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Game players are ready, and the upsurge of playing and earning games in metauniverse will emerge repeatedly

Time : 13/08/2021 Author : vtl1an Click : + -
        At this stage, especially the metauniverse games and the land in the metauniverse are very hot. As long as you get involved with metauniverse, no matter how ordinary NFT paintings can be sold at a high price, no matter how boring games are, people continue to enter. Tiktok Shangyuan universe science popularization videos have a high traffic, and the sales of metauniverse related books are rising. Metauniverse is a comprehensive discipline because it integrates too many technologies such as virtual reality, 5g, Web3.0, AI, cloud computing power, big data, blockchain and so on, which will lead to a series of cross interactions among mathematics, cryptography, informatics, brain computer interface, blockchain, quantum computing and other disciplines. At the beginning of metauniverse, it will be combined with online games for a long time to become a game to play and earn money, and with one popular metauniverse game after another, it will break out round after round.
        Metauniverse found the entry point in the game, and the game found the economic support in the NFT of metauniverse. Playing earn games aims to integrate the fun of the game with the financialization of the economy in the game. NFT is very important to confirm the ownership of players' assets, and it is the key to open up the internal and external trading market of the game. In the game of making money, all objects are expressed in the form of NFT on the blockchain. Therefore, every sword, armor or plot is a blockchain based game NFT owned by individuals. In blockchain based games, each player is both a participant and an owner. In this kind of game, the goal of players is to accumulate resources.
        NFT, as a financial asset earned through games, has matured, and its characteristics need to be brought into full play. The game that makes money first is based on the economy. The way to realize it is to cash in the cryptocurrency of game props, and the rapid return will bring groups of new players and other factors. The game that makes money first will see the rapid growth of the number of players and the rapid increase of player revenue in the short term. Because the token incentive mechanism guides and maintains the interest of players and speculators, the cryptocurrency game that makes money first can enter the market faster. Because game investors, traders and players will become the big winners of the game, forming a win-win situation. And a successful game can generate a high speculative premium in a short time.
        Although the original purpose of these cryptocurrency native games is to pursue interesting game experiences, what really drives the growth of the number of players is the opportunity to make money. For players of such games, games, work and investment are integrated, and players will consider the proportion of input and output. Cryptocurrency associations, communities and E-sports alliances of money making games have increased rapidly in the short term, proving that revenue is the core of playing money making games. At present, the leader in the field of cryptocurrency games is a foreign blockchain game called a crab. Although many game experts criticize its playing method as not interesting. Players of this game can earn thousands of dollars a month, and low-income players have flocked to the game to look for economic opportunities. In particular, Philippine players account for 40% of the global total.
        Crab and dozens of cloned games tell us that maybe fun is not the key to the development of cryptocurrency games, but the game mechanism that rewards players with real-world income. In many ways, cryptocurrency investment and trading itself can be regarded as the largest multiplayer online game on the Internet. Many people find it very addictive and interesting. In the Crab Game ecosystem, players can earn as much money as they can in the real world. The Philippines has become a typical example. Playing games to earn money is becoming an economic lifeline for ordinary residents, especially during the recent economic downturn caused by the impact of the epidemic.
        Playing blockchain games will continue to be popular for a long time, bringing great benefits to game developers and game lovers, but the threshold of such games is still a little high for Chinese people. Are players ready to play chain games?. The first condition is to enter the ladder of foreign websites, followed by Android phones and computers, and then a small amount of game principal. There are encrypted digital wallets, NFT exchanges and encrypted digital exchanges to convert game assets into cash.
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