, such as merchants' entry, advertisers' entry, discounts, video rewards, Digital Banking, etc.
        Many users may not want to pull heads at first, but plan to cash out and leave after resuming their investment for a period of time. Obviously, the platform will never let most users stop. If users don't pull new ones, the withdrawal service fee platform will charge 50%, which means that your income during this period will be directly halved, but at the same time, the platform will also show goodwill, saying that as long as you pull a few people, the service fee can be directly reduced by a lot. At this time, the balance in the minds of most users is bound to tilt to the one who pulls people. After all, with only four people, the handling fee can be reduced from 50% to 28% or 38%, which means making a sum of money. Like secret music, in order to enhance the enthusiasm of users to share, the temptation of entering thousands or even 10000 a year is obviously not enough. Chain Amoy also launched the global talent reward system, in which users withdraw the fees generated by the withdrawal to the platform, and the platform will share a certain proportion of the fees with them according to their promotion efforts.
        Take chain Taobao as an example. The monthly income of one star talent is at least 2000 yuan, that of two star talent is at least 10000 yuan, that of three star talent is 50000 + and that of four star talent is 200000 +. At this stage, some people who want to "have a fight and turn bicycles into motorcycles" have basically been overwhelmed by the high income in front of them, and began to actively promote and develop their next home. After all, after successfully inviting a group of users, the invitees can directly obtain the revenue share, and all subsequent operations of these users on this platform can also enjoy the revenue as a parent, so as to truly realize the income after sleep and make a steady profit. Once the next family successfully registers, they will be invited to the wechat group. In addition to exposing their high profits from time to time and encouraging and urging the next family to strive to develop new players, several administrators in the group will also arrange courses regularly or irregularly and invite special lecturers to teach the group friends.
        The reason for this is very simple. First, it is to further fry the token price and pave the way for the banker to pull the token; Second, stabilize the offline mentality, let everyone not rush to ship, continue to resume investment, maintain the situation of supply exceeding demand, and hold money to rise. After the players in the group have cultivated almost the same, and basically enjoyed the benefits for 1-2 times, the administrators will start to encourage everyone to invest, saying that with tens of thousands of yuan, they can pry millions or even tens of millions of wealth a year. It is claimed that if you want to earn big money, it is too elementary to accumulate tokens purely by doing tasks, and you must invest. The 0-roll project is not really a good place to open. Its ultimate goal is to achieve fission through 0-roll.
        Ten people may come in thinking only about picking up wool and never pay for it, but what if 1000 families, 10000, millions, tens of millions? Even if it is one in a thousand, there will always be people who are greedy for profit, thinking that doubling the capital investment can harvest more wealth, and throwing money into the gold plate. After all, the vigilance of categorically refusing to invest at the beginning will be easily broken after several times of solid taste of sweetness. In the early days, these tokens were generally matched through wechat groups by releasing information over the counter. After the buyer and the seller matched, they returned to the app to complete the action of money release. When it matures a little, the platform will build a separate exchange, which is not connected with any mainstream exchange on the market. It will be in a stand-alone mode, and direct data pull.
        At this time, in addition to charging real name authentication fees, platform cash withdrawal fees, and the advertising fees that third-party advertisers come to the door to put after the continuous influx of users, the project side of the 0-roll-up fund tray will also take the opportunity to sell the tokens they made out of nothing to cash out in the process of users' purchasing tokens. After all, these tokens are not on the chain and can't be checked. According to Article 7 of Chapter II of the regulations of the State Council of the people's Republic of China (No. 444) on the prohibition of pyramid selling, which has been implemented since November 1, 2005, the following acts belong to pyramid selling:. (1) The organizer or business operator, through the development personnel, requires the development personnel to develop other personnel to join, and calculates and pays remuneration (including material rewards and other economic benefits, the same below) to the development personnel based on the number of personnel who have developed directly or indirectly, so as to seek illegal interests;.
        (2) The organizer or business operator, through the development personnel, requires the developed personnel to pay fees or pay fees in disguised form by subscribing for commodities, so as to obtain the qualification to join or develop other personnel to join, and seek illegal interests;. (3) The organizer or operator, through the development personnel, requires the developed personnel to develop other personnel to join, forming an up-down relationship, and calculates and pays the online remuneration based on the sales performance of the lower line, so as to seek illegal interests. Although users can choose not to recommend new users, but simply complete the task to obtain secret beans or CCQ, and then sell it to obtain income, one of the main sources for most users to earn income is to develop offline, and secret music and chain Taobao encourage people to attract people and form a hierarchical network. For those who develop offline, it is clear to provide material rewards and other economic benefits (such as global Commission dividends and token rewards).
        The way of calculating the remuneration of Mele and chain Taobao is based on the number of direct or indirect development personnel. The offline sales performance, that is, the number of new users developed offline and the task completion of new users, will continue to affect the income of the previous family. Moreover, the income of the previous family does not come from the reasonable profits of selling goods or services, but through the continuous development of the next family, raising the token price, attracting and taking the opportunity to cash out the illegal income left, Therefore, secret music and chain Taobao meet (I) and (III). In the early stage, users need to pay the real name authentication fee to join the short video of secret music to earn income, but in the later stage, the authentication fee was cancelled, so it partially meets (2); For chain Amoy, users still need to pay the real name authentication fee to obtain the membership qualification, which meets (2).
        For new players who are new to the game circle, many people's knowledge base has not included the new variant of the 0-roll fund disk. Coupled with the daily brain washing copywriting in the wechat group and the first pot of gold just obtained from the 0-roll project, they see more than danger, but the imagined bright future. Although chain Taobao, like secret music, has been included in abnormal operation. These new players won't and don't want to believe that these things are deceiving funds. At this time, if someone wants to refute, they will not only try to convince you with their own experience, but also think you are the villain who blocks their money. For old players who have participated in several 0-roll projects, it is common for them to go in and out of different 0-roll groups.
        They have long been familiar with the news about the unveiling of the 0-roll capital market, and they are not very vocal. Although their earnings have lost and won, they mainly make money. "Early in and early out, don't be too greedy" is their creed. Anyway, they are either developing this 0-roll project or on the way to find the next 0-roll project. After all, there are still tens of thousands of 0-roll projects, right?.
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