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Ma yuechao: opening the door of blockchain Technology

Time : 18/05/2022 Author : lyheq9 Click : + -
        The national leaders' speech on October 24 called on everyone to deeply study blockchain technology, overcome key technologies, and promote the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. At present, blockchain applications are connected to many technical fields, including supply chain finance, Internet of things, big data transactions, and so on. Blockchain layout is being carried out all over the world. As a world-class blockchain infrastructure underlying public chain recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, MOAC blockchain is also vigorously innovating and deeply promoting its application. It has occupied the first technological advantage in this blockchain technology wave, and has taken the lead in realizing the combination of security, efficiency and flexibility by adopting layered and fragmented technology.
        Recently, we have teamed up with ine's mesh network system to create a new mesh system based on MOAC (ink) blockchain technology architecture. The core technology of blockchain is decentralization. Blockchain is a distributed ledger. Now centralized systems also adopt distributed deployment, but they are different from blockchain distribution in that node owners are decentralized. For example, Google has databases in cities and large data centers around the world, but it is only geographically distributed, and all the data still belongs to only one company. The distribution of blockchain is completely decentralized. Every computer and database on the blockchain are different owners.
        This brings many benefits to the system. The main benefit is that the control of data is decentralized, which is not easy to be attacked, and increases the difficulty of individual tampering with data. Bitcoin, Ethereum and MOAC are all based on fully decentralized public chains. The feature of this blockchain is that the number of nodes that can be added is unlimited. EOS, Neo, fabric and other blockchains have a low degree of decentralization and a small number of nodes. Including the Libra alliance chain launched by Facebook, the number of nodes is also limited, but each entity participating in the alliance runs a node. The second technical feature of blockchain is the tamperability of data.
        The transaction data on the blockchain is stored in blocks, and then each block is connected in chronological order. In analogy, like a train, each carriage is like a block, which contains various transaction data. Because of the public-private key encryption system, we ensure that to change the data of each car, we must change the data of all cars from the rear of the car to this car. On the blockchain of pow mining consensus, including BTC, Eth and MOAC (ink), 51% of attacks should be prevented. In the consensus world of pow, theoretically, because of the long chain priority principle, if a hacker has 51% computer computing power, he can build a longer new train to replace the existing short old train, resulting in data tampering of blockchain.
        In order to prevent the 51% attack of this pow, we have invented a new POW consensus algorithm with historical weight, which enhances the difficulty of 51% attack. For example, a hacker rents mining machines with more than 51% computing power and starts mining to manufacture new blockchains. Because the newly leased mining machine nodes of this hacker have relatively new access to the network, their weight is relatively low, so it is very difficult for him to attack the old blockchain with 51%. This technology patent has been recognized by the world's top IEEE institutions and selected to be released and shared at the IEEE global conference. Based on this protocol, the MOAC platform greatly increases the difficulty factor of preventing pow51% attacks.
        The third feature of blockchain is privacy. Take bitcoin, the first application of blockchain, as an example. When we open the blockchain browser, we only display the transfer between wallet addresses. No one knows who the real owner of the wallet is based on the wallet address alone. This greatly protects the privacy of users. Through zero knowledge proof technology, blockchain can even hide the address and transaction information of wallet, such as zcash blockchain. Speaking of MOAC's own technical characteristics. First, we support smart contracts; Then we support various application chains on the MOAC main chain. Whether we use the one click chain technology to derive the new chain or the plug-in technology to access the main chain, the final overall architecture is a two-tier architecture. The first tier is the MOAC main chain, and the second tier is their respective application chains.
        The application chain can adopt various languages and consensus protocols, and it is not necessary to adopt the same POW protocol as the main chain. We currently support diverse consensus agreements, including procwind magic like wind, filestorm interstellar storm, randdrop timely, iotmist. MOAC's layered and fragmented architecture greatly enhances system performance, that is, performance efficiency. This is because of the benefits of parallel processing technology. Each partitioned application chain can be independently parallel to other application chains and MOAC (ink guest) main chain, so the overall system throughput is greatly enhanced.
        MOAC's one click chain technology makes it easy for application project parties to build their own blockchain. We only need to set the parameters corresponding to the application chain, and only need an instruction to create a new blockchain running solely for this project on the blockchain platform of MOAC (Moke).
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