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The fire of blockchain spread, and more than 3000 black platforms were targeted by relevant departments and jointly hanged!,What is the hottest platform in blockchain

Time : 08/07/2021 Author : 1x4tiq Click : + -
        According to statistics, among the 31 Listed Companies in the A-share "blockchain" concept sector, 15 companies' share prices rose by more than 15% last week, of which the largest increase was as high as 60%. However, this is still good. Besides the formal market, there is a more chaotic blockchain market, which is simply a place that eats people without spitting bones. In this regard, Tencent announced the day before yesterday that Tencent blockchain has never participated in token issuance or transaction related activities in any form, nor has it cooperated with any institution in this regard. According to Li Xuyang, the head of Tencent security anti fraud laboratory, "recently, we have used the so-called blockchain concept to develop tokens and virtual currencies, and we have found that there are more than 2000 kinds of tokens that are very active. We have found that there are more than 3000 such pyramid selling platforms. Because the amount involved in such crimes is very large, and the harm is very great.".
        ”。 In fact, as early as September 2017, the people's Bank of China had stipulated that no organization or individual should illegally engage in token issuance and financing activities. In the announcement on preventing the financing risks of token issuance jointly issued by the central bank and other seven ministries and commissions, it is also clearly pointed out that the financing of token issuance is essentially an unapproved act of illegal public financing, which is suspected of illegal sales of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities. Because the token and virtual currency issued by using the principle of blockchain hardly need to cost anything. As long as investors are successfully fooled into buying, it is a business with a large profit.
        Of course, the issuance of these tokens and virtual coins is also not guaranteed by authoritative institutions. They are essentially worthless things, and often end up in the air that cannot be exchanged. For example, the famous Xunlei was named and criticized by the China Internet Finance Association last Friday for its issuance of "chain Ke" (formerly known as "playcoin"). The China Internet Finance Association believes that, taking Xunlei "linkgram" as an example, the issuing enterprise actually uses "linkgram" to replace the legal currency payment obligation for the services contributed by the participants, which is essentially a financing behavior and a disguised ICO. At the same time, the Mutual Financial Association also tasked Xunlei to attract a large number of people who do not have the ability to identify into it through frequent sales promotion at the investment promotion conference and the release of trading tutorials to boost hype.
        After being criticized by the Mutual Financial Association, Xunlei's share price plummeted nearly 30% that night. Previously, Xunlei's share price soared by more than 500% in just over a month due to the issuance of "gamecoin", which is astonishing. For those black platforms that use blockchain as a gimmick to implement illegal pyramid selling, if they are lucky again, they will soon be punished, because a swift and violent clean-up and rectification is coming. Yesterday, the Ministry of public security, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Supreme People's court, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the people's Bank of China and other departments and related enterprises also said at the "2018 Guardian plan conference" that they would adopt a joint governance model, work with more government departments and enterprises to jointly combat this network black industry chain and jointly build a "network security community".
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