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Kelan software: the company has technical reserves in IPFs and cloud storage, and is currently deploying cloud native database and cloud storage

Time : 03/08/2021 Author : an3f9j Click : + -
        Every AI express, investors ask on the investor interaction platform: the next generation Internet is the era of blockchain, when IPFs data storage technology will become a trend, will the company's database be impacted, and whether the company has deployed IPFs or cloud storage technology, thank you. Kelan software ( said on the investor interaction platform on September 26 that it would not be impacted. IPFs emphasizes the distribution of web content, making it decentralized. Compared with the current HTTP, it is an upgraded version, while the database is the storage of data, emphasizing the safety and reliability of data storage; Therefore, no matter how the data is distributed, it will eventually be stored, and the database will be used at this time.
        On the other hand, the core of IPFs is "ownerless" distributed storage. From the current application effect, more transactions still remain in mining and token transactions, and there is not much real valuable data recorded to IPFs. From the perspective of access efficiency, it is also relatively low. The company has always attached importance to the distributed data collaboration mechanism and the technology accumulation in the blockchain and distributed storage fields. Therefore, the company has technical reserves in IPFs and cloud storage. At present, it is deploying cloud native database, cloud storage and cloud computing related fields, and will gradually import and export products according to the industrial development. For reprint, please contact the daily economic news.
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