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Embracing the digital era, blockchain enables the wine industry to achieve "reverse growth"!

Time : 16/05/2022 Author : pobaru Click : + -
        In the first year of metauniverse, foreign technology giants such as meta, Microsoft and NVIDIA entered the market, while domestic companies such as Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, ByteDance and Netease actively deployed. According to enterprise survey data, by the end of 2021, 1692 companies in China had applied for 11400 yuan universe trademarks, of which 99.9% were registered in 2021. Throughout various fields, there have been many successful cases at home and abroad. Pizza hut has launched a pizza shaped NFT in Canada, and Nike, McDonald's, Coca Cola and other well-known brands have also launched NFT souvenirs. In China, Naixue's tea launched the virtual idol Nayuki with silver hair and green eyes.
        In terms of alcohol industry, Wuliangye will take the lead in launching digital alcohol license in 2020; Then, in July 2022, wine chain technology, together with Tencent technology and China precious wine group, released the digital wine certificate of wine chain, opened new services for Baijiu in the digital era, and made high-end Baijiu purchase / collection experience different and harvest time value. By the end of 2021, Budweiser, Penfolds Penfolds, admiralty and other well-known wine brands also began to layout the meta universe. In January 2022, as a leading enterprise in the Baijiu industry, Moutai (600519) also focused on "Baijiu + yuanuniverse". Facing the fierce competition inside and outside the industry, "Baijiu + metauniverse" has become a new competitive field.
        At present, Baijiu yuanuniverse products are mostly presented in the form of NFT digital collections, such as digital Baijiu released by Wuliangye, Moutai, Jinsha ancient liquor, jiangxiaobai, Yanghe shares, jiuxiansen and other liquor enterprises, which are basically based on blockchain technology and NFT digital technology, and are presented in the form of Baijiu Digital Collections. The marketing purpose of such products is more direct. In order to improve the interest of product marketing, some products also choose trendy games such as blind box shopping to increase their appeal. Of course, in order to increase the depth of "immersive experience", some Baijiu enterprises will cooperate with digital marketing companies to launch meta universe game products that integrate the functions of games, immersive experience, digital brewing, digital product collection and trading, online auction and so on, so as to increase the interest, gameplay, circulation and user stickiness of products.
        For example, Jinsha ancient wine launched the master of wine in September 2021 in conjunction with zhongqingbao. As a meta universe game, winemaker creatively connects the game world with the real world. With the help of the game, it can realize the closed-loop information between wineries, Baijiu, games, players and other participants. In the game, players can brew Baijiu through digital technology, from raw material planting to obtaining base liquor and finished liquor. On the basis of experiencing the full set of brewing process and enjoying the fun of digital brewing, players can "personally" brew Baijiu in the game, and can also go to the offline store of the distillery to extract physical Baijiu. As a new species in the liquor industry, because it is contaminated with the concepts of digital Baijiu, Baijiu digital collection, metauniverse and so on, since the launch of the game "master brewer", the stock market value of zhongqingbao has soared by 446% in just two months, which shows the tension of the theme "metauniverse + Baijiu" in the capital market.
        When the once difficult concepts such as metauniverse, blockchain and NFT are increasingly familiar to the public, the Baijiu industry has quietly laid out this new battlefield. Recently, the first Baijiu physical collection NFT was officially unveiled. The characteristic of the digital collection is that it uses blockchain technology to generate the only digital voucher corresponding to specific works and works of art. Its essence is the code running on the blockchain. It can achieve many things that cannot be achieved by the real economy through programming, such as digital transactions, collections and gifts on the network, However, it does not bring about repeated logistics and distribution of physical goods as the traditional mode. Only when it is finally necessary to consume and drink, it is directly delivered from the distillery to consumers, which saves a lot of intermediate costs.
        Unlike other NFT collections in the past, the Baijiu digital collection takes the actual value of physical goods as the support, and takes NFT as the technical means of packaging and rights confirmation of digital assets, which provides security for anti-counterfeiting and traceability of Baijiu products, while ensuring the quality of Baijiu, it also provides rights confirmation and legitimacy support for Baijiu digital circulation, value preservation and appreciation. Both metauniverse and NFT take blockchain technology as the core. Blockchain is essentially a shared database. The data stored on the blockchain has the characteristics of "unforgeability", "full trace", "traceability", "openness and transparency" and "collective maintenance". In 2016, the development of blockchain was included in the 13th five year plan for national informatization released by the State Council.
        In 2019, the national Internet Information Office issued the regulations on the management of blockchain information services, which has become a hot spot in society. Many people simply equate blockchain with some well-known applications, such as bitcoin and other digital currencies. However, the application scenario of blockchain technology is far more than this. The disruptive significance of blockchain lies in the establishment of an open and transparent trust system by technical means. NFT and blockchain technology are completely changing the collectible market, and their underlying logic and technical means can also be applied to the Baijiu industry. By grafting the technology of the traditional Baijiu industry, we can legally and scientifically empower the Baijiu Collectible market, and at the same time apply it to the production of finished liquor, so that consumers can buy high-quality and vintage Baijiu with more confidence, so as to truly "trace the source of pure grain liquor and identify the authenticity of vintage liquor".
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