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Massive layoffs! Ofo may be acquired by didi at a low price, and Davey will switch to blockchain

Time : 16/07/2022 Author : c65q1w Click : + -
        On August 31, Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Co., Ltd. filed a petition, once again pushing the capital chain issue of ofo to the forefront. Phoenix Bicycle sued ofo shared bicycle operator Dongxia Datong for the arrears of bicycle payment of 68.1511 million yuan. Ofo declined to comment. In addition, according to China business news, Didi is still brewing to take over ofo at a low price in the fourth quarter of this year, and the latter is gradually implementing layoffs within the company. An ofo internal employee told reporters that there were only about 750 people left in ofo headquarters in late August. Further layoffs were planned in early September, and the staff size was significantly reduced. Some employees who were promised certain compensation were not in place at present.
        First finance asked ofo about this, and the company denied the news. In addition, Dai Wei, the founder of ofo, the defendant, has been involved in the operation of blockchain projects, and has accumulated relevant financial resources through his classmate relationship with sunyuchen, the founder of wave field. At the same time, many old employees of the former ofo bike sharing body have also transferred from ofo to the blockchain project founded by David. Ofo responded that Didi's acquisition was false news, blockchain was the technology direction the company had been exploring, and there was no saying of switching. According to people familiar with the matter, ofo has been carrying out internal layoffs. Up to now, almost all basic functions, including administration, human resources, public relations, risk control and so on, have been involved.
        In fact, the news about the layoffs of ofo has been coming out frequently since the beginning of this year. At that time, it was said that the headquarters began to lay off staff gradually due to the tight capital chain of ofo. Subsequently, like the domino effect, ofo's international business gradually contracted or even closed directly. In June, ofo cancelled the original 25 City sesame credit exemption; In July, ofo gradually reduced its business in the United States and withdrew from Germany, Australia, Israel and other countries that have just entered the country; In August, the Korean Herald reported that ofo was preparing to withdraw from the Korean market and shift its focus to China. At the same time, most Korean employees of ofo were also laid off. Business contraction is bound to be accompanied by staff reduction. Yu Xin, the co-founder of ofo, has publicly said that in mid May, ofo plans to reduce the number of employees from 12000 to 8000, a large number of operation and maintenance workers have been "optimized", and 500 staff have been cut from the headquarters.
        According to the internal staff of ofo, there are only about 750 people left in the headquarters of ofo in late August. In early September, it is planned to further cut 400 people, and the staff size will be significantly reduced to less than 300 people. However, these "layoffs" were not accompanied by corresponding compensation schemes. On the one hand, in order to avoid the compensation that needs to be paid for active layoffs, ofo will not take the initiative to speak, but it will not assign important tasks or carry out work control. Employees who feel their careers are delayed will voluntarily propose to leave; On the other hand, some employees who have been promised certain compensation are not in place at present. "But the reimbursement funds have been released one after another," another resigned ofo employee told China business news. He said that before, ofo mainly used the funds to pay the wages of on-the-job employees, and had no time to take into account the compensation or reimbursement of the resigned employees, but the relevant funds have been released gradually in recent days.
        He believed that Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle chose to sue ofo because the amount of arrears was too large. On August 31, Shanghai Fenghuang announced that its holding subsidiary Shanghai Fenghuang Bicycle Co., Ltd. had recently filed a lawsuit with the Beijing first intermediate people's court due to a dispute over the sales contract with Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. The reason for prosecution is &mdash& mdash; In 2017, after Phoenix Bicycle signed the bicycle procurement framework agreement with Dongxia Datong, Phoenix Bicycle signed a number of procurement contracts with Dongxia Datong. After verification by both parties, as of the date of prosecution, Dongxia Datong still owes Phoenix Bicycle payment of 68.1511 million yuan.
        In fact, in addition to Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Factory, the first financial reporter learned that conflicts broke out between ofo and many bicycle factories and logistics business manufacturers. In May, 2017, ofo reached a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Factory. Phoenix provided ofo with 5million bicycles a year, and is expected to realize a revenue of 40million yuan through this cooperation. Throughout 2016, the annual output of Phoenix bicycles was about 3million. Phoenix Bicycle Factory, which has been silent in the industry for a long time, hopes to turn the industry around through cooperation with ofo and assume the role of "provider of shared bicycle series solutions". It even directly invested in Beijing Weilan Changxiang and Shanghai moting in the second half of last year to develop intelligent locks and shared platform transaction management systems.
        Unfortunately, it backfired, and ofo stopped bicycle production at the end of 2017. On May 6 this year, Shanghai Phoenix announced that the number of bicycle orders that ofo plans to purchase from it in 2017 is only 40%. According to its latest semi annual report, as of May 5, 2018, Phoenix Bicycle provided 1.87 million bicycle products of various types to Dongxia Datong and its affiliates. At the same time, the performance of Shanghai Phoenix in the first half of the year also fell sharply, with a revenue of 353million yuan during the reporting period, a year-on-year decline of 55.72%; The net profit was 19.1135 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 55.44%. In August, the contradiction between the two sides was completely made public, and Shanghai Phoenix directly took the notice of ofo operator Dongxia to court.
        The first financial reporter learned that in addition to deepening the discord with bicycle manufacturers, ofo and the logistics distribution industry also fell out. People close to ofo told China business news that this week, yunniao has come to ofo headquarters for two consecutive days to collect accounts. Yunniao is an Internet platform dedicated to "intra city supply chain distribution" and a logistics service provider with a large proportion of business in the ofo industrial chain. According to this, the first financial reporter asked yunniao for confirmation, and the other party said that it would confirm with the business department of the company. Previously, there was a heated discussion about Didi's acquisition of ofo, with the specific amount rising from 1.4 billion and 2 billion to 2.5 billion. The promoter behind the public opinion was also speculated by many parties. Some comments said that the price of ofo was deliberately raised, or the investors contributed to the early implementation of the acquisition plan. However, according to the exclusive knowledge of the first financial reporter, Didi has no intention of acquiring ofo at a high price, and its plan is to directly accept the offer at a low price in the fourth quarter.
        On the one hand, Didi just broke out the hitchhiker murder incident, and the whole company was deeply involved in the vortex of public opinion, which affected both the acquisition and the pace of listing to a certain extent; On the other hand, the damage rate and utilization rate of shared bicycles that immediately enter the autumn and winter seasons will rise, making ofo more devalued, which is more conducive to buyers to buy at a low price. An industry insider analyzed the first financial reporter and said that ofo, on the one hand, depreciated significantly in the winter, on the other hand, it was heavily indebted. In the end, who will "carry the pot", whether to lose or earn, or unknown. However, there are few options in the whole market. At present, the whole bike sharing industry is in a low tide and questioned.
        Since July 2017, Wukong bike, Kuqi bike, Xiaolan bike and Xiaoming bike have been closed down and merged one after another. In October, 2017, harrow bike joined the first share of Yongan bank, and Yang Lei, the founder of harrow bike, will be the CEO of the new company. In April this year, ant financial increased its capital by 1.9 billion on the basis of the original 400million shares, and completely put harrow bicycles under its control. On August 23, 2018, Yong'an bank issued an unaudited interim performance report for 2018, with a revenue of 423 million yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year decrease of 10.8%; The net profit was 64.54 million, an increase of 5.2% year-on-year. According to China business news, Zhang Yanqi, the former ofocoo mentioned above, both left and did not leave &mdash& mdash; He left ofo bike sharing company, but participated in the operation of David's newly established blockchain company.
        According to people familiar with the matter, Dai Wei has a classmate relationship with sun Yuchen, the founder of wave field, and has also fried money and made money, accumulating relevant resources. However, the wave field created by sun Yuchen and the wave field token TRX released by him have been questioned, which is another topic. The source told China business news that David not only makes money through blockchain, but also hopes to do something practical through technology.
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